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FAQ’s About Past Life Readings

I keep getting emails from people inquiring if this month’s $77 Past Life Reading is a regression. Short answer: no, I’m not a hypnotherapist. It’s a past life reading. Since the short answer always leads to many more questions, I’m linking to the intro to and reblog of an earlier post called Akashic Records, Past Life Reading, Past Life Regression: Definitions, Differences and Similarities. 

Between the intro and the longer article, I think that should answer the bulk of questions I receive. I actually wrote the intro and reblogged that post back in April 2014 when I also ran the $77/half hour Past Life Special (normally $175/hour) and received so many questions. I’m happy to find so many people who’ve never even thought of past lives before suddenly feeling led to inquire about this type of reading. In the decade I’ve offered past life readings, I have found them to be the missing key to so many relationship and health issues.

Believe it or not, I began as a skeptic, but time and time again (no pun intended), I have seen past life work resolve issues that otherwise have not budged even with decades of therapy.  Those people interested in how I came to offer past life readings might enjoy this older post, “Past Lives and Law of Attraction.”

OK, I think that covers all the questions I’ve been receiving about past lives. As for scheduling, I have limited availability until 2016; however, some of our guests just let us know that they will be arriving later than expected, which means I now have some unexpected time next week for anyone wanting to schedule a past life reading before running into that “challenging” person at the holiday table. 😉

Blessings and healing to you and yours …