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Capricorn New Moon December 24, 2011

Thank you to Kelley Rosano for sending out and sharing this powerful Christmas Eve message. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this report will have you cheering about something. Here goes:

The New Moon in Capricorn on December 24th is an opportunity to awaken to the new future we are creating. Powerful Pluto is conjunct the New Moon encouraging us to let go of the “status quo” and reinvent our holiday rituals for celebration. Uranus, the awakener and liberator, says it is time for radical change. Radical means: “return to our roots.” We are to move away from our addiction to materialism and move into Love.

Holidays will be different this year and in the years ahead. Uranus, the change agent, and Pluto, the transformer, are active at Christmas and New Years. In fact, “weird” may be in vogue this holiday season. Let your spirit soar to new approaches, rituals and directions, and celebrate your own uniqueness. The New Moon in Capricorn is encouraging us to examine our traditions and fundamental way of life.

Capricorn is the natural ruler of the Tenth House. The amplifier of what a person attains, or does not attain—prestige, honor and success— before the public. Capricorn is a ‘testing’ sign and the Tenth House is of deep significance to the soul on its journey to the highlands of spirit. Capricorn’s key phase is “I use.” Capricorn’s key word is “attainment”. Capricorn is symbolic of the mountain goat— solidarity, s/he who climbs alone to new heights with patience and persistence. Capricorn faces calculated risks in that climb, but nothing is going to stop him before he attains his objectives. Is it any wonder that Capricorn rules big business? Capricorn requires that we make a commitment, concentrate and be disciplined in our approach. Capricorn represents “active practicality.”

Capricorns are capable of great strength and have a strong sense of purpose. Where Leo rules by the divine right of kings, Capricorn rules by delegated authority. The Capricorn strength lies in leadership and humility. Money is important to the Capricorns, but not for the money itself, it’s the power money provides them in outer circumstances. Respect and reward have to be earned in Capricorn. Great wealth and great power includes great responsibilities. The evolved Capricorn has leadership, patience, perseverance and humility. They are ambitious and willing to work hard to achieve their goals. The less evolved Capricorns can be cold, stubborn, suspicious and retaliatory.

Wherever Capricorn is found in our natal chart is where we have to make “restitution.” There is a need to improve or renovate our ideas about the house affairs. In previous lifetimes, we have sought personal recognition through the affairs of the house. Now, this house is one of frustration, until we no longer seek to obtain any recognition from the house affairs. Capricorn certainly does not deny personal recognition, but only when the correct attitude is “restored”.

The Capricorn New Moon is aspected by Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto emphasizing our readiness for taking a giant step forward on our path. Uranus–Freedom– reminds us that it comes with a price. We must speak truth to power. We must stand with the 99% and demand our government, banking, healthcare, education, and so on, serve our people and not just for the few who can purchase power. Uranus represents liberty and individuality—the ability to avoid being deceived or detoured by what other people think. Uranus wants us to question, experiment and know that each one of us has unique contributions to make.

“Uranus in Aries doubles the cosmic message to wake up and live the truth in our heart and soul.” –Stephanie Austin

Pluto is conjunct the Capricorn New Moon. He will bring things up to the surface from the bottom of our belly. What no longer serves us we must release. Pluto in Capricorn teaches us that we create with every thought, word and deed–that our life reflects our choices. Whatever is falling away from us now is to make room for something new. The Sun will approach its yearly conjunction with Pluto on December 28th. Whatever must change will become crystal-clear. We are in the cycle of Capricorn–a cardinal, action-oriented energy. The cosmic message here is: do not make fast decisions now, even if we feel compelled. It is much wiser if we approach our issues in a strategic manner. We want to take our time. Moving too quickly can create mistakes that we must correct. Patience and perseverance pays in dividends in the sign of the mountain goat.

Mercury, the God of Communication, will be out of his shadow period on New Year’s Eve. This means he has retraced his steps back to his original retrograde position 18* Sagittarius. Our lives can be very different by 2012. What has changed for you?

Generous Jupiter is in harmonious aspect to the Capricorn New Moon encouraging generosity, hope and optimism. Jupiter moves direct on Christmas day giving us the green light to go ahead on our plans and projects. It is show time! All the planets are direct until January 23, 2012. This window is a fortuitous time to launch our new ideas, partnerships and ventures. This is our cosmic green light!

“If you knew everything was really all right, and that it always has a happy ending, then you would not feel trepidacious about your future. Everything is really so very all right! If you could believe and trust that, then, immediately everything would automatically and instantly become all right.” —Abraham

May you become a shining Star…

Blessings and Abundance,

Kelley Rosano

Jupiter Direct December 25, 2011

Cancer Full Moon January 9, 2012

Mars retrograde January 23, — April 13, 2012

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© Kelley Rosano All rights reserved. (More about Kelley here.)

Lightworkers, Forgiveness and Narcissism: Just Find the Relief

Today I want to share with you another excellent video message from Abraham-Hicks about “relief,” and why it’s so powerful and needed right now. According to Abraham, and I’ve confirmed this so many times in my own life: whenever you start feeling relief, you get back into your flow, and your preferred experiences start manifesting in your life. When you’re used to living in resistance, pain or lack, just the slightest sense of relief has the potential to snap you right back on track for free-flowing ease.

As part of The Forgiveness Experiment, I recently stumbled upon some incredible resources by Kaleah, that have been clicking everything into alignment and allowing me to release situations and people for good. For the Highest Good, in fact, and without anymore confusion. It turns out that the reason I’ve been so able to recognize abuses happening in the world with regard to shadow governments, manipulation of subconscious mind, slavery in the form of “help,” nonstop creation of problems in order to present themselves as “saviors” from the very problems they (corporations, BigPharma, BigOil, BigBanks, BigGovernment, BigPhood) created, is because I’ve spent much of my life as a Narcissist Personality Disorder magnet.

I knew people were surfing off my energy; I just didn’t realize how or how much until this website began sounding so eerily familiar. Thank you, angels, for your prompt reply to my surrender and release of tricky situations requiring my forgiveness! Though shocking how far down the rabbit hole things go, it’s actually not surprising, given that we live in a society and world saturated with symbols, subliminal messages, religions, school systems, financial institutions, and governments promoting fear, separation, and shame.

For many people, losing their home represents a fundamentally crushing experience that destroys one’s sense of self worth. The “housing crisis” happened by design: people who feel devastated and worthless are much easier to control. Ditto 9/11: it was by design. When people feel terrified, they are much easier to control. Removing “victim”‘s money, legal rights and self-respect has allowed the über-narcissists of this world nearly complete control by convincing us that we need them in order to survive. The actual situation is reversed. Just like any parasite can be starved by refusing to feed it, so, too can the corporations and crazy people running our world right now. They need complete soul-level rehabilitation, not another quick fix.

When we feel separated from our inner Divinity, the ego blows itself out of proportion, living from a place of fear, scarcity, and projection. We all engage in a bit of narcissism, but pathological narcissism like that practiced by those who’ve tried to control this planet and humanity, results when the separation becomes so painful and pronounced that they must project any and all ill feelings onto their “victims.” Total control and total consumption become the driving forces. You become a food source, just like in The Matrix. The more you buy into the illusion (and that movie itself contains subconscious programming), the more you feed those “person”‘s creating the illusion.

A pathological narcissist becomes incapable of compassion or empathy and will use whatever tactics available in order to procure its next fix: your energy. Kaleah’s second ebook, “Narcissism: Web of Illusion,” sounds so much like posts I’ve written all year, except she actually uses the word and definition of narcissism. Awakening to the fact that someone else is actively orchestrating suffering, confusion, pain, debt and feelings of unworthiness can become a first step to freedom. We see this happening right now with the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movements.

When “victims” start to tune out the programming, they reconnect with Source energy. This reconnection to Love creates a safe enough environment to begin exploring how their own shadow issues make them easy prey for narcissistic “abuse.” Once they begin to move outside the dance of victim/abuser, they can fully heal.

Any abuse offers within it the keys to free ourselves — if we accept responsibility for how and why we’ve attracted these things into our lives. This is just as true on the global level as it is inside ourselves. As within, so without; as above, so below. I know I have learned tremendously from my own experiences with narcissists. In retrospect, I can see how and why my soul attracted people whose actions would “force” me to tap into my gifts in major ways. I can honestly say that I would not be offering most of what I offer to the world, and certainly not on a large or public scale, if the NPD people in my life hadn’t backed me into various corners. Since people with NPD feel so much darkness inside, they routinely seek out food sources who embody great light. If you are a Lightworker, then you have most likely experienced narcissistic abuse in your personal life. If you live on planet Earth, then you have certainly experienced narcissistic abuse in some form on the macro scale.

The more Lightworkers reclaim their own inner light and connection to Source, the more powerful and pure their point of attraction becomes. The more we heal and accept our own shadow side, the less others’ projections affect us. This is a major theme of the movie Kymatica, which looks at the world as a macrocosm of the individual soul. At this key time in our Universe, I feel that Lightworkers have a special responsibility to lead the way for others still mired in self-loathing, confusion and despair. Most Lightworkers I know, including myself, have experienced unbelievable trauma, but somehow they never quite forget their true identity as sparks of the Divine. Our world needs whole, healed Lightworkers right now, more than ever.

Please, if you have any interest in upping your love vibe, take some time to explore how narcissistic abuse (past or present) may still be hitting some of your limitation triggers. If you feel unworthy of abundance, power or recognition, and you’ve already done your own “inner work,” then perhaps the remaining triggers and programming actually came from someone or something else. If you feel over-responsible for your own perceived shortcomings, odds are you’ve let a narcissist play on your shadow side. No time like the present to fully claim your intention to heal and shine! I’ve written on Rejection, Projection and Reflection before, but I highly recommend spending some time on Kaleah’s website as well. We live in times of tremendous opportunity and potential. Healing ourselves can and will heal the world.

I hope this information triggers some relief within you. If so, enjoy! Your relief can and will lead to joy. I think Willy Wonka says it best:

Willy Wonka: But, Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he ever wanted.

Charlie: What’s that?

Willy Wonka: He lived happily ever after.