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Julian Rose ~ Third Density Embrace — Are the Gods Jealous?

Thank you, Julian, for articulating these very important topics and considerations! A note from Julian’s reply to a commenter on

OK – I’ll admit – this article combines tongue in cheek humour and serious reflection..
‘To posit’ (see beginning) is not ‘to know’ – it means to put forward a suggestion. I do not know.

So I am stimulating our thinking process here – getting it to look around at elements that it may not have engaged with before – and digging at the ‘purist spiritual’ outlook that seems not to be able to integrate sexuality into spirituality because they think it degrades it.. Likewise – those of this opinion also refrain from taking actions to do something practical to improve life on this planet..

Third Density Embrace — Are the Gods Jealous?

by  Julian Rose

‘Is sexuality to be dispensed with – as the price for spiritual emancipation?’ – asks Julian Rose.

What if I posited that ‘third density’ is where the wandering ethereal spirits of the cosmos most want to be..

That it is within third density existence that the setting for a final and full awakening is to be manifest..

That spiritual aspiration which seeks to evolve as an ‘out of body’ state, is a form of elaborate escape mechanism..

An escape mechanism for those who have given-up on the integration of body, mind and spirit within the temple of the human condition.

Well, are not these valid posits?

So let us explore just why we devote so much time trying to be something other than what we are.
Read on, dear friends, if you wish to join in this exploration..

The integration of spirit and the flesh seems like a pretty profound challenge for struggling homo sapiens. So often these two natural allies seem to negate each other – one appearing to revel in a sense of liberation when freed from the other. Indeed, much of Christianity has for centuries extolled the virtue of recognising the superiority of the spiritual over the corporeal – and has recommended living a life moderated according to this dictum.

Many Eastern spiritual teachings recommend long periods of largely corporeally static meditation in order to make contact with the divine in one’s self and come closer to that same power in the beyond. Well, it may work, but you will probably end up with a body like the laughing Budha – however at least he saw the joke..

It has also been suggested that long term devotion to spirit uplifting and mind expanding techniques will cause the human physique to undergo a steady physical evolution. One in which the head becomes the dominant feature and the body shrinks into a mere slither of its former self.

It is thought, in these circles, that aspiration for unity with Source requires much exercising of the pineal gland and other neglected regions of the neocortex. So that other bodily organs get steadily receding levels of attention and stimulation, until they eventuality shrink into almost nothing.

We have probably all seen those pictures of supposedly ‘advanced’ humans, with huge triangular shaped heads, bulging dilated eyes and tiny waif-like bodies tapering into skinny and strangely prehistoric looking legs and feet. Well, would you like to end up looking like this?

The first thing that strikes me is how sexless these beings appear. They seem to be neutered; and that is expressed also in their pinched facial expression and small straight-set mouths. Altogether a very unsavoury mix!

Whether this is actually ‘an alien’ (as in Roswell incident) or an evolved human does not matter that much, because there exists a school of spiritual thinking which believes that is where we are headed anyway. It is a school which tends to debase sexuality, seeing it not as a source of profound richness – but as something of a persistent problem.

Which raises the question: is sexuality to be dispensed with – as the price for spiritual emancipation?

Persistent denial of the tactile subtleties of the physical senses, in favour of a pure spirituality, would no doubt lead we humans to lose our sensual proclivity and physical human beauty. Just as indulging in over-the-top hedonistic excesses produces a distorted and unbalanced physique and the loss of our ability to develop higher levels of conscious awareness. We are looking for something which is neither of these extremes.

Catch for a moment in your mind’s eye Michael Angelo’s superbly sculptured statue of David in Florence’s Piazza della Signoria. David’s fine torso, so delicately balanced between male and female, is sublimely expressive of the beauty of the human physique. An expressiveness which would not be so resonant if it did not also suggest both a spiritual dimension and intellectual curiosity. Its sexual resonance is not pronounced, but finely nuanced.

Now cut to that futuristic and supposedly advanced/evolved sexless being I have already described earlier. Shock!

Now to be fair, this ‘E.T’ like creature (should it exist) might well be the nicest of beings and possibly even very clever – so I must not pour scorn on it just because of the way it looks. However, the way things look usually reflects, in varying degrees, the way things are. Or at least,  has a tendency to express a realised emotional condition or an unrealised emotional condition. And this looks to me to be a distinctly unrealised condition.

Other worldly states exist; and have their unique adaptations to the conditions in which they manifest.

However, I believe it likely that most of those reading this essay, made the decision to come (back) to planet Earth. So one should ask ones-self: why?

Maybe because we retained a memory of some much better time here. A time in which we were more expressed and shared in a life that was generally joyous. Or, it might be that we deeply sensed that the joyous human state could yet be lit-up here on Earth; in ways that are unique, imaginative and expressive of an inherent state of genius.

We were all, in different ways, drawn back to this extraordinary place, sensing, as we grew up, that we had a mission – a great task to which we needed and longed to commit.

The confusion that we found, after reaching a certain state of objective awareness, drove some of us to commit to a life in which we attempted (are attempting) to establish a deeper order and manifestation of that which strikes us as ‘true’.

This commitment has a certain price. A constraining affect on our natural inclination to express and explore deeply felt needs and emotional awakenings. To more fully indulge and share the beauty and bounty of the human condition. But in a world torn apart by dissident beliefs and irrational desires – none of us can afford to indulge for long in such luxuries. We have to commit – or die.

However, the reward for those traveling ‘the committed path’ is that there are often powerful glimpses of the world to come along the way; glimpses of the ecstatic. Windows that briefly blow open but then slam closed again. Fragments of a life that ‘could be’ – if the current order of values was reversed – and humanity started flowering according to the same current that causes plants to break into radiant flower and trees into glorious blossom.

Do trees and flowers long to be that which they are not?

It is my contention that our third density state, far from being something to continuously strive to get beyond, is exactly where we want and need to be. A place which acts as a magnet towards which great ethereal cosmic entities/energies are powerfully drawn. They are already deeply curious about the magnetic strength of Earth and the beauty of her seas, forests and mountains –  her abundant flora and fauna.

But most of all, they wonder about us.

They sense that there is something truly special about our embrace; our acts of congress; our moments of ecstacy. Yet it is something they cannot directly experience. They both want – and don’t want – to be transformed into that particular state of sensuality which takes place in the dimension we call third density. Joys which we humans are so privileged to be able to experience.

I tell you, we have hardly begun to experience the wealth that we have at our fingertips in our quest to unite body, mind and spirit. But united they must be.

No wonder the gods are jealous. Some, out of frustration, even try to persuade us that it is they who hold the secret of enlightenment! Ha! But who can really blame them for the odd gripe – after aeons of existence as free roaming etheric pulses of ‘the now’, maybe it’s difficult to have to admit that you are not, after all, the be and end all of great aspiration – and that what you really want is to finally experience a bit of gravity based solidity?

OK, so we have it – and we are indeed most fortunate for that. But so as to utilise our time on Earth
to the full, we had better make sure that we keep our heads in proper proportion to our bodies – and our bodies themselves in a properly fit condition. For it is a very fine and wondrous thing that the unsullied proportions of the male and female physique are so well defined and so pleasingly balanced.

Witness the subtle athleticism that emerges in the art of the dance; the uniquely proud stance of the Kenyan Massai; the almost hypnotic beauty of practised exponents of Tai Chi; the simple body-sweep of the scythe as performed by the World’s humble peasant farmers … and so on. These are not ‘head led’ exigencies, but emanate from the area of the solar plexus.

When in doubt about where the centre of the universe lies, go to the solar plexus. It is from here that energies radiate out in every direction, feeding all the organs of the body. Mankind will not develop a swollen head and waif-like body so long as the main point of equilibrium remains in the solar region. The point of balance for the human physique as well as the human esprit. Start again from here – and all will fall into place quite naturally.

I find that I have been describing manifestations which are all moving in the direction of what we call art. And it this ‘art’ that is our essentially human tool for creating ‘heaven on Earth’. The artist is not bent upon raising his or her vibratory level to ever higher states, as the spiritualist is, but is more intent upon pulling down unto himself that which gives fuel to his creativity.

There is, in this route to fulfillment, a tacit acceptance of the dimension (density) in which we find ourselves. Not an attempt to escape from it. The trick is to get the spirit to become engaged in the Earthly creative process. To harness it to the need to take action. To bring creative equilibrium into life on Earth and to bring down the darkly domineering oppressors of humanity.

That is the missing ingredient of the purely spiritual aspirant, where a kind of built-in passivity shuns taking action; preferring to remain closed-off to the nitty gritty of life.

Our great guide throughout all, however, is ‘intuition’. The one force that is common to both art and spirit. Spirit and intuition are like lovers, they intertwine, and at moments – are one.

An artisan will take this intuitive receptivity and turn it into a creative action. That is the art of living. Not as ‘art for art’s sake’ but for the socio-economic and spiritual emancipation of humanity. This is the fuel upon which the new society is to be built. No uniquely spiritual agenda will ever achieve the transformative movement of true change.

Never mind that the gods are jealous. We must all turn our attention to fully embracing our third density roles and goals –  for their seams are unimaginably rich and as yet, barely touched.


Julian Rose is an early pioneer of ecological farming, integrated rural economies and decentralised community regeneration. Farmer, writer, holistic thinker, broadcaster and activist: Julian campaigns against all attempts to sterilise our living earth and creative aspirations – and expresses belief in the power of the human spirit to awaken and direct our passion for life. You can buy his latest book “In Defence of Life” at and via his website

Death Throes of the Old Paradigm

If you’ve noticed a recent upsurge of reactions and reactionary thinking, arguments, bizarre attacks, ego posturing, power struggles and assertions of authority, you are not alone. As more and more people reject mainstream news — and even “alternative” news — in favor of their own search for truth and reality creation, the purveyors of the old paradigm have felt the pinch. TV news viewership is way down; trust in politicians shockingly close to nil; belief in the entire two party political system is faltering; students strapped with enormous loans and no job prospects have begun to recognize the bogus cash cow of higher education and the College Dream; and spiritual movements and religious practitioners keep seeing through their “gurus.”

All of this makes for a potent mix of chaos, liberation, joy and panic, as old paradigms sink through quicksand, before any new sand castles have proven themselves functional and viable. Planet Earth 2014 is an exciting time to be alive, indeed! It almost feels like the Wild West Frontier where the old rules of civilized society suddenly no longer applied. Representatives from the old paradigm can argue, reason and demand all they want, but as increasingly large swaths of people reject the old rules, then the old arguments and old ways of arguing no longer matter. They lose form in consensus reality.

Centuries (millennia!) of oppression, suppression, manipulation, killing and regulation have shown that people do try to control what others believe. But those old strategies no longer work as well as they used to work. Instead, significant portions of the population have learned to recognize such tactics at face value, rather than as symbols of authority or the right to control. The more the old guard tries to assert itself through old patterns, the more ridiculous it seems to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Gloria Steinem famously said, “The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.” Your new truth might also piss off those who benefit(ted) from “The Truth with a capital T,” as defined by religions, governments, societies and, more recently, transnational corporations. How much legislation do we now have on the books restricting free speech? How much money has the US government invested in preventing “pre-crimes” through Thought Police? What about all the Rockefeller funded (and controlled) medical schools and the BigPharmafia with their neverending demands for complete monopolies on health, foods and supplements? The more the old guard loses control, the more draconian its laws and social mores become.

“Think as I think,” said a man,
“Or you are abominably wicked;
You are a toad.”

And after I had thought of it,
I said, “I will, then, be a toad.”

Stephen Crane had it right, and I’m encouraged to find so many others on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Enjoy the journey! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Chautauqua ~ The Illusion of Good Vs Evil

This is a very astute article by Chautauaqua, more in the vein of false dichotomies and how to transcend these. IMHO, well worth the initial read and click-thru. “Each of us are the sum of our collective aspects; meaning that every human has aspects of both genders, as well as both good and evil impulses, thoughts and desires. We are then, what we choose to express as, through as many, or as few aspects as desired in the given moment.”

Thanks, G!

Chautauqua ~ The Illusion Of Good Vs Evil
Augureye Express

The secret is gradually getting out that we humans are something more than what we’ve always been led, and programmed to believe ourselves to be.

In fact, we are hardwired from birth to exist in a fabricated reality of duality and dichotomy; believing most profoundly of all, in our own powerless insignificance. To begin with we’re born into the greatest duality of them all, the one in which all others operate, the Birth-Death construct; where we’re taught to believe in self over soul and that the authority of the state is absolute.

From birth, the dualities begin to pile up fast as we are taught, and expected to “play” within their parameters even though that isn’t always possible; and that is also an intentional aspect of the programming.

Long before we can either speak or walk, we’re bombarded with the dualities which comprise our “playpen,” beginning with Yes-No, Light-Dark, Good-Bad, Right-Wrong & Truth-Deception. These core dualities are designed to instill the feeling of powerlessness into the newly arrived soul as it gets used to its new form and environment. Did you know that lab rats born in captivity never have a sense there exists any other reality for them?

Other dualities present themselves to us while still in the newly arrived category; concepts like Male-Female, Love-Hate, Joy-Grief, and Dreams-Nightmares.

There of course is the most obvious duality, the one we must deal with every day, that of the body being either Awake or Asleep. We make our way thru each day, doing what is expected of us, doing our best to navigate the increasing madness of the world while keeping our sanity intact: then fall fast asleep at days end to restore vitality in a fantasy world within our minds. What if I told you that is exactly backwards; that in fact, all your “waking” hours are but a dream state and what you experience each night is the real world.

How would you feel about that? Welcome to the world of consensus reality!

You may well be asking how any of all this makes sense; well, it makes the same kind of sense as us choosing to incarnate into a world of hate in order to remember how to love! Before we can realize our full destiny as beings of light, we must first walk in the darkness.

Before we can accept what truly unlimited beings we are, we must first experience the illusion of limitation, in this place. We don’t need self-appointed rulers or their media empire to tell us how to feel, that’s what we have a heart for. This then is where we encounter the truly thorny dualities of Wealth-Poverty, Liberty-Tyranny and Good-Evil which have such a stranglehold on this planet today.

Continue reading @ AugurEye

Faery Tale Tunnel of Love Found – Make a Wish

Jayn sent the link to this article to me, too, last night, but I love Tania’s write-up. I also find it soooo … something … as we have a train and a blank factory wall across the street from our magickal little faery cottage. When we first moved in, I became obsessed with getting a mural on that wall, because I kept seeing an enormous woods there. I asked the faeries for help getting the mural approved and painted, and they showed me that those woods *already* exist there and that’s why I keep seeing them. They also urged me to channel my ideas for community and volunteer projects into community gardens and helping impoverished people find real food and beauty in their midst. They’ve really upped the magick to put these goals on the radar of many people in Goshen. Meanwhile, I feel that faery woods getting stronger and stronger. A little birdie *might* have scattered morning glory and sunflower seeds to coax the beauty from that 3D land. These photos remind me of what my inner heart sees and knows as the mists return and the veils grow thin.

Tania Marie

tunnel-of-love-ukraine-fairytaleI’m enjoying an evening to myself in the tranquility of new inspiration I have found gently swelling in my heart of recent. A day spent hiking and picnicking ended with a passionate sunset bursting with fuchsia, lavender gray, and corals. And it was the sunset, I watched alone as I drove home, that really mesmerized my soul and ignited with a spark I’ve felt kindling.

Perhaps all of the abundant new energy swirling inside of me, along with a new seed of life that has romanticized my new exuberance, has me in an extra sweet and magickal space.

Is that possible? Lol! Why yes!! Expansion is limitless.

I am continuously in awe and wonder by the amazing surprises life unwraps at each new turn – fun, sometimes scary, but always full of exciting possibilities. And while I never know exactly where they are taking me and how they will look…

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AA Metatron ~ Quantum Consciousness & The Nature of Time

This article may strike some as a complete mind warp; however, it is the closest description of what I call “Integration Lifetimes” that I have ever seen or heard anyone else describe. It also touches somewhat upon the premise behind this month’s Timeline Tune-In, Tune-Up. Since so many clients request additional reading materials on these topics, I felt called to post this James Tyberonn piece here. If your conscious mind doesn’t “get” it, no worries; your subconscious knows exactly what he’s talking about! Perhaps these words will ignite a few sparks of recognition in the conscious realm. 🙂

As regular blog readers know, I don’t often post channeled material here, but I do if the message resonates and/or articulates topics I feel important to share. Thanks to Gillian for posting this one!

AA Metatron ~ Quantum Consciousness & The Nature Of Time
James Tyberonn Earth Keeper October 26, 2013
Time In – Time Out – The Torus Effect


Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I greet you all within this precise vector of timeless space. I embrace you in unconditional love.

Dear Ones, Light is an enigma to you. It exists in succinct units termed photons. Photons have no density, and no charge, and they travel as both particles and waves at 186,000 miles a second. At the ‘speed of light’ time, as you understand it, disappears. Photons of light go so fast that time has stopped for them. A photon leaves the surface of a sun or star and races through space for what you perceive as vast light-years, and then illuminates your eye as you gaze upward at the array of heavenly stars. It seems paradoxical to you that the instant the photon left the star and the moment it struck your retina, are the same. No time has passed for it at all. In this way, light permeates your realities and it is time-less, literally.

You are beings of Light, and as we have just shared, light is timeless.

Speed influences the manner in which you experience time flow, but it does not necessarily influence the ‘units of consciousness’ you experience within time. The faster you move through space actually slows down the movement of time. Space has 3 measures in physical reality: length, width and height. Time and space are connected in a fantastic structure called space-time. The movement of consciousness in time flows through space and thus time becomes a fourth measure forming the space-time. You refer to these as dimensions; they are in this context perhaps better described as measures. In pragmatic terms, linear space-time is the measure of experience that keeps you from encountering everything at once. Quite an overload !

Lets us continue…

The Torus Effect

Time and space are aspects of the same mechanism. Space, in a manner of speaking is congealed time held in a matrixial kinetic format within duality that allows for the separation and program of the purposed programmed illusion of sequential time metrics. Accordingly time is the inverse of space, in dynamic free flow. Both occur though the harmonic flash of consciousness units, through mechanisms of the inward and outward pulse of matter to antimatter and vice-versa via black holes and white holes. This may be termed the ‘Harmonic Cycle.’ Matter, like light, occurs in spectrums.

The inward -outward Harmonic Flash is not only the point in which space and time merge into a homogenous foam , it is also the rate of consciousness unit perception that strobes attention of awareness into each simultaneous lifetime. This ‘micro-flash’ occurs at a magical rate approximated at very near what is termed the Planck Number, occurring at 10 to the power of -43 of one second. At this point time and space merge and become nonlinear and the Torus aspect comes into play. Space is inverted, turned back upon itself, and time units float in a nonlinear discontinuous quantitized pool of what you term past, present and future.

In this quantum gestalt, the space-time continuum dissolves, and in a manner of speaking becomes simultaneous ‘event’ streams, event horizons all co-existing in one integral ‘now’. It is a amalgamation, an experiential quantum soup intricately aggregated with every event, every potential and probability from each lifetime. You have heard the song ” On a Clear Day You Can See Forever’ …literally this specific ‘vectorless’ sphere is the clear day of all potential forever’s.

But that is only one attribute. It is much much more…

It is also the point from which time holograms are projected, as well as the center from which the harmonic pulse transforms matter spectrums. Matter shifts into antimatter realms and antimatter is downshifted into matter to form physical reality. Both are pulled in and projected out (and vice-versa) in the harmonic flash via black holes & white holes. In physical realms, white holes) bring in the energy of consciousness that forms reality, and black holes phase out the energy. It occurs at an unimaginable velocity and it is the means of the ‘strobe-effect’ of your consciousness stream sequencing into all of your realities, all of your lifetimes.

In the not too distant future your scientist will make discoveries that lead to theories supporting this process. There is evidence of it now. It has been noted that electrons in their circulation around the nucleus of the atom seem to ‘disappear’ for a few microseconds, and although this is surmised to be quantum tunneling, it is actually a phasing in and out of dimensions. It is the ‘Torus’ effect of the spectrums of the harmonic cycle. It occurs atomically in all matter. All physical matter fluctuates in and out, including your physical world, and of course your physical body.

Such refractive fluctuation also occurs psychologically on a very deep, extremely profound mental level. Your awareness phases between all lifetimes in somewhat the same way. Yet it seems to you that your consciousness in all lifetimes is a seamless streamline. It is an illusion. All lifetimes are in greater aspect simultaneous.

This harmonic pulse is the mechanism of ‘simultaneous lifetimes’. You flash in and out of each lifetime, and are unaware of any absence in any of them. They all seem continual. But we tell you that in far less than the time it takes to snap your fingers, you have had a ‘perception unit’ of consciousness in every other lifetime. There are no gaps of cognizance , because the awareness rapidly moves in and out.

As an analogy, your earlier (non-digital) films appeared to be unbroken movement, but were actually individual still frames, with undetectable gaps between them. The individual frames (representing separate lifetimes) moved so quickly through the projector light that they appeared as seamless movement. Such it is with your concepts of linear time, except that the undetectable spaces between the separate frames, take you to other ongoing realities, other lifetimes…and the projector light is your consciousness..

There are many such in- out points of points of reciprocal refraction, but your physical senses are purposely unaware of them. To experience them all at once would be far too much information !

And this same phenomenon occurs on the physical consciousness spectrum. The 3d brain (personality-ego) consciousness of each separate lifetime comes alive and awake to its particular individualized existence in the harmonic flash, but in between are other fluctuations in which attention is focused upon succinctly contradistinct schemes of reality; each of these other “lifetimes’ jumping to alertness, fully awake and responding, yet each unique personality having no sense of absence. They are absolutely unaware of any gaps or absence, each flash then is like the individual frames of the motion picture and the flashes occur so quickly that linear continuity is perceived by the ego personality brain in each ongoing lifetime, within the individualized framework of each succinct time hologram.

We are aware of how confusing and how incredible this may seem to you. Yet the greater part of you is fully aware of this process. It is a fact of physicality, of physical existence in the polarity realms. Accordingly the greater aspect of each of you is not locked within linear time or physical reality. The divine (subconscious) mind (not the 3d brain) can and does perceive other time epochs and exists in other realities of even greater multidimensionality.

In the ‘New Earth’ of 2013 and beyond, there are changes in place that will allow you greater access to your multidimensional lifetimes, your simultaneous lifetimes occurring in the holograms of time on the Earth-Plane. This ‘Torus Effect’ we first brought forward several years ago as it is pertinent for the coming ascension of humanity as taught in the Metatronic Keys. By harmonizing all simultaneous lifetimes, a requisite soul harmony is achieved. The aspects of soul fragmentation are brought into ‘Soul-ar’ harmonic integrity. This is an essential Metatronic Key…the requisite of harmonizing all sojourns.

Soul Fragmentation

Lifetimes are chosen with specific purpose, and some of these purposes can occur in different frequencies that seem in opposition. Certain lifetimes are dedicated to learning nuances of love as service, others into learning responsible creativity, others for learning how to manage ‘power’ and strength. In your physical planes there are 144 variations of these, 12 primary aspects with 12 subcategories in each.

It is not uncommon for lifetimes dedicated to learning service to be in frequential opposition to lifetimes in which you learned how to manage power and develop strength. The beliefs held in lifetimes of service may be very psychologically different from beliefs formed in a lifetime dedicated to developing strength. These varying beliefs may have been necessary and appropriate for the benevolent goals of each sojourn, but as each soul approaches completion, a rebooting is required to ‘update the files’, by removing what no longer serves the higher purpose. Lifetimes of opposing beliefs can become polarized. This may be termed as soul fragmentation. These need to be harmonized.

You may have developed beliefs in a lifetime of lesser intellect that are limiting to your expanded intelligence in another. And in the lesser lifetime, those beliefs continue to create the reality of that simultaneous sojourn. You may have a lifetime in which a catastrophic tragedy created a great fear, or a sojourn in which you had a strong (false) belief in the existence of ‘evil and demons’. Such erroneous unlearned beliefs can interfere with development and seem very real to the senses of the entity in that lifetime specifically because the physical senses will perceive according to beliefs, even if the beliefs are limiting and inaccurate to the greater reality. As such that lifetime will go on creating in a limited paradigm until the soul changes them from the universal seat of power. One can and must transfer learnings from an advanced lifetime into one in seeming contradiction.

As an example it may have served you in a lifetime in a religious order to take poverty vows. You may have developed the belief in a series of lifetimes in the ‘cloth’ of priesthood or nunnery that ‘money is evil’ and all material things must be shunned. And now you find yourself in a lifetimes where you understand that money is a tool, and that it is not an evil to be avoided. That it can in fact be utilized in higher good. Yet you are unable to manifest it. With the knowledge that all lifetimes are ongoing simultaneously, you may have 10 lifetimes continuing to reject money, and only one or two trying to create it. In the overall flux you are being outvoted 10 to 1. You have the ability in Mer-Ka-Na exploration to go back and up-shift contrary belief into one that fits a greater understanding, a greater truth.

Keep in mind that each lifetime is a new start in many aspects. Regression can occur in certain scenarios. The great Edgar Cayce achieved Mastery in many lifetimes before his incarnation as Edgar Cayce, yet he had a lifetime in America as ‘Bainbridge’ , just prior to his Cayce incarnation in which he was a roguish character. In a very applicable sense, this serves as an example of the nonlinear aspect of lifetimes. Just as the Golden Age of Atlantis is actually in your future, but has been drawn into your seeming past because you cannot perceive that future epochs influence the present. In the same way you think that all lifetimes have a sequential effect in terms of learning ratios. You cannot imagine that an initial learning experience might occur in a future rather than a past timing, unless you expand your belief to understand that time is NOT linear. Do you understand? We will discuss this in greater detail in part 2 of this channel.

Dear Human, There is no real impermeable division between your soul essences (lifetimes). You have the ability to influence all lifetimes in this moment. In this now. Time separations only seem to be real in the purposed illusions of the duality based physical realm .

That is not to say that the dramatic lessons you learn are not at times quite searingly painful and extremely difficult. Masters if this purposed illusion did not feel real to you, you would not learn in the Law of Cause & Effect. That is why we called in ‘purposed illusion’ While you are in duality it is very very real. But when you in one sojourn learn that all reality is created by belief you can change the beliefs of untoward experiences in other aspectual lifetimes. And when you do this, you are preparing the final Path of your Ascension. It is a quantum leap.

We wish to tell you that physical lifetimes in duality are a means of extraordinary growth, of exquisite spiritual evolution. You think of humanity in the duality realm as having spiraled downward, and while the density aspects are in that sense a devolution of experiencing cause and effect, the greater truth is that lifetimes are freely chosen here in duality. Duality experience is not a punishment, rather a credentialed course in mastery …one that you have deliberately chosen. It is not easy , and we honor you for that courage. And we tell you that you will graduate, you will Ascend….All in Time !

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

End of Part One – Part Two of this channel will be released in one week.
Copyrighted © James Tyberonn 2013 All Rights Reserved

[Laura again: I’m also providing a link here to a powerful meditation for integrating and healing lifetimes.]

Timothy Glenn ~ Reviewing Your Game Review

Another post from my friend Timothy Glenn: this one continues the analogy begun in “Your Game Review,” an analogy that explains life on 3D Planet Earth as a highly addictive (and limited) computer gaming simulation with bizarre and unique rules that most forgot but some have begun to recognize. In that article, the analogy ultimately suggests clicking “Uninstall,” which left readers with questions like, “But what does that mean? Do we die? Do we cease to exist in this reality? Just how much would I be Uninstall-ing?” Tim/Proterrian returns to address those questions.

A note about channeled writings: for a wide variety of reasons, I don’t usually publish them. If I find particular value in the content, I make an exception. I’ve known Tim for a long time, and I can vouch for his good sense, huge heart, and finely honed intuition/perceptions/discernment. I also like that Tim writes his articles as “Timothy Glenn,” summarizing and analyzing what Proterrian has shared with him, rather than as straight channelings, which imho can often read stilted, condescending or overly fluffy. In any case, here’s today’s follow up to “Your Game Review.” If you haven’t already read that article, you might want to start by clicking here first.

At the risk of sounding silly and stating the obvious, I will also emphasize that the following is an analogy. To my knowledge, no one is actually selling software or operating programs, and you are much more than a soulless computer. Actually, that’s a main point of these articles — reminding people that the limited version offered as “normal life on Earth” is outmoded, artificially (and somewhat arbitrarily) constrained, and a lot less fun and/or satisfying than it could be. It’s a version, and certainly not the only one.

Wake Up Humans

Reviewing Your Game Review
Introducing Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0

By Timothy Glenn

The previous article, “Your Game Review”, triggered a bit of confusion. In the Proterrian channelings, a clear distinction is made between “the game” and the Planet Earth, over which “the game” has been superimposed. “The game” is entitled Life on 3D Planet Earth. Proterrian channels a bit of “attitude” toward “the game”.

This multi-dimensional/intergalactic collective named itself Proterrian. In their Reality, these Beings are completely telepathic and have no use for names. We\ Earthlings are the ones who seem to need names, so they looked into our linguistics and chose a name that means “Pro Earth”. However, Proterrian has never hesitated to add that Pro Earth does not necessarily mean Pro Human. They have repeatedly stated, “We are Pro Human to the very degree that the Human is Pro Earth.”

These Beings love planets. When they first beheld the spectacular beauty of the Earth, they were blown away. When they monitored the planet on the level of emotional frequency, they were blown away in the opposite direction. They saw an exquisite planet wrapped in a dark cloud of fear. “The game” is played within that cloud. In “Your Game Review” the sarcasm was directed at “the game”, not at the Earth.

What on Earth Is “The Game”?

Superimposed over the Earth, Proterrian sees a grid of barely conscious energetics. Human consciousness appears to be trapped within that hologram. This results in the analogy of “the game” which, in the film The Matrix, the character Morpheus describes as “the computer-generated dreamworld that has been pulled over your eyes.”

For millenia, humans have had a spell cast over them, so they live in a trance. They perceive little of their own reality, and therefore cannot see the planet for what it really is. The Earthlings bumble along in a miasma of amnesia, not remembering their spiritual identities, nor even their history as humans. In other words, the players have become so dumbed down, they can hardly remember anything they have done in “the game” so far. This phenomenon has crippled their ability to live in harmony with their own home. Besides, if you lack the ability to keep track of what you have done and what you are doing in any given game, you probably suck at that particular game.

By the 1980’s, physicists had grown aware of so many types and levels of energy, that they estimated that our nervous systems are only capable of processing about one billionth of the available energetic stimuli in our environment. This means we are only decoding an infinitesimal percentage of what is right here, right now.

Welcome to “the game”. Life on 3D Planet Earth 1.0 has become your number one addiction, to the point that it limits you to about one buzzillionth of your natural awareness, and then sucks on the rest of your essence.

The Proposed Upgrade

Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0 will offer players infinitely more options. The framework of Life on Planet Earth 1.0 simply cannot facilitate the proposed changes to basic gameplay, much less all the intricate variations. The old version of the game also needed to be hacked in order for the players to interface
with the planet herself.

Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0 requires an entirely new game engine to provide a platform upon which to build the multi-dimensional gameplay system, including the option of playing either real time or turn-based scenarios. The new version of the game is designed for complete interface with the Planet Earth, Gaia, who helped our design team develop a whole new concept in Earth gaming.

As you undoubtedly understand, we are not talking about patches to the 1.0 version. However, essential patches and Earth-friendly scenarios for 1.0 are being made available now, while we anxiously await the release of the new edition. In “Your Game Review”, the suggestion was to uninstall the 1.0 version.

For those of us who love planets, especially this one on which we are incarnated, the next suggestion would be to follow the aforementioned uninstall with the installation of Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0.

2.0 Does Not Kick Ass

Version 1.0 kicked ass. If you feel you have not as yet had your ass kicked enough, by all means you have the right to play 1.0 until it sucks all the rest of your essence out of you, and leaves you enslaved as a transhumanized android in some pervert’s dystopia. Old scenarios like Zombie Apocalypse can still be downloaded for 1.0 diehards. If you lean toward such scenarios, we suggest you take the term “diehard” into contemplation; that is, if you have enough consciousness left to achieve a contemplative state.

Since the not-so-user-friendly developers of 1.0 based their design on fear, players found themselves in a maelstrom of either ass kicking or ass kissing; sometimes both simultaneously. Due to severe gameplay imbalances, ass kicking tended to manifest on the receiving end, while ass kissing tended to manifest on the giving end.

Version 2.0 eliminates both extremes. The new love-based game system will more than compensate for the former design flaw. After installing the Earth Editor, players will be able to design their own scenarios. They will find endless creative options for delightful heart-centered playing with asses, which will not include kicking, but may include kissing for reasons other than the standard 1.0 fare, such as the surrender of your inherent freedom as a Divine Being.

The Death of Death

In version 2.0, physical bodies will be referred to as Avatars. The Avatar Creation feature enables anatomical possibilities never dreamed of in the 1.0 system. Limitations have been stripped away. Shape-shifting will include gender-shifting, and the design team is presently engineering an add-on for more than two genders.

The 2.0 Avatars may look like significantly upgraded 1.0 bodies, but functionally there will be little if any resemblance. Perfect health in prime of life condition lays the foundation for infinitely advanced physical playability. The “Frozen Sculpture Model” of 1.0 will be replaced by the “Free-Flowing Energy Field Model” that will allow players to move in and out of dimensions with ease…and much, much more.

No time limits will be imposed. The Avatars will be able to vibrate into other dimensions without any requirement of returning, so the Death Dysfunction of 1.0 hasno function in the 2.0 system. Proterrian insists that “No great cosmic law exists that forces anyone to leave a corpse behind upon leaving any dimension. Besides, that’s rude. Your friends and family end up saying, ‘Gee, thanks. Now what are we supposed to do with this thing?’ More evolved Beings tend to clean up after themselves.”

Proterrian observes that 1.0 players maintain “an undying faith in death”. Such 1.0 diehards instantly fear overpopulation as a result of eliminating the 1.0 death feature. However, 2.0 replaces the 1.0 blind breeding frenzy with co-creative consciousness.

Thus Spake Proterrian

“In the game of good and evil, many Earthlings want to blame the existence of their evil on a dimensional arrangement, or on a density level, and then frantically search for an escape hatch out of their own reality. They want physics to explain the existence of evil, instead of realizing that evil results from choices made by fearful entities lacking in consciousness. In their minds, these Earthlings want to destroy a realm of existence, which would amount to amputating a portion of the infinite body of God. Not only that, but it’s their own realm of existence these Earthlings want to destroy.”

To quote the article entitled “The Heart Breath”: “Proterrian sees us as magnificent twelve dimensional Beings. We comprise all twelve dimensions, and it amuses Proterrian that we think we are trapped in the third dimension and have to fight our way through the muck and mire of the fourth, so we can jump into the fifth and yell ‘Safe!’

Why not integrate all twelve dimensions we already comprise? If only we allowed it, we could experience and express ourselves in any one or in any combination of those dimensions.

“The third dimension (known to a friend as Third Dementia) is not something alien to escape, but rather an innate part of ourselves to realign.”

Proterrian asks, “If you break your arm, do you amputate it? No, you simply get an x-ray and have it realigned.”

Density About Density

“Earthlings exhibit a lot of density about density,” Proterrian continues. “Whatever your density level may be, there are infinite gradations of density above and below your level. This exemplifies a cute feature of infinity: You’re always in the middle. “There is nothing wrong with 3D. There is nothing wrong with any density level.

It’s all relative, and it’s all about choice. How would you create a fourth dimension or a sixth dimension or a tenth dimension without a third dimension? Please explain the mathematics behind your geometrical musings. We would be most amused.”

Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0 includes free access to all cosmic planes, universes, dimensions, density levels, timelines and realms. This feature precludes the imagined “need” to eradicate a whole dimension of a player’s reality. The Escape Hatch feature of 1.0 can stay with the old version. Someday soon, the 2.0 players will scoff at such notions, and ever-so-dismissively mutter, “Oh, that is so 1.0.”

Timothy Glenn