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Michelle Walling ~ How Black Magic is Controlling Humanity

Thanks, Raven! I’m encouraged to see more people taking back their power. This article resonates with much of what I’ve remembered/picked up during past life readings about the Fall of Atlantis. The only comment I’ll make is that “black” and “white” are convenient terms for describing concepts that go beyond a simple breakdown of color or light. Michelle defines things this way: “Whereas white magic is all about alchemy and transformation in a spiritual sense, black magic is used for domination, power, and control.”

I also agree with Starhawk, though: “Beware of organizations that proclaim their devotion to the light without embracing, bowing to the dark; for when they idealize half the world they must devalue the rest.” Part of effective Shadow Work (and white magic) includes sifting through the so-called darkness in order to find, heal and reclaim forgotten pieces of ourselves. We don’t transcend duality by rejecting half of it, but rather by empowering ourselves through love and wisdom, so that we can rebalance anything unnatural in ourselves and world. I appreciate Michelle’s section on what we can do to reverse black magic. Good stuff! Knowledge is power.

How Black Magic is Controlling Humanity

By Michelle Walling, CHLC


In order to explain how our world came to be controlled by a small group of beings we call the Illuminati, one should know the truth about black magic and how it is used on us against our free will. By taking away the illusion of black magic humanity can realize how to outsmart, outwit, and outplay. While Pluto is in Capricorn and while we are beginning the Age of Aquarius, now is the time to utilize the light within us to shine in order to rise above in numbers over the few who are quickly losing control.

What is magic?

Magic in general is a word used to describe the attempt to influence an experience by the use of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, and language. Magic spells, or “spelling” can communicate with consciousnesses of other dimensions and layers within dimensions in order to request help with manifestation. Additions to spelling can include hand mudras, geometric patterns, and rituals comprised of step by step processes that include specific instructions in order to manifest.

Black magic vs. white magic

The difference between black magic and white magic is that black magic infringes upon the free will of individuals and is the misuse of tools that were intended to assist in spiritual ascension. Whereas white magic is all about alchemy and transformation in a spiritual sense, black magic is used for domination, power, and control. As we live in a world of duality, everything has its opposite. duality-1

These definitions of magic are derived from what we have been told about it in books and on the internet. There is a deeper understanding of magic that connects beyond our reality. Magic is actually a multidimensional tool used to form the illusion we see, feel, and hear and this power has been hidden from us since the time of Atlantis. It was passed down through several years from priests and priestesses that taught people how to manifest things from the background or formless energy.

Magic was intended for use of spiritually minded individuals who had an understanding of the power of manifestation and were able to use it responsibly. Only those of a hierarchy level of priest or priestess had access to this because they had proven their responsibility to use it with permission for an individual and for the betterment of humankind. Although it has been said many times that humans are “all one”, it has also been obvious that we are all at different levels of individual progression on our spiritual path.

How magic caused the “Fall of Atlantis”

The following account of the use of black magic to control humanity is derived from a mixture of channeled messages, books about Atlantis, books about ascension, and an innate knowing that freeing ourselves of black magic programming is what we need to accomplish. Use your own discernment in reading this material and decide whether this is the truth of your reality.


There were selfish and greedy people in Atlantis as well as highly evolved spiritual people just as there are Illuminati and Lightworkers on the planet today. Although the human mental body (mind) and the spiritual body were anchored in the fifth dimension, the physical body was anchored in the third dimension. By free will choice, one could explore the fifth dimension while occupying a third dimensional physical space, and others could choose to experience what it was like to vibrate on a lower third dimensional way of life on the planet. These people were split up into groups and colonies across the vast continent.

Something happened in Atlantis that was never supposed to happen in the overall plan of humanity living together as “one” but in individuality and duality. The selfish, greedy people got their hands on ancient rituals used by priests and priestesses and used them in order to further their wealth and power over the people of Atlantis. They intended to take over the whole planet, and by the looks of things today it seems they were successful.

The result of this was a rift through the dimensions that opened up a tear in the lower fourth dimension; the astral realm. This is one of the nastiest places one can imagine and has been likened to “Hell”. Extraterrestrials in the form of reptiles, Earth-bound spirits, and djinn (genies and tricksters) are a few of the culprits here. Beings came through the rift and infiltrated the Atlantis colony, attaching themselves to those of a lower vibration that summoned them and to others that were simply living a lower third dimensional life. They required human blood in order to anchor themselves on this side of the rift, and they used their knowledge of mind control to get the people to give it to them.

They destroyed civilization in Atlantis with a misuse of technology and they continued their reign as they spread across the planet through incarnation. They were only able to do this by establishing a true pure bloodline from the beginning of their arrival and the ability to project their essence into a human body. They did this with black magic through the use of the blood ritual. This bloodline is highly protected today, as the small core of the Illuminati interbreeds with only pure chosen bloodline family members.

Every time there was a chance for humanity to free themselves from this magical illusion, the attempts were thwarted by those of the dark rift and humanity fell further and further into a deep spell that made them think they needed to be controlled and told what to do and how to do it. About 7,000 years ago, the dark beings began destroying as much evidence of the Altantean society as possible, hiding the remnant of any powers of magic from the abilities of average humans.

White magic knowledge was carefully guarded by those called Essenes and the Knights Templar throughout the ages, and were passed down through word of mouth and secret symbols. This was eventually infiltrated by the dark as well, and factions of secret society groups continued to practice dark rituals behind closed doors.

The plan to completely take over the planet was a huge success due to the knowledge of the mind and how to control it remotely through another dimension. By hiding their manipulation behind other minions, these beings controlled humans like puppets on strings and became wealthy rulers and dark lords throughout the ages. Blood sacrifices were necessary for them to stay alive as well as mining low vibrational energy off of humans. Therefore it was absolutely necessary to keep humans in a low state of vibration and to keep the secret of this secret.

Humans are connected to the planet as we are made of her elements, just as humans and the planet are connected to their Creator Source. Due to the infiltration of these beings who cast darkness across the planet, the Earth fell in her vibration at the time of the fall of the Atlantis civilization. Some say that Earth volunteered to lower her vibration in order to quarantine the mix of beings from other dimensions because that was never supposed to happen and had never happened before. Furthermore, there was a plan put in place by her and her Creator to allow the experience to occur but with a plan in place that would allow her rise again. This would require humanity to use their free will to choose to rise above fear and control into love, and to remember who they are as a spark of their Creator.

Fast forward to today’s reflection of what is happening. The mind controlling of humanity has become like a computer program where thought is manipulated like programming a computer. Various forms of technology is used to insure humans do not wake up from this control. They do not want humans to realize that their higher minds exist in a higher plane of density and that they have always had access to this higher self. They also keep them from realizing that although they are told they are free, quite the opposite is true. Mind control and manipulation of illusion is the form of black magic that is controlling humanity today.

What can we do to reverse black magic?

When a human has an awakening experience and realizes that they are a spirit incarnated into a human body and has probably incarnated many times on the planet, he or she realizes that the spirit never dies. This begins to dissipate a fear of dying and opens the door to many questions about our existence. When one steps through the door and realizes that almost everything in our reality was devised to manipulate us by keeping us in fear and low vibration, the answer to reversing this programming becomes simple.

Knowledge of who we are as multidimensional beings of light trapped in a lower vibrational experience is the beginning of learning how to raise your vibration in order to free yourself from the hidden illusions of black magic.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius we are entering a window of time of about a thousand years where the Earth will raise her vibration back out of this reality with the help of light beings that have incarnated on her carrying as much light as possible, thereby anchoring light into her body. All incarnations are said to have been in preparation for this lifetime in which the Earth has received enough free willed light to help her shift into a higher dimension once again.

The dark beings will not be able to exist on her anymore due to the Universal law of Vibrational Attainment. Not only will this help planet Earth but is it said that these beings infiltrated other parts of the Universe and a galactic war between the dark and the light has ensued that includes time travel and time rifts. By repairing the rift that occurred from its origin, the dark will be cut off once again from affecting the fifth dimension via third dimensional connection.

Discerning the truth for yourself

There are many spiritual and metaphysical explanations of various levels and terminology which explain what we are doing on the planet at this time. Some use various ways to explain the things that have been described in this article using different words or spelling. Some are propagated lies created to mislead. But one truth seems to make sense over everything. Our planet is being destroyed by a small group of wealthy “elitists” that come from a very controlled bloodline. They have an agenda of planned genocide even if it means having to eventually live underground, taking their slaves for food with them.

No matter what they are called, we feel like we have been led to an awakening that they feed off of humans and they have lied to them in order to get them to keep complying. That is the simplest way to explain it without stories of Atlantis or explanations of Golden Ages. The simplest way to solve it is to remove your energy from the experience.

Stop giving your energy away

Some people are pulling their money out of banks and others are not paying credit card bills, fines, and tickets. Some people are trying to live “off the grid” and are starting communities where they can grow their own food and barter without money. Some are selling their houses to avoid paying mortgage interest or taxes. Many are realizing that materialism is one big trap and are letting go of things that weigh them down. People who once worked in an Illuminati field such as banking, oil and gas, media, etc. are finding other careers. Many people have stopped watching television and have even removed them from their homes.

There are a number of ways to consciously pull yourself out of the system that has a hold on the majority of the planet. Realizing what the system is comprised of, making conscious choices to remove yourself from that system, and helping to educate and support others is what has been termed “peaceful non-compliance”. This is one of the basic things that will remove your energy from their grasp. Just like cutting energetic cords from other humans, the energetic cords can be cut from the system designed to harvest our energy. Without energy, these beings cannot survive.

The final countdown

The rest of the solution is deep introspection and reconnection with the higher part of yourself that exists in another dimension. As a multidimensional being of light having a human experience, we forgot that we have always had this connection. Fear closes the energetic centers of the body that allow this connection, therefore fear has been used as a weapon against us.


Love opens all of the doors and in concert with raising your vibration you can begin to bring more of your soul essence of light into your body. This is the secret solution that we knew we would begin to remember. We have the ability to vibrate ourselves into a new reality where fourth dimensional astral beings do not exist in our consciousness. By moving our consciousness within, our external world will change around us. This is what you came into this human form to do.

This article is magic. It has spelling which puts an idea of freedom into the human consciousness field through knowledge. It is a powerful tool and is designed to open the doors for you to explore this topic further with guidance from your higher self. We all came here with a plan and with help in unseen realms that we call our spirit guides and angels. Ask them to help guide you to the answers within. This will lead to answers outside of yourself in the form of articles, books, and eventually a direct connection to your own soul who has all of the answers you will need to find your wings to free yourself.

About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach. She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. Michelle Walling’s cosmic writing website is Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked on the website Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which states that this article can be reproduced in full or part as long as the appropriate credit is indicate if changes were made. [Note from Laura: the original has a few more images, which I had difficulty uploading to the article. For full images, please click here.]

Faery Tale Tunnel of Love Found – Make a Wish

Jayn sent the link to this article to me, too, last night, but I love Tania’s write-up. I also find it soooo … something … as we have a train and a blank factory wall across the street from our magickal little faery cottage. When we first moved in, I became obsessed with getting a mural on that wall, because I kept seeing an enormous woods there. I asked the faeries for help getting the mural approved and painted, and they showed me that those woods *already* exist there and that’s why I keep seeing them. They also urged me to channel my ideas for community and volunteer projects into community gardens and helping impoverished people find real food and beauty in their midst. They’ve really upped the magick to put these goals on the radar of many people in Goshen. Meanwhile, I feel that faery woods getting stronger and stronger. A little birdie *might* have scattered morning glory and sunflower seeds to coax the beauty from that 3D land. These photos remind me of what my inner heart sees and knows as the mists return and the veils grow thin.

Tania Marie

tunnel-of-love-ukraine-fairytaleI’m enjoying an evening to myself in the tranquility of new inspiration I have found gently swelling in my heart of recent. A day spent hiking and picnicking ended with a passionate sunset bursting with fuchsia, lavender gray, and corals. And it was the sunset, I watched alone as I drove home, that really mesmerized my soul and ignited with a spark I’ve felt kindling.

Perhaps all of the abundant new energy swirling inside of me, along with a new seed of life that has romanticized my new exuberance, has me in an extra sweet and magickal space.

Is that possible? Lol! Why yes!! Expansion is limitless.

I am continuously in awe and wonder by the amazing surprises life unwraps at each new turn – fun, sometimes scary, but always full of exciting possibilities. And while I never know exactly where they are taking me and how they will look…

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Timothy Glenn ~ Reviewing Your Game Review

Another post from my friend Timothy Glenn: this one continues the analogy begun in “Your Game Review,” an analogy that explains life on 3D Planet Earth as a highly addictive (and limited) computer gaming simulation with bizarre and unique rules that most forgot but some have begun to recognize. In that article, the analogy ultimately suggests clicking “Uninstall,” which left readers with questions like, “But what does that mean? Do we die? Do we cease to exist in this reality? Just how much would I be Uninstall-ing?” Tim/Proterrian returns to address those questions.

A note about channeled writings: for a wide variety of reasons, I don’t usually publish them. If I find particular value in the content, I make an exception. I’ve known Tim for a long time, and I can vouch for his good sense, huge heart, and finely honed intuition/perceptions/discernment. I also like that Tim writes his articles as “Timothy Glenn,” summarizing and analyzing what Proterrian has shared with him, rather than as straight channelings, which imho can often read stilted, condescending or overly fluffy. In any case, here’s today’s follow up to “Your Game Review.” If you haven’t already read that article, you might want to start by clicking here first.

At the risk of sounding silly and stating the obvious, I will also emphasize that the following is an analogy. To my knowledge, no one is actually selling software or operating programs, and you are much more than a soulless computer. Actually, that’s a main point of these articles — reminding people that the limited version offered as “normal life on Earth” is outmoded, artificially (and somewhat arbitrarily) constrained, and a lot less fun and/or satisfying than it could be. It’s a version, and certainly not the only one.

Wake Up Humans

Reviewing Your Game Review
Introducing Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0

By Timothy Glenn

The previous article, “Your Game Review”, triggered a bit of confusion. In the Proterrian channelings, a clear distinction is made between “the game” and the Planet Earth, over which “the game” has been superimposed. “The game” is entitled Life on 3D Planet Earth. Proterrian channels a bit of “attitude” toward “the game”.

This multi-dimensional/intergalactic collective named itself Proterrian. In their Reality, these Beings are completely telepathic and have no use for names. We\ Earthlings are the ones who seem to need names, so they looked into our linguistics and chose a name that means “Pro Earth”. However, Proterrian has never hesitated to add that Pro Earth does not necessarily mean Pro Human. They have repeatedly stated, “We are Pro Human to the very degree that the Human is Pro Earth.”

These Beings love planets. When they first beheld the spectacular beauty of the Earth, they were blown away. When they monitored the planet on the level of emotional frequency, they were blown away in the opposite direction. They saw an exquisite planet wrapped in a dark cloud of fear. “The game” is played within that cloud. In “Your Game Review” the sarcasm was directed at “the game”, not at the Earth.

What on Earth Is “The Game”?

Superimposed over the Earth, Proterrian sees a grid of barely conscious energetics. Human consciousness appears to be trapped within that hologram. This results in the analogy of “the game” which, in the film The Matrix, the character Morpheus describes as “the computer-generated dreamworld that has been pulled over your eyes.”

For millenia, humans have had a spell cast over them, so they live in a trance. They perceive little of their own reality, and therefore cannot see the planet for what it really is. The Earthlings bumble along in a miasma of amnesia, not remembering their spiritual identities, nor even their history as humans. In other words, the players have become so dumbed down, they can hardly remember anything they have done in “the game” so far. This phenomenon has crippled their ability to live in harmony with their own home. Besides, if you lack the ability to keep track of what you have done and what you are doing in any given game, you probably suck at that particular game.

By the 1980’s, physicists had grown aware of so many types and levels of energy, that they estimated that our nervous systems are only capable of processing about one billionth of the available energetic stimuli in our environment. This means we are only decoding an infinitesimal percentage of what is right here, right now.

Welcome to “the game”. Life on 3D Planet Earth 1.0 has become your number one addiction, to the point that it limits you to about one buzzillionth of your natural awareness, and then sucks on the rest of your essence.

The Proposed Upgrade

Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0 will offer players infinitely more options. The framework of Life on Planet Earth 1.0 simply cannot facilitate the proposed changes to basic gameplay, much less all the intricate variations. The old version of the game also needed to be hacked in order for the players to interface
with the planet herself.

Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0 requires an entirely new game engine to provide a platform upon which to build the multi-dimensional gameplay system, including the option of playing either real time or turn-based scenarios. The new version of the game is designed for complete interface with the Planet Earth, Gaia, who helped our design team develop a whole new concept in Earth gaming.

As you undoubtedly understand, we are not talking about patches to the 1.0 version. However, essential patches and Earth-friendly scenarios for 1.0 are being made available now, while we anxiously await the release of the new edition. In “Your Game Review”, the suggestion was to uninstall the 1.0 version.

For those of us who love planets, especially this one on which we are incarnated, the next suggestion would be to follow the aforementioned uninstall with the installation of Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0.

2.0 Does Not Kick Ass

Version 1.0 kicked ass. If you feel you have not as yet had your ass kicked enough, by all means you have the right to play 1.0 until it sucks all the rest of your essence out of you, and leaves you enslaved as a transhumanized android in some pervert’s dystopia. Old scenarios like Zombie Apocalypse can still be downloaded for 1.0 diehards. If you lean toward such scenarios, we suggest you take the term “diehard” into contemplation; that is, if you have enough consciousness left to achieve a contemplative state.

Since the not-so-user-friendly developers of 1.0 based their design on fear, players found themselves in a maelstrom of either ass kicking or ass kissing; sometimes both simultaneously. Due to severe gameplay imbalances, ass kicking tended to manifest on the receiving end, while ass kissing tended to manifest on the giving end.

Version 2.0 eliminates both extremes. The new love-based game system will more than compensate for the former design flaw. After installing the Earth Editor, players will be able to design their own scenarios. They will find endless creative options for delightful heart-centered playing with asses, which will not include kicking, but may include kissing for reasons other than the standard 1.0 fare, such as the surrender of your inherent freedom as a Divine Being.

The Death of Death

In version 2.0, physical bodies will be referred to as Avatars. The Avatar Creation feature enables anatomical possibilities never dreamed of in the 1.0 system. Limitations have been stripped away. Shape-shifting will include gender-shifting, and the design team is presently engineering an add-on for more than two genders.

The 2.0 Avatars may look like significantly upgraded 1.0 bodies, but functionally there will be little if any resemblance. Perfect health in prime of life condition lays the foundation for infinitely advanced physical playability. The “Frozen Sculpture Model” of 1.0 will be replaced by the “Free-Flowing Energy Field Model” that will allow players to move in and out of dimensions with ease…and much, much more.

No time limits will be imposed. The Avatars will be able to vibrate into other dimensions without any requirement of returning, so the Death Dysfunction of 1.0 hasno function in the 2.0 system. Proterrian insists that “No great cosmic law exists that forces anyone to leave a corpse behind upon leaving any dimension. Besides, that’s rude. Your friends and family end up saying, ‘Gee, thanks. Now what are we supposed to do with this thing?’ More evolved Beings tend to clean up after themselves.”

Proterrian observes that 1.0 players maintain “an undying faith in death”. Such 1.0 diehards instantly fear overpopulation as a result of eliminating the 1.0 death feature. However, 2.0 replaces the 1.0 blind breeding frenzy with co-creative consciousness.

Thus Spake Proterrian

“In the game of good and evil, many Earthlings want to blame the existence of their evil on a dimensional arrangement, or on a density level, and then frantically search for an escape hatch out of their own reality. They want physics to explain the existence of evil, instead of realizing that evil results from choices made by fearful entities lacking in consciousness. In their minds, these Earthlings want to destroy a realm of existence, which would amount to amputating a portion of the infinite body of God. Not only that, but it’s their own realm of existence these Earthlings want to destroy.”

To quote the article entitled “The Heart Breath”: “Proterrian sees us as magnificent twelve dimensional Beings. We comprise all twelve dimensions, and it amuses Proterrian that we think we are trapped in the third dimension and have to fight our way through the muck and mire of the fourth, so we can jump into the fifth and yell ‘Safe!’

Why not integrate all twelve dimensions we already comprise? If only we allowed it, we could experience and express ourselves in any one or in any combination of those dimensions.

“The third dimension (known to a friend as Third Dementia) is not something alien to escape, but rather an innate part of ourselves to realign.”

Proterrian asks, “If you break your arm, do you amputate it? No, you simply get an x-ray and have it realigned.”

Density About Density

“Earthlings exhibit a lot of density about density,” Proterrian continues. “Whatever your density level may be, there are infinite gradations of density above and below your level. This exemplifies a cute feature of infinity: You’re always in the middle. “There is nothing wrong with 3D. There is nothing wrong with any density level.

It’s all relative, and it’s all about choice. How would you create a fourth dimension or a sixth dimension or a tenth dimension without a third dimension? Please explain the mathematics behind your geometrical musings. We would be most amused.”

Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0 includes free access to all cosmic planes, universes, dimensions, density levels, timelines and realms. This feature precludes the imagined “need” to eradicate a whole dimension of a player’s reality. The Escape Hatch feature of 1.0 can stay with the old version. Someday soon, the 2.0 players will scoff at such notions, and ever-so-dismissively mutter, “Oh, that is so 1.0.”

Timothy Glenn

Timothy Glenn ~ The Heart Breath

Here’s a fun, non-astrological post from my friend, Timothy Glenn. In today’s article, he covers dimensions zero through infinity, with focus on some of the “lower” dimensions, including 3Dality. He also shares a wonderful technique for reintegrating fearful parts of ourselves back into Universal Love. It’s a different type of post for Tim, but I think readers will enjoy his good humor and heartfelt wisdom.

The Heart Breath
By Timothy Glenn

A Technique From the Proterrian Channelings

The multidimensional/extraterrestrial collective known as Proterrian tends to express comical perspectives on our world. Since we make little if any sense to these Beings, their humor stands forth as their hallmark. In the midst of the fun, however, gems of information are shared.

Several years ago, The Heart Breath technique came out while Proterrian was playing a game called “If I were an earthling”, sung to the tune of “If I Were a Rich Man”. If these Beings incarnated among us, The Heart Breath is something they would utilize. The technique has resurfaced, being emphasized in the last several channeling sessions. Proterrian has even been guiding the audiences through the procedure.

Conceptual Backdrop

Proterrian sees us as magnificent twelve dimensional Beings. We comprise all twelve dimensions, and it amuses Proterrian that we think we are trapped in the third dimension and have to fight our way through the muck and mire of the fourth, so we can jump into the fifth and yell “Safe!” Why not integrate all twelve dimensions we already comprise? If only we allowed it, we could experience and express ourselves in any one or in any combination of those dimensions.

The third dimension (known to a friend as Third Dementia) is not something alien to escape, but rather an innate part of ourselves to realign. Another quirky human teaching claims that we must complete the quest of yelling “Safe” in the fifth dimension before we can freely access our higher spiritual energies in the realms beyond. Proterrian chuckles at this notion.

In the midst of all our glorious dimension-juggling antics, we seem to ignore ourselves as two dimensional Beings, and certainly as one dimensional Beings. Proterrian further suggests we start at zero. The Spirit that you are, is not of any specific dimension or set of dimensions. Spirit creates all cosmic planes, dimensions, universes, matrices and whatever kinds of realms exist in this thing called Infinity.

The Heart of the Matter

The pure essence of your Spirit resides in the center of your heart chakra. Your highest spiritual energies can be accessed in your heart center, where you exist as a zero dimensional Being.

In explaining this at last month’s channeling session, Proterrian gestured to the spot known to some as the High Heart, a few inches up the sternum. After a pause and a glance around the room, Proterrian moved the hand down to the traditional heart chakra at the base of the sternum, noting that a few people might feel it there instead. Wherever it is, find it. Feel it. Relax into it.

In this sacred space, you are simply the Spirit you truly are. You are a focal point of and for the Infinite Spirit that creates and maintains all universes, which means you are a living essence that cannot be influenced, manipulated or violated on this level by any third or fourth dimensional creature. Your true nature is Divine Love, the very essence of the Infinitude Itself.

Breathe In the Out

On one level, The Heart Breath seems like an ordinary breathing exercise. But a key difference lies in where we direct our attention. Remember the old adage: where thought goes, energy flows. Especially if you practice anything like yoga or meditation, it is easy for you to find an appropriate position for a breathing exercise.

As you relax your belly and slowly breathe into it, shift your attention away from your physical breath. Focus on breathing the Universal Love energy out in all directions from your heart center as your physical body expands due to the physical inhalation that you’re not focusing on. Feel the Love. Breathe the Love. Be the Love, and let it fill your energy field from within. What you are sensing is your true self as a zero dimensional Being.

While the body exhales, you can appreciate the extent to which the Divine Love has penetrated your field. Relax more deeply into the experience. Allow your awareness to waft freely in the perceptions and sensations, and then to drift gently back into the next wave of Divine Essence flowing out from your heart center when the body inhales.

This shift in focus will feel perfectly natural for most people, and it will be easy to maintain something that feels this good. In and of itself, this may suffice, but it often helps to give the monkey mind something to play with; something that will enhance the process.

Your First Dimensional Self

Here is an important distinction: this is not visualization. This is tuning into something that exists and is happening easily and naturally.

Flowing through the channels of least resistance, the Love Essence emerges from the heart center in gently curving lines. For those who enjoy getting technical, there are 54 of these lines flowing out of your heart, and 54 flowing back in. Our focus at the moment centers on the outflow, so tune into one of the lines of energy emerging from your heart center.

This line is you as a one dimensional Being. At this level you are a direct expression of the Divine Essence; pure and inviolable. Everything you will ever need for healing and evolution is contained within this Essence. Although there are some really beautiful manifestations of your Spirit in the “higher” dimensions, those are merely outgrowths of what you are as a first dimensional Being.

Your Second Dimensional Self

These curving lines of energy begin to interact and create two dimensional geometric patterns. This process is continuously supported by breathing the Universal Love out from your heart center.

This is you as a two dimensional Being. At the level of two, we can begin exploring relationship. As in physics, everything is all about relationship.

The one may not grasp the concept of “other”. The one is what it is. If it encounters another, the one may think, “Gee. There’s another me.” But the two distinguishes its own unique expression, and seeks to relate with various diverse expressions of the same Divine Essence.

Your second dimensional self can thus be influenced, although it cannot be manipulated or controlled by the unscrupulous creatures that haunt portions of the third and fourth dimensions. Any inappropriate influences on the second dimension can be casually swept aside or realigned by The Heart Breath. Here you have the full power to choose Love over fear, Wisdom over ignorance, and Reality over illusion.

As a two dimensional Being you can choose Divine Grace, because as a one dimensional Being you still are Divine Grace. The Heart Breath flows this Grace into your second dimensional self without obstruction.

Third Dementia

You may have guessed the next step in the sequence: the lines of energy radiate the Divine Love from your zero dimensional self in your heart center out through your first dimensional self, from which these lines unfold into second and then third dimensional geometries. And here your good old 3D humanoid shape can be imbued with your Spiritual Essence.

The unfoldment continues into “higher” dimensions, but here in Third Dementia we
encounter significant blockage. Here we have been manipulated beyond our current
understanding; in so many ways and to varying degrees.

This blockage is based in fear, and the root of it all is primal fear; not fear of anything
in particular or even of things in general; simply the crude, raw lack of awareness of our
Universal Essence. But primal fear is merely Divine Love that is currently ignorant of its own truth.

If we breathe Divine Love from our heart center into the pockets of fear, the illusion of fear will dissipate and the reality of Love will emerge.

Prodigal Energy

As in the parable of The Prodigal Son, we simply welcome the fear back into its natural state, which is Love. Our darkness recognizes its true nature, which is Light.

There is no judgment, condemnation or rejection. Nothing gets amputated or sent to a fiery abyss. We simply bring these previously frightened parts of ourselves back into alignment with the loving universe.

In some instances, we may encounter the presence of entities, thought forms or other manifestations that would best be cleared away. But for the most part, The Heart Breath simply welcomes lost parts of ourselves back Home.

We can regard any physiological or psychological discomfort as a slumbering portion of our Essence asking us to help it reawaken. If that is all the blockage actually is, then The Heart Breath will swiftly, smoothly and gracefully reintegrate the energy. Tension signals the presence of fear, so feel free to make adjustments and to breathe into any spot holding stress. Welcome it home. Feel its relief and its gratitude.

Fourth Dementia

For some of us, the fascinating part of The Heart Breath awaits us beyond Third Dementia. Our awareness can follow the flow of Divine Love into and beyond our fourth dimensional selves.

In Fourth Dementia, we learn to navigate the murky waters of our subconscious. But with continued application, we find that persistently carrying the Light into our darkest recesses will gradually purify the waters that have lain stagnant for years, decades, lifetimes or eons.

Our creative powers can be unleashed, allowing us to return to being cause rather than effect in our own lives. We can choose the Path of the Infinite Spirit, as it explores this realm or any of our infinite possibilities.

To Infinity and Beyond

The flow of your Divine Essence will continue into your fifth dimensional self and beyond. You can become a full embodiment of Love, Light and Life Energies directly from the Heart of Creation. Your Heart is the Heart of Creation, because you are the Creator of your own Universe.

You are the Infinite Spirit Itself playing a game called “If I were an earthling.” In the midst of the game, you may find The Heart Breath a handy tool to have in your kit.

Proterrian often apologizes to the earthling audiences, saying things like: “Oh, we’re sorry. That’s too simple. Now if we can only make it complex enough, maybe you can get it.” The Heart Breath simplifies healing and evolution, which can be graceful and elegant in magnificent simplicity.

Timothy Glenn

Mayan Mystic Columns: A Map to Higher Vibrations

This evening’s post comes from my friend (and one of the very first Reiki Master Teachers I ever trained!), Michele Geyer. She beautifully articulates converging cycles of Mayan, Jewish and Celtic traditions, showing how each reveals an “as within, so without” reality. Feeling the intensity these days? I hope this article offers some perspective and relief. We’re getting there! (If you’d like to see the original article with all of Michele’s illustrations and photos, please click here.)

Mayan Mystic Columns: A Map to Higher Vibrations
Michele Geyer

There are many maps available to guide us, many templates for evolution and stimulation of awareness and consciousness. Why is it so difficult for humanity to find its way?

Mainstream Arenas

We all know that times are tough right now. In every mainstream domain–economic, political/legal, societal and religious, there is upheaval. Many of us see the humor, even the light in all this chaotic darkness; yet many are trapped in the negative 3-dimensional thought patterns that accompany the destruction of our systems.

Maybe life would be a bit easier if those who are stuck on the 3-D hamster wheel could keep in mind that these systems are destroying themselves and that they/we don’t have to die along with them; we are simply along for the ride as witnesses! If only they’d get off their own unconscious ride to gain a new perspective or at least a new interpretation of the old perspective and to experience the incredible potential of these times.

Unfortunately even those who are a bit more liberal, a bit more philosophically and spiritually progressive can be stuck too. I had an argument with a friend of mine a couple months ago. He said something like this, “I’m on the team that is trying to rebuild the government and all of our systems in a new way, step by step, bit by bit. By keeping what exists we can make more appropriate changes.”

Jumping up and down, arms waving in the apparent breeze they created, I said, “Oh my God! What are you thinking? Are you insane?” Of course that put him on my page right away—NOT! “I’d put every law and system ever written, after the constitution was published, through a giant paper shredder!”

Sitting there in shock, he quietly said to me, “Wow, that’s sounds pretty destructive to me.”

Now seated, I was still jumping, this time out of my skin. I couldn’t figure out what was triggering me so deeply, and yet neither could I figure out why he wanted to fix an already severely broken system that no longer had any foundation in reality much less aligned itself with our founding Fathers ideals.

I wanted to apologize for my mania, yet thought better of it. Then I got in my car and drove home for the next 1.25 hours, thinking, feeling and reflecting on this wild hair that was poking my mid-brain.

By the time I reached my parking space, I got it. The light bulb went on.

“You absolutely cannot fix a world-wide, entrenched 3-D problem in the 3-D realm. You must go to a higher dimension to see it clearly, to tear it down to just the right degree and either replace or rebuild from there. Honestly, our founding Fathers were in such a place. They had perspective, and solid interpretive skills.”

That’s what I wrote to him on Facebook that night.

Watch out! Even the heart-felt, liberal minded people you know best are not exactly queued up to embrace how things really evolve. Remember, it took a whole different form of man to appear before humanity stepped up from its Cro-Magnon roots. A different brain, a different face, a different, much more evolved body! Neanderthal man couldn’t even hold his place during this evolution. He was the last in his lineage once the higher mind came into the picture.

Conscious Growth Templates

Some of us love to align ourselves with astrological events. Some of us are more interested in what the cards say about our future times or want desperately to believe in some benevolent group or force, or what the seasonal energies bring to us–like the change between night and day, or Fall and Winter. Many of us got caught up in the predictions for an Armageddon-like planetary shift in 2012. Others of us listen to everything that is said or written and then life becomes a sort of bipolar-ish reaction to way too much input from outside sources. In this instance it’s not about the “system,” it’s about how we are addicted to it at the expense of our inner voices.

The body is a sacred hologram imbued with the wisdom to heal itself on all levels, if only we’d find our way to the source of our problems. If we found that we’d also find the fix. By the way, just in case you’ve forgotten, your problems=world problems and vice versa.

And now I’m going to ice the cake for you. We only think we can heal our physical issues with physical processes. It’s why our medical realm is so successful financially and such an incredible failure on many other levels. Aren’t we supposed to know this already?!

Speaking of entrenchment, the medical industry is only one example of the deeply scarred, self-contained cycles (a more sophistcated version of the early hamster wheel) of destruction we’ve created here. What if everyone knew that we need to heal our etheric bodies and blueprints too, or first, or only? To me this is really the only growth point and using divining tools or astrological systems simply supports it and brings it all to the table for better understanding. What if we actually found that power inside of us, accessed and booted it up? That would be operating way outside the hamster cage.

In that event, I’d say the line to use my big-ole paper shredder would be very long!

The Mayan Calendar: Construct for an Inner Journey

The inner journey is not very popular, even amongst those who might define themselves as existentialists, spiritually motivated, on the path to enlightenment, or simply open-hearted. Why? Because, it’s really dark in there! Besides, it’s really easy to fake being on a spiritual path.

One of the less popularized growth templates indicates that we are in a time of deep internal reflection right now. Can you feel it?

Although the Mayan calendar–at least part of our recent interpretation of it–could be responsible for the mass increase in hyper-awareness and dramatic interpretations about “the Shift,” it also gives us a map to go within for our answers and our healing. Set up as a 260-day spiraling day keeper, the calendar outlines a constant state of spiraling into center and back out again through various portals into other dimensions.

And this year, it may not be co-incidental that the core of the annual Mayan calendar spiral falls in close alignment with both the Uranus-Pluto transit square in Aries on September 19-20; the seasonal appearance of the Dark Goddess in Celtic lore, and the Jewish High Holidays. The core of the Mayan calendar experience is September 11-October 30.

Rosh Hashanah is the anniversary of creation–think back to the Biblical reference to the 7 days it took God to create Heaven and Earth, Adam and Eve–and falls on on September 16-18 this year; Yom Kippur is the day of atonement, falling on September 25-26. The astrological transit has been coined by my favorite local astrologer as “shocking transformation.” The Dark Goddess refers to the times of going within, at New Moon, during the wee hours of the night, and in the Fall as our days become progressively shorter.

Mystic Column Days

On September 12th, we entered into the annual Mayan cycle of approximately 40-days during which we moved through 10 portals into a place called “time out of time.” Each portal is a day-long in our time. Once we’ve passed through the 10 portals, we sit for a few days at the entrance to the gateway that leads into the Mystic Columns which sit in the center of our Galactic Core.

For 20 days we continue to spiral even further into the deepest places of our super consciousness–our true core and human reflection of the Galactic Core vibration. After journeying in the land of Mystic Columns, we rest again for a few days on the other side of the gateway, and then spiral back out through the same 10 portals we entered on September 12th.

By the time we are finished this year, it will be October 30th, just in time to breathe for one day before All Hallows Eve and Samhain!

Samhain is the Celtic New Year, the time of our final harvest and a time during which we prepare for Winter. It is the beginning of our long journey inward, into the darkness of regeneration, seed germination and renewal. These tribal cultures–Jewish, Mayan and Celtic–all understood what it meant to truly be in the flow, to honor the natural cycles of the Earth.

Their rhythms were a reflection of the planetary rhythms and there were inherent times for complete surrender. At least once a year, and more likely every month, or every day in the most traditional sense of their beliefs, they went inside to speak with the Gods and Goddesses of their hearts, the Divinity as it was reflected inside of them.

So on Monday, October 15, 2012, you too will be spiraling out of the Galactic Core–where you’ve been fully supported in your self-inquiry–out to rest and integrate what you’ve found, what you’ve learned. On Sunday, October 21, 2012, you will begin making your way back through the 10 portals, bringing the new higher vibration into your life in our currently changing 3-D/4-D world.

It is your internal shifts, along with everyone else that was conscious on this journey, that will take the rest of the world into the 5th dimension and beyond. So even though it’s almost over, pay attention to these last several days inside the Mystic Columns. Become conscious of what you are finding, learning & creating. Bring it forth with intention and be one of those who sustains your evolution for the betterment of humanity.

By the way, I really do love astrology, numerology, divining and scrying. I just don’t want to make it a national past-time or count on it more than we count on our intuition and connection with the divine inside. And I really don’t want to buy an even more massive paper shredder to get rid of yet a different attachment to something unstable. Let’s just go willingly into the next phase of life, peacefully letting go of all that isn’t in service to our true essences.

In Great Gratitude for All Who Believe Without Seeing, Those Who See Without Agenda and Trust Where We Are Right Now!

(You can find more from Michele on her blog and website.)

Bill Ballard ~ Multiple Realities of 3D 4D and 5D All Here & Being Lived in the Now

Below I’m sharing a video of my friend, Bill Ballard, talking about something I’m seeing a lot of these days: namely, that people are concurrently inhabiting vastly different realities. Some people shift in and out of different realities; others find that people they used to relate to suddenly seem light years and quantum leaps away.

The Universe continues to sort itself as options rise to consciousness. The old paradigm of default denial no longer works. Everyone gets a choice here, and I see some clients, friends and family members rapidly discarding old beliefs and embracing an expansive New, while others choose this moment to dig their heels into the quicksand of old structures and old thinking. If we can observe this display with curious non-attachment to others’ outcomes, then we will find this time joyful, fun and freeing. If we allow ourselves to get dragged into others’ drama or judgments, we risk yanking ourselves into a reality we’d rather avoid.

Instant manifestation becomes increasingly “instant” for those who’ve allowed themselves to begin their awakening and Ascension. This activation brings with it responsibility to discipline ourselves in what we allow ourselves to imagine. During sessions and client updates, I’m seeing lots of instantaneous “cures” of previously long-term, non-budging illnesses, injuries and/or situations. I’ve also noticed that when someone calls me for a Medical Intuitive session and I sense an energy blockage, they have much less “time” to shift those energies before something major hits the physical reality. Dis-ease moves from an energetic disconnection into cancer or a life-threatening accident very, very quickly these days. I encourage everyone to surround yourself with healing emerald green light the moment you even *think* you might have some kind of illness. White light works for general protection. Your imagination and your body have both become much more powerful this year. You can use that to your great advantage or disadvantage. You decide.

As always, working with angels, faeries, Reiki, prayer and positive imagining works wonders. Watch your words; pay attention to how you program your reality. And don’t forget to have fun! As the Hopi say, “This could be a good time.”

Here’s Bill sharing his thoughts on the latest twists and turns of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: