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Mayan Mystic Columns: A Map to Higher Vibrations

This evening’s post comes from my friend (and one of the very first Reiki Master Teachers I ever trained!), Michele Geyer. She beautifully articulates converging cycles of Mayan, Jewish and Celtic traditions, showing how each reveals an “as within, so without” reality. Feeling the intensity these days? I hope this article offers some perspective and relief. We’re getting there! (If you’d like to see the original article with all of Michele’s illustrations and photos, please click here.)

Mayan Mystic Columns: A Map to Higher Vibrations
Michele Geyer

There are many maps available to guide us, many templates for evolution and stimulation of awareness and consciousness. Why is it so difficult for humanity to find its way?

Mainstream Arenas

We all know that times are tough right now. In every mainstream domain–economic, political/legal, societal and religious, there is upheaval. Many of us see the humor, even the light in all this chaotic darkness; yet many are trapped in the negative 3-dimensional thought patterns that accompany the destruction of our systems.

Maybe life would be a bit easier if those who are stuck on the 3-D hamster wheel could keep in mind that these systems are destroying themselves and that they/we don’t have to die along with them; we are simply along for the ride as witnesses! If only they’d get off their own unconscious ride to gain a new perspective or at least a new interpretation of the old perspective and to experience the incredible potential of these times.

Unfortunately even those who are a bit more liberal, a bit more philosophically and spiritually progressive can be stuck too. I had an argument with a friend of mine a couple months ago. He said something like this, “I’m on the team that is trying to rebuild the government and all of our systems in a new way, step by step, bit by bit. By keeping what exists we can make more appropriate changes.”

Jumping up and down, arms waving in the apparent breeze they created, I said, “Oh my God! What are you thinking? Are you insane?” Of course that put him on my page right away—NOT! “I’d put every law and system ever written, after the constitution was published, through a giant paper shredder!”

Sitting there in shock, he quietly said to me, “Wow, that’s sounds pretty destructive to me.”

Now seated, I was still jumping, this time out of my skin. I couldn’t figure out what was triggering me so deeply, and yet neither could I figure out why he wanted to fix an already severely broken system that no longer had any foundation in reality much less aligned itself with our founding Fathers ideals.

I wanted to apologize for my mania, yet thought better of it. Then I got in my car and drove home for the next 1.25 hours, thinking, feeling and reflecting on this wild hair that was poking my mid-brain.

By the time I reached my parking space, I got it. The light bulb went on.

“You absolutely cannot fix a world-wide, entrenched 3-D problem in the 3-D realm. You must go to a higher dimension to see it clearly, to tear it down to just the right degree and either replace or rebuild from there. Honestly, our founding Fathers were in such a place. They had perspective, and solid interpretive skills.”

That’s what I wrote to him on Facebook that night.

Watch out! Even the heart-felt, liberal minded people you know best are not exactly queued up to embrace how things really evolve. Remember, it took a whole different form of man to appear before humanity stepped up from its Cro-Magnon roots. A different brain, a different face, a different, much more evolved body! Neanderthal man couldn’t even hold his place during this evolution. He was the last in his lineage once the higher mind came into the picture.

Conscious Growth Templates

Some of us love to align ourselves with astrological events. Some of us are more interested in what the cards say about our future times or want desperately to believe in some benevolent group or force, or what the seasonal energies bring to us–like the change between night and day, or Fall and Winter. Many of us got caught up in the predictions for an Armageddon-like planetary shift in 2012. Others of us listen to everything that is said or written and then life becomes a sort of bipolar-ish reaction to way too much input from outside sources. In this instance it’s not about the “system,” it’s about how we are addicted to it at the expense of our inner voices.

The body is a sacred hologram imbued with the wisdom to heal itself on all levels, if only we’d find our way to the source of our problems. If we found that we’d also find the fix. By the way, just in case you’ve forgotten, your problems=world problems and vice versa.

And now I’m going to ice the cake for you. We only think we can heal our physical issues with physical processes. It’s why our medical realm is so successful financially and such an incredible failure on many other levels. Aren’t we supposed to know this already?!

Speaking of entrenchment, the medical industry is only one example of the deeply scarred, self-contained cycles (a more sophistcated version of the early hamster wheel) of destruction we’ve created here. What if everyone knew that we need to heal our etheric bodies and blueprints too, or first, or only? To me this is really the only growth point and using divining tools or astrological systems simply supports it and brings it all to the table for better understanding. What if we actually found that power inside of us, accessed and booted it up? That would be operating way outside the hamster cage.

In that event, I’d say the line to use my big-ole paper shredder would be very long!

The Mayan Calendar: Construct for an Inner Journey

The inner journey is not very popular, even amongst those who might define themselves as existentialists, spiritually motivated, on the path to enlightenment, or simply open-hearted. Why? Because, it’s really dark in there! Besides, it’s really easy to fake being on a spiritual path.

One of the less popularized growth templates indicates that we are in a time of deep internal reflection right now. Can you feel it?

Although the Mayan calendar–at least part of our recent interpretation of it–could be responsible for the mass increase in hyper-awareness and dramatic interpretations about “the Shift,” it also gives us a map to go within for our answers and our healing. Set up as a 260-day spiraling day keeper, the calendar outlines a constant state of spiraling into center and back out again through various portals into other dimensions.

And this year, it may not be co-incidental that the core of the annual Mayan calendar spiral falls in close alignment with both the Uranus-Pluto transit square in Aries on September 19-20; the seasonal appearance of the Dark Goddess in Celtic lore, and the Jewish High Holidays. The core of the Mayan calendar experience is September 11-October 30.

Rosh Hashanah is the anniversary of creation–think back to the Biblical reference to the 7 days it took God to create Heaven and Earth, Adam and Eve–and falls on on September 16-18 this year; Yom Kippur is the day of atonement, falling on September 25-26. The astrological transit has been coined by my favorite local astrologer as “shocking transformation.” The Dark Goddess refers to the times of going within, at New Moon, during the wee hours of the night, and in the Fall as our days become progressively shorter.

Mystic Column Days

On September 12th, we entered into the annual Mayan cycle of approximately 40-days during which we moved through 10 portals into a place called “time out of time.” Each portal is a day-long in our time. Once we’ve passed through the 10 portals, we sit for a few days at the entrance to the gateway that leads into the Mystic Columns which sit in the center of our Galactic Core.

For 20 days we continue to spiral even further into the deepest places of our super consciousness–our true core and human reflection of the Galactic Core vibration. After journeying in the land of Mystic Columns, we rest again for a few days on the other side of the gateway, and then spiral back out through the same 10 portals we entered on September 12th.

By the time we are finished this year, it will be October 30th, just in time to breathe for one day before All Hallows Eve and Samhain!

Samhain is the Celtic New Year, the time of our final harvest and a time during which we prepare for Winter. It is the beginning of our long journey inward, into the darkness of regeneration, seed germination and renewal. These tribal cultures–Jewish, Mayan and Celtic–all understood what it meant to truly be in the flow, to honor the natural cycles of the Earth.

Their rhythms were a reflection of the planetary rhythms and there were inherent times for complete surrender. At least once a year, and more likely every month, or every day in the most traditional sense of their beliefs, they went inside to speak with the Gods and Goddesses of their hearts, the Divinity as it was reflected inside of them.

So on Monday, October 15, 2012, you too will be spiraling out of the Galactic Core–where you’ve been fully supported in your self-inquiry–out to rest and integrate what you’ve found, what you’ve learned. On Sunday, October 21, 2012, you will begin making your way back through the 10 portals, bringing the new higher vibration into your life in our currently changing 3-D/4-D world.

It is your internal shifts, along with everyone else that was conscious on this journey, that will take the rest of the world into the 5th dimension and beyond. So even though it’s almost over, pay attention to these last several days inside the Mystic Columns. Become conscious of what you are finding, learning & creating. Bring it forth with intention and be one of those who sustains your evolution for the betterment of humanity.

By the way, I really do love astrology, numerology, divining and scrying. I just don’t want to make it a national past-time or count on it more than we count on our intuition and connection with the divine inside. And I really don’t want to buy an even more massive paper shredder to get rid of yet a different attachment to something unstable. Let’s just go willingly into the next phase of life, peacefully letting go of all that isn’t in service to our true essences.

In Great Gratitude for All Who Believe Without Seeing, Those Who See Without Agenda and Trust Where We Are Right Now!

(You can find more from Michele on her blog and website.)

Bill Ballard: Timeline Decisions and the New Earth

Here’s a video by my friend, Bill Ballard. I’ve been watching him grow younger and younger with each video, which is really fun and a testament to the joyful, playful, rejuvenating energies coming through. Bill has helped facilitate 40-Day group visualization events for several years now, having various foci to help bring in positive 5D timelines for a New Earth. In this video, he speaks about removing all limitations and allowing ourselves to “dream our wildest dreams.” Watch the light energy around his throat chakra as he gets more and more excited about each of us affecting the collective with our own Light expansion and activation as we create and manifest “the new illusion,” the New Earth. Thanks and love to Bill and a joyful journey to all of us!

2012 40-Days Collective Focus To Manifest New Earth

Today we have a long, but excellent post from my friend, Bill Ballard. I’ve shared his posts before, and some of you may remember him from last year’s “40 Days” Event where Lightworkers around the world collectively focused on bringing the beautiful New 5D Earth into our reality. Only positivity, no fear or negativity: I have to say that was by far my favorite worldwide event in 2011. I could daily feel everyone’s focus, and the Facebook page kept me on the ‘Book much longer than I would have ordinarily stayed. So many joyful beings and uplifting messages! I participated in 2010 and found that time most excellent as well.

The 2012 event doesn’t officially begin until June 21, but I felt the need to post it early. Why not join in a season ahead of time? In the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve got the astrological New Year next week on Spring Equinox. What better time to initiate a full planetary rebirth? And in the Southern Hemisphere, you’ve all got your Autumn Equinox next week — celebrating the fall of the old and the harvest of hard work. I already feel the shift in progress big time, but the more people we have focusing on this glorious New Earth, the faster it will manifest. The-Powers-That-Were continue to ramp up efforts to stop the awakening. No need to resist or get trapped in fear. Whatever we resist persists. Instead, find a positive flow and roll with it. Let your Light so Shine! Be the Love. Bring your dream reality into the “real.” In addition to amplifying the collective shift, Bill also mentions several 3D issues that need attention. His suggestions go beyond some of the usual methods. 😉 Namaste, and now, here’s Bill:

2012 40-Days Collective Focus To Manifest New Earth – It’s Time to Shift The Collective Illusion

By Bill Ballard

Much has been written recently about the necessity of collectively joining together in unified focused thought to shift world consciousness – to shift our collective illusion to a higher vibrational timeline. With that in mind welcome to the 2012 40-Day Event! 2012’s 40-Day Focus is about dreaming our wildest dreams to create heaven on new earth. In 2012 our goal is to merge into One and tap into unified field consciousness – the Unity Grid. This is how we create new earth – heaven on earth – and the prophesied 1,000 years of peace.

40-Day Events (2009 – 2011)

Since the 2009 40-Day event we have seen ripple effects transform the Earth, bringing large numbers into the awakening and ascension process now being experienced. 8,000 were required in 2009 to join together and make manifest the intent of that first event. The 2009 event intention activated our heart chakras and required we spend as many of those 40 days devoid of negativity. We focused on shifting consciousness from head (ego) to heart (love). We knew that to change the collective we had to first change ourselves. We knew the square root of 1% of the population is needed to shift humanity as a collective. With ~7 billion individuals it takes roughly 8,000 unified on a particular thought to shift collective human consciousness.

Heart chakra activations and no negativity were the main goals of that first 2009 event. By meeting the minimum number of required participants the wave of energy emitted caused a ripple effect. That first event reached the 8,000 minimum and a visible shift in humanity occurred.

In 2010 a second 40 Days of No Negativity Event sent another ripple through humanity. Tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) began activating the ascension/enlightenment process via the heart chakra. The true participant count was unknown as the message was posted to dozens of websites and blogs. Many of these sites used counters to verify the minimum number of 8,000. One site alone exceeded the required total.

The 2010 40-Day timing encapsulated the Gulf Oil spill. Many who participated realize this event was called forth by Spirit to help neutralize the negative effects intended via the man-made Gulf disaster. The Gulf spill happened to be one of the benchmarks that signaled the beginning of the end times. The numbers who joined in 2010 were such that we shifted planetary consciousness and launched the “Great Awakening” now occurring at the super high speeds we see unfolding today. This 2010 event changed the planet dramatically because vast numbers globally emitted higher vibrations as a result of personal heart chakra activations.

Those who activated their heart chakras became “Energy Bearers” and took their first ascension mastery initiation. This is known as the 5th ascension initiation. Energy bearers greatly affect all consciousness by raising the frequency of any who contact their energy field. The energy bearers who participated in the 2010 precipitated the greatest shift in collective human consciousness we have ever seen. In all previous Earth history there had only been 8,000 total to reach this level of chakra activation.

The 2011 40-Day event focused on manifesting a new 5D earth. This event was more difficult to see the intended results. However, in 2012 these 5th-dimensional energies are very apparent. We can see this event did indeed result in its intended effect. Earth and humanity are now experiencing higher 4th and 5th dimensional energies. In 2012 thought and emotion now manifest almost instantaneously. This will continue to accelerate as frequencies increase from here onwards.

The higher 5d frequencies we focused on in 2011 are manifest in 2012. We are aligning with the galactic center and have entered the photon belt. Solar flares have increased in intensity and the earth’s magnetosphere is collapsing. These activities allow higher vibrational energies to enter the earth’s surface. It also increases the likelihood that the 2012 collective vision manifests even more rapidly due to prior transmutation of much of the old earth’s density.

It is quite amazing to observe planetary events at this time. Whatever you do don’t allow fear to infiltrate your being. By law of attraction any fear thought / emotion you magnetize can and will manifest more fear into your personal reality. It is of utmost importance to be at peace and be love! Remember, all exterior to you and your heart is illusion. The real you controlling this illusion lives inside your heart. That is you! Be in a state of love at all times!
2012 Is Finally Here!

We have arrived in 5th dimensional energies. Those who have not awakened will continue to experience duality. Duality, in turn, becomes increasingly intense as we spiral inward towards the center point of the vortex.

Two choices exist – movement after the shift into the positive earth timeline or the negative earth timeline. That is the two earths so many visionaries see when they view the future. Right now the dark side attempts to counterbalance the light resonating in and from energy bearer hearts. Everything in duality is being taken to polar opposite extremes in these coming months. We avoid experiencing these extremes by remaining internally focused – being centered – and working from the core of who we truly are.

3D & 4D consist of opposites and polarity. 3D & 4D laws of physics state every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The lighter we collectively become the more this exposes darkness – all that does not resonate with the higher dimensions of love and light.

Light and dark do not blend together. The vibrations just do not match. A dimensional shift must occur in the near future as increasing numbers vibrate ever faster and continue to anchor more light to earth. This increase in light creates a stark polarity between light and dark. Darkness is increasingly exposed and is being transmuted globally at this time.

Light attracts light and individuals dedicated to light attract others who resonate similarly in vibration. Dark is attracted to the dark. For humanity at large many live in both worlds. It is these who must choose the timeline they intend to experience after the shift.

Jesus said of these times you may choose the light and that is fine. You may choose the dark and that too is fine. But if you are in the grey area you will be chewed up and spit out. To remain in ego at this time must feel like hell on earth. In empathy I feel the intense fear impacting those who have not yet chosen. In contrast, many light bearers are giddy about these high vibrations and feel quite at home in them. That too was prophesied – that we would be in joy even as the world collapses.

For those fully focused in the light the job we do collectively is massive. It will continue to take dedicated focus to bring humanity to the next level. Many realize the negative timelines planned for us by the illuminati and still evident in 2011 have now shifted. The Illuminati goal of removing 95% of earth’s human population has been altered in the new light-infused timeline. The negative timeline continues on but we are no longer part of it. And yes, I know what the illusion looks like as society collapses. But those dark dreams of global destruction and enslavement are not going to happen (for us).

The illuminati attempts to make the dark timeline uppermost have created a lot more work (for us). There is much clean up required as a result of failed illuminati attempts at final domination. This clean up is amplified when we join together and collectively use higher spiritual powers and focused intent.

Many light workers are now attuned to receive messages from the unity grid. This is easy to see in the seemingly identical messages being transmitted by different messengers. Many channeled galactic federation messages suggest we organize a large collectively-focused event. Since many are attempting to figure out how to organize a focused event and this has already been done three times before it is clear to me that now is the time for the 2012 40-Day collective focus event. It is time the army of light receives orders from on high.

A major mission is about to unfold!
2012 40-Day Event ~ June 21 to August 1, 2012

The 2012 40-Day event is scheduled from June 21 to August 1, 2012.Those already focused on shifting mother earth and humanity into 5D are already dreaming our dream and doing this work. As we dream our dream we input our vision into the consciousness grid for collective manifestation. Manifestation can occur in a single instant when we collectively reach a critical mass of individuals joining in the group focus. June 21 – August 1 are specific dates to focus together and collectively amplify power.

40 days and nights is an appropriate length of time to focus. It has a far greater manifestation potential as it allows for more intent. Of course there is no need to wait until these dates to begin because the intent of your focus goes directly into the consciousness grid. When a minimum number of 8,000 join focus at the same time this geometrically amplifies the effect of the whole. All above 8,000 who join exponentially increase the power and effect of the collective manifestation. Can you imagine having millions, if not billions, joining this event? We’d be able to manifest seemingly grand possibilities in the blink of an eye. Well that is the goal! If we can bring millions or billions into this collective focus we could change anything in the whole world we collectively want to change in an instant of time.

Let Go Of The Rules

Rules are limitations we place on ourselves. They limit the possibilities to be achieved and experienced. Let’s create a new earth where everything is possible and no limiting prisons exist.

Remember, the dreams we each hold for new earth are combined to manifest the collective dream. This is precisely how the 3D-4D reality (illusion) was created. So, refrain from rules and definitions in new earth creation. No more boxes in which to contain ourselves. Instead, let the existing dimensions in this universe / multiverse be the box perimeters – with no rules. Let this dream have unlimited potential and possibilities.

When dreaming of new earth let go of all your preconceived ideas. If you want to dream of instant manifestation, do it! If you envision yourself flying, do it! If you see yourself walking through walls, do it! If you see spaceships from everywhere visiting earth or you leaving here to go visit those places – do it! If you see yourself with avatar abilities for you and each person on new earth do it! Dream your wildest dream!

As you dream add new vivid electric coloring – like lightning colorized – into everything (art, music, new life forms of all types). Add smells, tastes, sounds, experiences and sensations. See magnificent mountains, and sky, oceans, and so on. Feel love and bliss then amplify love and bliss into your creation! Experience from your heart – envision your idea of new earth. See it as already manifested. As here – now. That is how I do it and that’s how manifestation works!

Use Whatever Technique Works For You

There are too many manifestation techniques to mention here. Just remember – 16 seconds of truly focused thought is the same as 2,500 hours of physical labor! No kidding! So spend time defining your dream and focusing on collective manifestation! Add love and emotion to your focused intent to magnetize and materialize your new earth reality. Sense this as happening now to manifest it more rapidly! Remember, energy follows thought and emotion into creation.

As you dream realize your true potential for manifestation. Never have doubts of your potential! Realize your true greatness. You are a fragment of the Whole One. You are a great spirit. Only a very small part of you is actually in your physical body. Truly, you are All That Is!

I am that I Am! Those are your words when you realize who you are! You are a fragment of All That Is, in absolute connection to All That Is. You are a creator god in your individual illusion that plays with other creator gods in a collective illusion. No one is doing anything to you! You are manifesting this illusion to experience All That Is for our own soul’s growth and to feed the mind of god, the Akash. You are here to experience your Self – to experience all there is to experience in realization of your god Self, the collective All That Is that you are at the highest level.

This 40-Day event takes you to the next level. It is about commanding energies. See Earth fitting into the palm of your hand when you send her love or healing frequencies. By doing so you internalize a more accurate view of your true greatness. It is your opportunity to add your contribution to a new collective vision!

In addition to dreaming of new earth there are 3D issues requiring focused attention. These issues affect the whole earth and all consciousness on it. These issues cannot be cleaned up with current 3-4d technology. We solve these problems by using our higher powers and focused intent to magnetize what we intend into manifestation. Below are some issues to consider focusing on. I know there are more but these are the main ones. Focus your intent on whichever calls you. You will know inside when you listen. Send love!

Disclosure and First Contact

By now you must realize we are not alone in this universe. Numerous higher-dimensional light ships are now videotaped on a daily basis. They are here because it is time for us to become galactic citizens. I seriously doubt that anyone reading this would have any question of that.

Our space brethren have been here all the time. They have technology to help humanity in ways we cannot conceive. They will be part of new earth when we invite them in. They will not appear among us in 3D openly if we fear them.

Illuminati-controlled earth governments have desired ET technology for war and global domination. Technology like free energy has been hidden from humanity because of an Illuminati desire to control mankind, and because of greed.

Free energy exists. Many have worked on this issue with no help other than the ideas implanted from the higher dimensions. To resolve this issue, stop planetary destruction, and begin clean up on a physical level disclosure of the ET presence needs to happen immediately! We can create that outcome by focusing intently upon it and by sending telepathic messages to ET family members that we are ready for contact. In this way we bypass government controllers.

Gulf Oil Spill

The BP Gulf oil spill is the biblical bottomless pit (Rev. Chapter 9; Hopi prophecies’ 7th sign). Even capping the well has not stopped oil flowing. The sea floor was compromised by the collapsed oil rig. There is no way to repair a compromised sea floor a mile under the ocean with existing 3D technology. Higher than 3D technology is the only possibility here. If we don’t accomplish this there is little doubt the Gulf oil spill will eventually kill all sea life as oil keeps flowing from the sea floor. Once the oceans die all life forms eventually die as a result of the domino effect.

I have stated many times that the bottomless pit could only be closed by the Christ frequency. The Christ frequency manifests in all who have shifted consciousness from ego to heart, and who consciously vibrate love. Together we are the returning Christ! We are the ones who close this bottomless pit. We do it with focused intent emanating from hearts empowered with love.

Fukushima Radiation

Just like the Gulf Oil spill Fukushima has the potential to completely destroy the entire planet. The initial Fukushima explosion emitted enough radiation to kill every life form (not just humans) 50,000 times each by vaporizing the MOX fuels (a combination of enriched uranium and plutonium) used in the nuclear reactor.

The ecological, environmental damage of the Fukushima nuclear explosion isn’t limited to the initial blast. There are 3 additional nuclear reactors in full China syndrome meltdown. At this moment the fuel is beyond containment and melting into Earth’s soil. The MOX fuel in heavy water continues to flow into the Pacific Ocean and is likely to contaminate all oceans in due course if not contained. Plutonium has a radioactive life cycle of more than 4 billion years. Radioactive steam continues to flow from the melted fuel rods.

One plutonium atom can kill any type of planetary life form. One ounce of plutonium can potentially kill all life on Earth. Far more than an ounce was released in the first Fukushima explosion and continues to be released into the atmosphere to this day. What’s worse, it increasingly appears as if the Fukushima explosion was a man-made, planned event.

Tepco (Tokyo Electric Power Company) is in charge of cleaning up the Fukushima disaster. The company reports if the rate of clean-up continues as is it will take a minimum of 10 years before all the molten fuel is encapsulated and the release of radioactive material terminated.

That is simply not a viable option. More than 14,000 have died from Fukushima radiation in the United States in the months since March 11 2011. Globally, the rate of thyroid cancer is rising exponentially as a result of nuclear contamination. There is no place to run and hide. This is truly a global extermination event. At this rate all life on Earth will be dead in 10 years.

To reverse this outcome we must join in collective focus and repair this now. Our unified focus can neutralize all radiation emitted from that event. We can be 3D-4D humans and die or we can remember our God-like powers and shift the illusion. It is our individual and collective choice! All who participate in the 40-Day event are collectively choosing the higher timeline – to experience Heaven on Earth.
Chemtrails and Air Pollution

In my teenage years a yoga instructor had us practice focusing our attention and intent on clouds. We had to split them, dissolve them or manifest them. It was quite interesting. I wondered about what I was doing at the time – was it synchronistic or real. I know now it is very real. The cloud was responding at the quantum level to the thought emanating from my mind.

That is how these 40-Day events work. It is spiritual power operating through the quantum field. Each participant’s individual energy field sends a request to the unified quantum field to work with it and manifest what is desired – commanded – through thought and emotion.

The quantum field responds to requests such as “splitting a cloud” when thought (energy) is focused into the field (illusion) with intent. The two energy fields dance together as one to manifest the illusory experience desired. We step into unity consciousness by working with this knowledge to manifest the Divine Plan.

Chemtrails, Fukushima radiation, and continued leaking of oil in the Gulf of Mexico can be transformed by our unified focused collective thought. Think about clear bright blue skies with no contaminates from chemtrails. Think about Mother Earth’s soils rejuvenated.

This, and more, can be accomplished by the power of collective thought!

Please focus your intent to have as many individuals around the planet join in this 40-Day event so we can more readily shift our collective reality. Millions – and better still billions – joining together can accomplish this shift in an instant.

This is why this message is being released in February 2012. It is to allow time for this message to reach the greatest number. I do not mind if this message is rewritten, using whatever other words to describe what is happening or the potentials. I know my message can only be received by those who resonate with it and are of like vibration. All I ask is that the 40-Days from June 21 Solstice until August 1, 2012 be observed.

To maximize the number of participants I would like everyone in focus groups such as Churches, Ashrams, Temples, Yoga Studios, Meditation Groups, etc. to share this message to maximize its collective potential during this time. Please get everyone involved! There is no need to wait until these dates to begin or to stop on the end date, but rather to join in with the collective on these dates, which will amplify the effect of the collective manifestation.

I would like to see others writing and sharing their visions of things they would like to focus on for New Earth. We each have a different color to add to this picture!

Please put this on news groups, radio shows, blogs & broadcasts or any publication other method of communication to get all who will to join in. Please email to your friends. If you have radio shows, discuss it. Make it your dream too. You don’t need to speak to me or interview me. Take the idea and run with it! If you’re on Facebook post and repost this message daily. Post it to your groups daily. The more it is seen the more people will respond and join in. Make this 2012 40-Day focus event a tsunami in the minds and hearts of humanity. Focus on New Earth as much as you possibly can!

Dream your wildest dreams! Now is the time!

With Unconditional Love for All That IS,
Bill Ballard

Becoming Invisible and The Mists of Avalon

Thanks to Bill Ballard for bringing the following “Spacemuffin” post to my attention. It reminds me so much of my experience reading “The Mists of Avalon” this past November and December. I’ve said for years that the Earth may one day just split so that it’s all happening all at once but in different dimensions of awareness — kind of like in The Celestine Prophecy movie. One will not see the other, except in cases where people experience dimensional bleed-through. My intro to Spacemuffin’s post is my portion of a cleaned up email exchange to a discouraged Lightworker. It all intertwines well with themes from recent sessions and friendly exchanges.

So Many Avalon Synchronicities!

Reading “The Mists of Avalon” affected me on a profound level. In some ways it felt like a homecoming; at other times, a warning. Initially Avalon was where the fae people lived and it gradually became invisible to all but those who carried the Faery within them. Eventually, Camelot began to disappear as well, falling into the realm of legend. What struck me in the book was that the Avalon people began with noble goals of wanting to carry beauty into the denser world. They wanted to have that spark of Spirit remain for Seekers. They felt themselves disappearing into the mists and mourned for the pain of a world without that kind of magic.

It began as a compassionate endeavor, but then it got ugly! They ended up moving into the denser layers and needing to find ways to operate and bring their magic into the ordinary realms — for the purpose of preserving Avalon in the 3D world. I could still see their reasoning, but the methods became so corrupted by the density that they wound up creating massive trauma, treachery and sorrow in the very world they were trying to save. Things got worse, not better. The two worlds really were moving in different directions and trying to bridge that gap, though noble, at some point became excruciatingly painful for everyone involved.

Reading that book was one of the main reasons I left Facebook. When NDAA passed, along with all the other insane bills getting signed into law — rooting out my inner demons seemed like a less conflicted and more effective method once the gap between intentions and 3D-ality had become so great. Our outer world reflects our inner world, so if we want that Shadow Government to disappear, it’s time to shine the Light on our own Shadow. Tools have been scattered. Information has been leaked. Lifestyle possibilities have been modeled. The visions and options have been shared. We’re approaching choice time, and we really don’t get to choose for others. …

I choose 5D and a return to the faery realm, or whatever we’re calling it these days! I hope a lot of others join me, but I also recognize that the requirements to live in that realm don’t sound like “heaven” to a lot of folks. Living without lies means losing the “luxury” of lying to yourself. Enjoying free will means taking responsibility for the world you help create with your thoughts and attitude. Reclaiming personal power means forever quitting the blame game and the whole victim-abuser-savior cycle that goes with it. To me this sounds like an enormous relief! To some people the process of excavating the authentic Self feels like hell on Earth. No need to duke things out, though. Committing to your own choices creates the shift. Reality sorts itself.

It’s become a vibrational match issue and … like any relationship … you can only stretch things soooooo far before you just know in your heart you’ve gotta leave. If not this then something better. I have to say, my own life has been getting much better and more magical since I’ve “left” the world. I’m still in it to some degree — not invisible yet — but definitely cutting cords multiple times per day, rooting out the parasites (self-imposed and external, although of course they’re the same!). Anyway, don’t let the low vibes get you down. As my vision board now says, “Let the good times roll.” They’re already here, so we might as well enjoy ’em.

Love, hugs, blessings and some laughter ….methinks you could use a giggle fest!

And now, here’s Spacemuffin:

Spacemuffin (via Lucas) | February 13 2012

Becoming Invisible

We are already living on the ‘separate earth,’ the earth’s ethereal body, where the ‘template’ is being set for what she will move into and eventually become, or align with. We helped create that ‘new earth’ with our thoughts and our consciousness and our way of being/living. We are already in a higher dimension, separate from illusion, and away from the third dimensional reality and timeline. Our resonance on 3D earth is only what remains of our physical bodies, and physical lives, which we occasionally visit, which continue on mother earth’s third dimensional physical body. But our ethereal bodies are already living on the newly created planet, and we shift from one dimension to another and the one, it is said, shall not know the other. It’s a choice now, which one we want to spend more time on……which one we want to give our attention to. Whichever one we choose, is the one we will continue to create.

We are creating a new planet. We have been given that opportunity, because our surroundings can only ever reflect our inner conditions. While we continue to physically occupy a 3rd dimensional being, we are dreaming, of a world free of restriction, without borders; a world filled with peace and a world filled with love for every face we see, every tree that blows in the wind, and animal that crosses our path. And while we dreamt, we created, and the more we created, the better it felt when we went back to the dream. And the shift into this higher dimensional earth is almost unnoticed, but somehow, everything out there looks different, doesn’t it? The trees don’t look the same, the birds are flying differently, and everything is just more beautiful, but we don’t really understand why. It’s because we altered the space that we occupy and created the paradise we dreamed of.

So the new earth vibrates in the auric field of the old earth, in a high 4th dimensional frequency, perhaps 5th, ( depending on the dreamer), and only those who dream, or those who practice multi-dimensional travel, can exist there. Others may not see them, because they will become less dense, and invisible. Neither can they see the new earth, nor witness the auric field of creation. So be careful that somebody doesn’t step on your foot……………..because they just can’t see you anymore.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles
The Muffin

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Portals, Evolution, and Instant Manifestation

Today we have another lengthy, but definitely worthwhile, guest blog post by Bill Ballard. He discusses something he calls “the dimensional slide,” which manifests as “doorways” to alternate realities and parallel universes. Those who’ve followed my portal paintings of actual doors know that this has been an interest of mine for quite some time (pun intended). I have shared the idea of choice points and portal openings with clients when appropriate, but I’ve not yet written too much about it. I will say that the way I access past life information has much to do with this web of interconnected realities and options. Bill explicitly discusses sacred lovemaking as a means of opening such portals, but I have found that any strong intention infused with love can manifest such options and gateways.

Perhaps Rumi said it best:

There Is a Way

The intellect says: “The six directions are limits: there is no way out.”
Love says: “There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times.”
The intellect saw a market and started to haggle;
Love saw thousands of markets beyond that market.


Although these ideas may at first sound far fetched, I encourage people to read scientific works by people like Lynne McTaggart, who explores the interconnectedness of all things, as well as the ways our thoughts and feelings influence our external reality. She reports on actual controlled scientific studies in her books, “The Intention Experiment” and “The Field.” David Wilcock has also published a book documenting the science of reality co-creation called “The Source Field Investigations.” Some mystics, hypnotherapists, intuitives, meditators, and shamans have long known about such portals and choice points, but science is finally starting to catch up. You might also enjoy the book, “The Medium, The Mystic, and the Physicist: Towards a General Theory of the Paranormal.”

For now, though, I’ll leave you with Bill:

The Dimensional Slide
By Bill Ballard

The Dimensional Slide. It sounds like some New Age dance step and in a way it is. As frequencies rise and spiral into the center many are experiencing contact with parallel dimensions and other realities. As frequencies elevate the veils become thinner and we find ourselves shifting into alternate realities – all happening in the now.

We know thought creates reality and vibrations allow access to various dimensions. However, as we near the center of the 2012 spiral (coming ever closer to the point of oneness) there is something else also happening. Various possible realities are conjoining. Multiple possibilities of All That Is are manifesting before our eyes.

There is a choice that each must make. It is, “What do I wish to manifest from this illusion for my own future self to experience?”

For many years we’ve been told this time would come – the time of merging timelines. This reality has now arrived. Many are now perceiving these parallel experiences and stepping into them. Many are becoming aware as they witness and/or feel moments of alternate possibilities. From my perspective these are the possible choices we can shift into for various experiences.

This is what mastery is about – that we create exactly what we intend and not step off into another cycle of lessons because we could not master our thoughts and emotions.

This subject gets deep as I ponder it. How best to express this in words?

I had experiences of this as a child. They seemed to occur as various encodings were unlocked for my spiritual growth. When I look back to those magical experiences from this time-frame it seems dimensional slides were what had actually occurred.

It is all about the possibilities of alternate realities. As we experience a slide we shift from the current reality we experience into, for a moment or more, other existing realities where our souls are also incarnated. As you know consciousness and our true selves are far greater than what the ego experiences in this life – in this body.

Yes. You have the ability to raise your frequencies and shift consciousness up and down your Antakarana to experience different dimensions and levels of consciousness anchored at various chakra levels. But you are not just what is on the Antakarana connected from Mother Earth’s Sacred Heart through you and back to Source. There are many additional fragments of yourself in alternate realities – parallel universes – experiencing all the alternate choices that were possible for you to experience in this current incarnation.

This is a deep subject, a bottomless pit in itself. What I’m saying is when you experience a meshing – a conscious touching of alternate realities while your current life plays out – it is a decision point, an opportunity to go in another direction. It is a chance to walk through a doorway that has opened when two probable realities merge for a short time.

Is this what Jesus meant when he spoke of the End Times, saying two would be in the field and one would be taken? It sometimes seems to me a doorway opens that I could step through, a portal manifesting in this reality I am used to. Do I have choice? I think so. This is no doubt why each must master experience by controlling thought and emotion.

Messages concerning mastery of thought and emotion keep arriving. That what we decide to picture in our minds is what creates and manifests our reality. As Mother Earth shifts into the higher 5th dimensional vibrations thoughts and emotions manifest more instantly. This is especially the case as we individually raise our personal vibrations.

Mother Earth’s shift into these higher vibrations is a big problem for those who have not learned to control/master personal thought, emotion and mental pictures. It is now a time of great responsibility for our personal behavior. This is what the End Times and the separation of Wheat and Chaff is all about.

You can go into any reality you create for yourself. It is all about how high you raise your frequency, what thought and emotion you wish to envision as you create the illusion you experience. The awakening is the realization that you are indeed creating reality. It is knowing you are here to experience All That Is. This includes many different levels of experience in alternate and parallel universes overlaid and side by side with the one you are attuned to in this reality. These alternate pathways are in addition to the higher dimensional levels you attune to in your day to day life.

What Is Happening In 2012

Humanity is arriving at the center point of the spiral – the zero point where all time, space and realities converge. Individuals who are just awakening may have difficulty comprehending this. I feel deeply for them. It is such a vast subject and level of awareness. That said, I also know all individuals will be given the understanding they need for their souls’ growth in these times. The Law of Attraction will see to that. The vibration each chooses to experience will create the level of teaching that resonates with personal choices for experience.

This is why you need not focus on the spiritual development of another. Each has free will and interrupting such may create a karmic tie. You really don’t want any of that to have to play out and complete! Indeed, no more Karmic bonding for me!

Back to what’s happening in 2012. As we approach Zero Point and veils continue to drop dimensional slides will increase and get stronger. They will remain unveiled longer. We will now doubt experience gateways to other realities – portals or doorways we can step through for that alternate experience. What we think and feel, and the level of vibration we emit at the time the dimensional doorway is visible brings forth resonance with the alternate reality.

I have heard of others going through portals such as this and learned it is easier to go through than it is to return to the previous reality. An example is the story of the Men In Black – those alternate universal beings that slid into our universe and brought the negativity needed for ascension. They created a portal not knowing what reality was on the other end of the wormhole. They stepped through into our universe in the area of Sirius and could not return to their point of origin. They came from a lower 2nd dimensional vibrating universe into our 3rd and 4th dimensional levels. This turned out to be a good event, one that has played an important part in Earth School’s duality experience.

It is my belief these doorways are wormholes into various alternate realities that are attracted by the vibrations we emit. It is a fork-in-the-road provided for choice. We could go either way. It is our choice whether or not we experience these alternative possibilities.

This is the dimensional slide I attune to when I experience these alternatives flowing in. My experience urges me to remind you to guard your every thought and emotion. Master them! Mastery is Key to this ascension experience! That is exceedingly obvious at this time.

And don’t get hung up about your ego. Let it go! Ego is only you in this lifetime. It is not you in these alternate realities and certainly not in the higher dimensions where ego doesn’t exist!

My Early Childhood Experience With The Dimensional Slide

My first experience was as a child. I was still in touch with my other worldly powers, having not yet been told these were just imaginary powers. I would experience times when I felt I had options concerning where to go and what to do. Looking back from my current level of comprehension I now know what my child-self believed was true. I could have been anything and done anything I wanted. These doorways were decision points capable of affecting future manifestations within this illusory reality. What I experienced were multiple forks in the road of what would/could happen as a result of the choices I made.

Later in life I found these experiences occurring in those higher levels of awareness as my spiritual encodings were unlocked. As Jim Carrey stated the awareness was experienced – felt as whole – but then slipped away as we attempted to grab it and hang on. In any event the decision we made sent us through the doorway into the life we ultimately chose to experience. What Jim Carrey was attempting to hold on to is this ultimate knowingness that lies between two worlds – the connection to the wizard behind the curtain.

The In-Between Reality Phase

The in-between phase is the doorway we step through. It is the middle ground – the point from which we see both sides. It is an unveiled point of connection to Source from which we perceive with full awareness. As I matured these dimensional slides within my field of awareness occurred from the high vibratory state of love.

It was the act of making love that opened the doorway on many occasions. At first I didn’t understand what was going on. All I knew was that it felt exciting, familiar and was triggered at the peak of oneness that results from a heart-to-heart chakra connection. I thought it was because of the partner I had at the time and our being in love. I have since discovered it has nothing to do with a certain other, even though they can take you to that state of Oneness by the love you feel for them. What I subsequently discovered was my experience represented the level of love I had opened myself to – a level that can be experienced with or without another partner.

I have since found I can experience this dimensional slide while making love but not limited to a certain individual. It is my connection to the Source Field – to that Zero Point where the veils drop and possibilities can become endless. It happens because love is Creation! But partnering can be a problem within itself as karmic bonding can occur. That we don’t want to have happen at this time! Making love is best undertaken with a prior agreement that no “cording” or emotional bonding occurs that creates karma. Sex must be sacred and only heart to heart.

How To Avoid Karmic Entrapment

Energies are transferred when you make love or allow someone to bond within your energy field. This can be a problem if your choice of partners is not a good one. People bring the energies of others into your field. These energies may consist of others they have been with, energies of other family members, their environment, or even past experience and life issues. You must be exceedingly careful regarding who you allow into your field at this time as the baggage they carry can indeed trash your energy field. Each needs to take care of personal garbage rather than leaving it in another’s field to clean and clear up. Be careful and choosy concerning who you allow to be close to you. It is your as much your personal experience as mine is my own!

I do know that love making with the right partner, and having spiritual sex can take the couple into the higher dimensional awareness as that heart to heart connection is created and the fields of the two merge into one. Remember we are all one anyway and you are only sharing love with another aspect of your self. Making love is a reconnection with another you. The sensation of being in love is simply the true loving of you! You are loving yourself and allowing the experience to enter from an external source. You think you are in love with that other you, but truly that other you is helping you break down barriers of living from the mind and assisting you to shift into heart.

The heart is where you must learn to stay. Being with others can help you make the connection from head to heart but you must stay in the heart to anchor that way of being. Doing this allows you to really love your Self and find that connection to who we truly are inside rather than looking to the external illusion for happiness. That internal connection is the connection to Source and the only true reality that is eternal. All exterior is finite and will dissolve.

On occasion – once true love is present – the perception of an opening to a different world occurs. From my perspective this is very real. It is a doorway in consciousness to experience a different reality. It is just a portal through that sacred space in your heart from which you can perceive the entire universe no larger than a beach ball in your hands as you step through.

What’s on the other side of these dimensional slides – these portals of reality that open? I don’t know. What I do know is that each time I have had supernatural experiences in this Bill Ballard lifetime the energy that has stopped me is fear. I would have a single thought emerge that limited my experience, and that single thought set the reality I would later experience. I believe my reality would have been changed. The only thing that held me back was me – my thought, emotion, and perception.

The 2012 Center Point And Dimensional Shift

We are approaching a definitive time cycle center point as we spiral ever tighter towards the galactic center. Time will continue to accelerate and issues will repeat with greater intensity as we move closer to that point. This is why now is the perfect time for mastery and completion of all lessons we came to Earth School to learn. It is time to clear karma and decide what we each wish to manifest and experience next. That is what 2012 and the coming dimensional shift is all about.

Many individuals will remain on this 3D level of experience while others will choose to step off that ride and opt for one of myriad other possibilities. If it can be thought of it exists. If not in this universe then definitely in a parallel one. We have the choice to experience anything our hearts’ desire and we are by our thoughts and emotions attracting that new experience. The excitement of 2012 unfolds with increasing rapidity. Those who have so deeply immersed themselves in the lower dimensions may find themselves having a difficult time. But that is what they need.

It is my understanding that messages as this one will always find the person seeking. That is the Law of Attraction. What we choose to allow ourselves to perceive and to experience will be aided by Spirit bringing us the tools, awareness and comprehension into our lives, for us to gain the experiences on the path we choose. There is, in reality, no good and no bad – just choice. Choice is what must be made. We have a myriad of choices allowed – choices limited only by our capacity for thought.

Not making a conscious decision to ascend is one of your choices at this time. If you decide not to ascend you will remain in the lower dimensional vibrations for another cycle of duality. That is an additional 26,000 years of time as we perceive it, and a Self-selected number of reincarnations until the next astrological cycle of ease and grace occurs.

These increasing numbers of dimensional slides are the doorways into alternate realities. You can choose to step through if you want. Simply observing the myriad options offered for alternate experience can also be done. For me personally seeing those possibilities and remaining in this ego/higher-self manifestation is my choice. I choose to create and stay in this reality. It is quite interesting to have these experiences and encounter Source in those portals between worlds.

Many are attempting to explain – with limited words – the experience we are having. This is occurring with greater frequency as many reach higher levels of vibration. I bring up this subject because I have heard no discussion of it as yet in the hopes of provoking others to share their ideas and understanding. This in turn helps me view my experience from a more enlightened perspective when I am able to contemplate other’s perceptions of similar experience.

With Unconditional LOVE for All That IS,
Bill Ballard – 1/23/12

I would like to thank Donna and Jerry Creamer for their support which is allowing me to get my work done and these messages out. (That’s Bill Ballard thanking them, but I — Laura — thank them, too, for allowing Bill the time and space for writing and sacred ceremony.)