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Habitual States of Consciousness: Morning Blessing

I started today with a Morning Blessing from Reverend Angela and thought I’d share it here. Reverend Angela addresses something that Jamie Walters and I discussed during yesterday’s Feminine Mojo Show: paying attention to thoughts and emotions, as they affect our vibration and hence our reality. Reverend Angela’s message today especially reminds me my advice to cultivate a relationship with the Universe as you would a gradually trusted and beloved friend.

I love the Morning Blessings, because they so often focus on an empowering combination of personal responsibility and unconditional Love. May we each continue to find and be greater and greater evidence of Love. And now, here’s Reverend Angela:

The Morning Blessing

Your thoughts, emotional states, behaviors,
and daily experiences and circumstances
accurately reflect your habitual states of consciousness.

Do you see and feel yourself to be a spiritual being? Do you live that you are the best version of a human heart that God ever put on a planet? Are you certain that the pulse of God’s Radiance is your daily schedule and practice? Are you the Divine’s progressive spiritual growth every day?

You can easily know the answers to these questions by observing your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, experiences, and circumstances. The outer external world reflects with exacting accuracy the state of consciousness you embody. If you sincerely possess peace of mind then your daily life will be void of drama. An abundant person embodies the essential element of prosperity and enjoys life’s riches. How often have you not felt compassion there inside your heart, only to notice that later someone judges you? Why do you continue to fear and panic when these emotions can only plant seeds of greater fears and more panic?

I ask you to examine this, not because I would have you find shame or guilt or any such thing inside you, but rather so that you may retrace the states of consciousness that got you there in the first place. We all need to take a look in the mirror of Life from time to time because the consciousness that we create inside ourselves becomes the “days” that will spiral out of the Divine without qualification or judgment.

Remember, you are a spiritual Being and what you really are only has to be acknowledged, assumed and allowed if it is going to blossom into an empowered Soul having a human life. Many have not yet developed a strong interior theology that supports the Truths we claim to hold as Law. More often than not it is impossible to function at “full conscious awakening” for more than a few minutes at a time, and when we do we want to be rewarded for it. Congruency of spirit is not something that comes easily, however it is part of why we are here. This domain within the universe of Source purposefully separates us from the higher truths of soul in order that we individually discover the sacred on our own.

How many of us have sacrificed our inner theology of sacredness when we encountered someone we disliked? And how many of us rationalized our decision somehow shifting into ego rather than essence? We have yet to realize the true nature of living from the Soul’s perspective in this place and time. We think because we take a few minutes to breath and open up our crown chakras during meditation that the Light is going to favor us all day. It doesn’t work that way though. The meditation may bring you into alignment with the grace of God but it is not going to uphold your behavior the rest of the day. That job is yours.

Begin now to build your subjective and objective liberties! Try to sense the Infinite Life around and within you each moment. Prove to yourself that you are conscious of God, or pure Spirit, by becoming self-aware of all you think, feel, say and do. With each day know that you are becoming a greater unfoldment of a living God. The mystics tell us that the upper part of the Soul is merged with God and the lower part with time and conditions. We journey on an ascending scale of possibility. Hold steadfastly to beholding Divine Nature in your own likeness.

Watch your life this weekend and see how much of God
you accurately let into your Life —


The world is saturated with Divinity. The spirit of God — being the One and
Only Presence in the universe — brings about all ideals back of human thought.
God’s ideas and attributes seek admittance to the world of form through the
doorway of my mind. As such, I am the perfectly patterned Divine reaching up
for the greater Truth of Spirit in the inner man/woman.

I live this day to be filled with the fullness of God. To recognize the wise and
good atmosphere this Presence can bring into manifestation as I become the
portal between inner and outer happenings. As I move my consciousness
within I automatically renew the outer experiences of my life. Events and
circumstances around me become healing and fulfilling. I rejoice the people
in my life for they reveal to me everything of which I should be aware. All my
choices are direct actions from a level of consciousness that is equal to the
vision of my beliefs. I express myself daily in such a way that the Almighty
caresses me with Its illumination. I know my Soul is ready to stand powerfully
in the Truth of my highest expression.

Thankful for the quiet strength and replenishment of authentic Spirit this day
I place this truth into Law and see it manifest accordingly. All that is native to
the atmosphere of God and to the inner Me is demonstrated. And so it is. Amen.

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