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Wasp Wisdom

I sent this email to a client yesterday, but it occurred to me that the message could apply for a lot of people, so I’m sharing it here. The email subject line was “also, forgot to tell you this,” and it followed a session in which I learned she had been bitten by an ant while trying to connect with Nature for her healing:

Remember the time before last time, you mentioned wasps having no good purpose, and I was like, “Wasps are awesome! They have female warrior energy, they eat bad bugs, they provide protection for your garden, etc.?” Well, I had the day prior mentioned on my blog, “Wasps welcome,” and immediately after hanging up the phone with you, I happened to glance out at our garage, where some wasps were busy building a nest, right by our garage door. I thought, hmmm, this is not a very good location for a big wasp nest, but I felt like I couldn’t kick them out given the recent invitation and synchronicity of our conversation.

Soooo, I thanked them for hearing the invitation, but then opened and closed the garage door a few times, sending them the message, “Just so you know, this is what this location will involve. If you’re ok with the noise and disruption, you’re welcome to stay, but we will, occasionally need to get in and out of here, especially later in the gardening season when I need my wheelbarrow on a daily basis.” They stayed for awhile, and you could see them conversing.

The next day, they had abandoned the partially made hive. I haven’t found the location anywhere else, but it is likely somewhere close. Anyway, I share that as an illustration that we can attract what we want and then tweak that attraction once it begins to form in reality. It doesn’t need to be a huge rejection or a huge drama. It can just be an “Are you sure? … because here are the implications of this manifestation in this particular way…”

Wasp wisdom is very cool stuff:

Wasp/Hornet/Yellowjacket’s Wisdom Includes:

Use of female warrior energy
Understanding female societies
Communal living

From, which, FYI, is a great site for interpreting unusual animal sightings or dreams. Ant wisdom is on the same page:

Ant’s Wisdom Includes:

Energy and patience needed to complete work
Communal living
Storing for the future

(Note the patience!) ūüėČ

Anyway, thought you’d find those interesting …
Blessings and healing on ALL levels,

Why Telepathy Makes People Mad

With the growing interest in Animal Communication, uber-bloggers like Steve Pavlina talking to spiders, and more people embracing higher vibration foods, also comes a backlash from people who would rather maintain old boundaries and a “comfortable” sense of separation.¬† Anger, outrage, scorn and disbelief explode as those who accept (or at least explore)¬†ideas of Oneness make their voices heard in larger and different ways.¬†

Despite diatribes against talking to ants, I really don’t believe people hate bugs that much.¬† They just don’t want to think of bugs as sentient, conscious beings, because, let’s face it:¬† if the bugs have feelings and respond to us, then what does that say about animals and humans?¬† And what about¬†“no see¬†’ems” like angels, extraterrestrials, spirit guides, and disembodied souls?¬† When you start talking about bugs as conscious beings with whom we can communicate, you¬†open a whole ‘nother can of (potentially thinking and feeling) worms!

This polarization occurs in¬†areas besides Animal Communication.¬† My deaf niece Amanda¬†recently received a cochlear implant and for the first time in her life has begun to hear.¬† I have several contacts in the deaf community, and from what I understand, cochlear implants have become¬†incredibly controversial.¬† Parts of the deaf community feel that hearing will rob children of the¬†gifts of being deaf, while others laud how technological progress opens possibilities.¬† Many people have so appreciated my sister-in-law’s careful chronical of Amanda’s journey, because it brings this controvery back to individuals simply¬†documenting their experience.¬† Their blogs acknowledge the challenges but also share a sense of joy and liberation at Amanda’s growing ability to communicate in different ways.

The¬†controversy of cochlear implants has actually reached the national level, as advances in hearing technology have literally changed expectations and responsibilities for¬†educating the deaf.¬†¬†Teachers who cannot hear¬†and¬†who communicate with ASL (American Sign Language) only,¬†must now find ways¬†to help students¬†with CI’s embrace other languages and techniques.¬† People who have never used their¬†own voice must now teach others to use theirs.¬† How do schools find a balance among¬†so many¬†different levels of hearing, speaking and awareness?¬† What does it mean to be deaf in 2008?¬† Emotions on both sides mirror what’s taking place in the world at large.¬†

Consider how communication has changed and expanded exponentially in recent years.¬† When the World Wide Web initially appeared, some people “got” the potential, but¬†very few¬†could predict just how much it would revolutionize our world.¬†¬†Within a few short years, “everyone” was online.¬†¬†Communities like MySpace, Facebook, GI2MR,¬†Twitter, eHarmony,¬†and others have¬†practically eliminated¬†space-time restrictions to communication and relationship.¬† It’s no longer unusual for folks to have friends on several continents, even if they’ve never left their own country.¬†

The advent of blogging and e-books¬†has further crunched time and space.¬† We no longer need to wait for publishers and printers to release our messages.¬† One click of the “publish” or “post” button does the trick, making¬†words, sounds¬†and images¬†immediately available to millions.¬† Translation software¬†turns language differences into¬†a non-issue, and¬†viral videos like Dancing with the Universe go beyond words altogether.¬†

Even the news media has had to reckon with YouTube.¬† Primary debates allowed videos from actual voters asking questions of the candidates, and today’s presidential race¬†dodges daily influence from blogs, pirate videos¬†and online fact-checkers. Today, I saw a political analyst on TV, superimposed by his Twitter account¬†with viewers asking him “real-time” questions.¬†

For those of you not familiar with Twitter, it differs from email in that¬†everyone can follow your conversations with everyone else.¬† Talk about communication transparency!¬† If you sign up to “follow” someone on Twitter, you can¬†view their “tweets” all day long, along with online archives of all correspondence.¬† In a¬†sense you merge your consciousness with theirs, past, present and with the opportunity of future tweets. The catch?¬† The messages must be conveyed in 140 characters or less.¬†Thus, shorthand and abbreviations dominate, just like in animal communication sessions or sign language.¬† Oddly evocative of Haiku, Twitter encourages its “tweeters” to convey much with little.

Major news programs now request photos and text messages from ordinary people’s cells and Blackberries.¬† Why?¬† Because it’s faster;¬†they get¬†immediate coverage.¬†Thus, the desire to crush time as a factor in communication has democratized the news.¬†¬†Significant enough numbers of people have¬†tired of¬†the¬†elite forms of information distribution.¬† En masse and individually, they have finally said, “No, thank you” to old boundaries, hierarchies and separation.¬† They have¬†reclaimed and/or¬†invented new means of communication that transcend the bounds of time and space.¬†The more this happens, the more we’ve moved into COMMUNicatION.¬† Crunch it just a little more, and you get COMMUNION.¬† Oneness.

So, why does telepathy make people mad? 

Because¬†telepathy means change.¬†¬†Mainstreaming telepathy¬†means an inevitable collapse of all the boundaries,¬†fences, walls and judgments that keep things separate.¬† It means¬†lies we tell ourselves and others will become more transparent.¬† It means¬†intention becomes a more powerful and obvious force.¬† It means that those¬†whose power comes from secrecy or fear mongering will eventually lose their sway.¬† Because individuals¬†refuse to¬†be silenced:¬† man, woman, child, animal, bug, angel, extraterrestrial … they’re all exploring new ways to hear and help¬†themselves be heard.¬† The intense emotions and attacks in the deaf and Animal Communication arenas¬†only amplify what’s happening everywhere else.

The writing is already on the wall.¬† And in the blogs.¬† And¬†paintings and tweets and chat rooms.¬† I’m reminded here of William Wordsworth:

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
The Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
The winds that will be howling at all hours,
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;
For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
It moves us not.–Great God! I’d rather be
A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;
Or hear old Triton blow his wreathed horn.


In reality, we’re really not that far from universal telepathy.¬†Think about it: fifty years ago, few people thought the deaf would ever¬†hear; fewer people imagined sending “Instant Messages” to people in different time zones; and almost no one expected someone named¬†Steve Pavlina to talk to spiders!¬†

Whether or not people “believe in evolution,” we’re all in it.¬† Right this very moment, humans and this planet are evolving.¬† The Mayan Calendar, E.T. channelings and the New Age movement all suggest a movement to the 4th dimension, one in which time functions in a very different way.¬† One which emphasizes timing more than time.¬† Synchronicity.¬† This shift involves a change of vibration,¬†perhaps the very vibration heralded by raw foodists¬†and long time meditators.¬† In the end, though,¬†it doesn’t really matter which route you choose, because the tide is strong now.¬†

You don’t need to read esoteric spiritual teaching to recognize the forces of change.¬† Turn on the news.¬† Look at the stock market.¬† 777 point drop on 9/29?¬† The US Financial Market in a shambles?¬† The barriers have already begun to crumble.¬†¬†CNN’s¬†feature on raw food¬†generated unprecedented interest.¬† We have a black man¬†in the running for president.¬† Oprah’s talking about past lives.¬† You can “tweet” from anywhere.¬† Technology, Telepathy, Synchronicity, and Oneness.¬†“The Word is very near.¬† It is¬†in your mouth and in your heart that you may observe it.”

Isn’t it time¬†we do?

Copyright 2008 Laura Bruno

Ant Control: Compassionate Ways of Dealing with Ants

So, you’ve decided to walk more lightly on the Earth.¬† You buy organic fruits and vegetables.¬† You’ve rid your home of toxic cleaning products.¬†¬†Heck, maybe you even drive a hybrid!¬†¬†Some of you gradually went vegetarian or vegan,¬†and now it really bothers you to think of killing anything.

Except ants! 

What happens when they invade your pristine eco-home?¬† What happens when you don’t want to kill them, but you also want to avoid “protecting” your home with poisonous pesticides?¬† I’ve faced this very same dilemma, especially when moving¬†to properties¬†left vacant for awhile.¬† Through experimentation, animal communication and sheer luck, I’ve discovered a few helpful hints:

What Doesn’t Work

When my now-husband lived on Vashon Island near Seattle, he got one of those sonic “rat deterrants.”¬† Practically everyone on that island has rats, and we didn’t want to kill them.¬† This plug-in device would supposedly encourage them to live elsewhere because the sound interrupted their enjoyment of our inner walls.¬† It worked great … for getting rid of rats.¬† Unfortunately, the sound or electrical current also drove all the carpenter ants out of the walls and into¬†his kitchen and living room!

These were no ordinary ants, either.¬† They knew how to camouflage themselves, lining up along carpet patterns and linoleum seams.¬† They could mimic shadows and create their own tile designs.¬† I still had remnants of my brain injury and chasing those little guys around was somewhat¬†maddening.¬† I didn’t want to kill them, but even if I had, they were big ants, with thick segments- – not exactly easy to squash.¬†

We looked online for non-toxic, compassionate ways to deter ants.  Several sites suggested spraying a mixture of lavender and peppermint essential oils in water.  I did this religiously, all over his counters, along cracks in the floors, over door thresholds.  Imagine my horror when the next morning I found not just six or seven aunts creeping along the counters and floors, but dozens to hundreds of black, crunchy beasties eagerly gobbling up their repellant.  They loved  it! 

Peppermint and lavender do NOT repel ants.  I have tried this on numerous occasions, always with the same result.  Adding peppermint and lavender to countertops invites ants to have a party, not depart.

Eventually, my husband and I decided to go the “old fashioned route” of sending telepathic messages to the ants to leave.¬† It took a great deal of concentration to get the attention of so many of them, and we temporarily needed to unplug our rat repellant.¬† Eventually, the queen¬†revealed herself¬†and we “relocated” her to a giant woodpile.¬† The ants followed their leader.¬† Anytime I used peppermint or lavender, though, a few of them¬†wandered back in¬†for a sniff!

What attracts ants

Most people know not to leave food particles around, lest ants invade the kitchen, but some things attract them more than others:


coconut oil




Yes, water.¬† Many times when ants invade your home, they seek water rather than food.¬† I have occasionally seen ants crawling all over my Brita trying to find the entrance to¬†its little reservoir.¬† Even if I have crumbs¬†messing up the counter, these ants don’t care about the food; it’s liquid they want.¬†

Ants are also highly sensitive to energy vibrations.¬† When we lived at Lake Tahoe, we had no ant problem except during my daily yoga routine.¬† The moment I unfurled my mat and put on a yoga DVD, these large, high desert¬†ants marched out to join me.¬† They surrounded me like my own miniature class, and no, I’m not making this up!¬† When I¬†finished practicing yoga, they would retreat until the following afternoon’s asanas.¬† I even noticed that they liked some DVD’s better than others.¬† Yoga for Beauty seemed like a particular favorite, judging by their numbers.¬† It felt a bit difficult to do my pranayama (breathing) and suvasana (corpse pose) with all those ants around me, but they never bit me.¬† Apparently, they just liked the yoga vibe.¬†

Ants often appear when your money luck is changing.  Perhaps because they work so hard, or because they can carry ten to twenty times their body weight, or maybe because there are just so darned many of them, ants often represent abundance.  If your intuition tells you that your financial struggles will soon end, consider ants a friendly acknowledgment from the universe.

If, on the other hand, you have felt precarious in your good fortune and feel like it could crumble beneath you, pay attention to the behavior of your ants.  Do they just hang around in small numbers like little reminders, or do you see them invading you in droves?  Have they stung you?  Are they eating your foundation (literally)?  These sorts of encounters often serve as warnings.  Check your finances and investments.  The ants might actually save you a great deal of stress.

How to get them to leave

In the event that ants have arrived to give you a message, the sooner you receive that message, the sooner they can move on to someplace else.  Consider some of the qualities of ants and ask yourself how those might relate to current questions or concerns in your life. 

If you just want them to leave and really don’t care about their message, then concentrate on the following word-image, “This is not a safe place for you.”¬† Hold that feeling and then imagine¬†the slaughter of ants that would occur¬†if you still used Raid.¬† “This is not a safe place for you.¬† This is not the right location for your home.¬† Thank you for visiting, but this is not a safe place for you.¬† I don’t want to kill you, but if you stay, you will leave me no choice.¬† This is not a safe place for you.”¬†

If you do kill some of the ants, make sure you continue holding these thoughts strongly and repeatedly¬†in your mind as you do so.¬†¬†Eventually, the ant scouts will carry away the dead ants and bring¬†“word” to their queen and the other worker ants to go somewhere else.¬† If you hold these thoughts strongly in your mind, you will need to kill far fewer of them before they understand your boundaries.



Laura Bruno is a Life Coach, Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive and Reiki Master Teacher. In addition to private coaching and intuitive sessions, she teaches Conscious Eating 101 classes, Intuition workshops and Reiki Certification classes around the US. For more information on classes, animal communication, raw food coaching, transitional coaching, and letting your gifts shine through your career, please see: or call 775-750-9140.