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Integration Lifetimes and Human Evolution

Readers and clients have recently asked me questions regarding what I call “integration lifetimes.” In a “regular” lifetime, people choose one or two things as their focus, attempting to resolve them so as to free themselves from specific karmic ties or continuing influence. Unlike regular lifetimes, “integration lifetimes” attempt to unite and utilize all previous incarnations — assembling them into something far beyond that which has come before. In essence, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Whereas regular lifetimes allow people to ignore “irrelevant” experiences, themes, relationships or gifts, integration lifetimes demand attention to and embracing of our greater being. For example, if a soul on a regular lifetime has major money and persecution issues to work through, but pre-incarnately decides to narrow this lifetime’s focus to resolving two particular relationships, then money and persecution problems will not affect the soul much during this lifetime — even though there remain significant issues in those areas. Instead, those two chosen relationships will dominate as life challenges. The absence of money or persecution issues does not mean these souls are totally evolved in those areas; it simply means they have not chosen to focus upon them this go-around.

By contrast, souls on integration lifetimes can seem to attract challenges everywhere they turn, although initially they may have seemed to lead “charmed” lives. In early years, these souls tend to tap into lots of previously developed gifts, so outwardly they seemed to thrive. School and other pursuits may come amazingly easy. Indeed, peers or siblings often feel jealous that integration lifetime souls succeed in everything they do. Beneath the surface, though, lie feelings of inadequacy or persecution, a nagging sense of missing the mark, an unfulfilled life purpose, and general ennui. Integration lifetime souls have literally “been there, done that,” so the trappings of success — though massive — can seem unreal, taken for granted or ultimately dissatisfying. At some point, the contrast between the worldly successes and the soul’s bigger goal of embracing every being they have ever been, triggers crises to get the integration lifetime soul back on track. At this point, their outer lives can look disastrous — disability, “untreatable” health problems, poverty, public shame, devastating divorce, etc. — while their inner lives alternate between profound despair and a bizarre sense that everything is finally aligning in Divine and perfect order.

As the dreaded Tower Card of the tarot suggests, destruction often precedes integration. Old paradigms fly out the window and crash into the sea. Life as we knew it ceases to exist. These sorts of lifetimes usually present tell-tale health challenges designed to break down traditional barriers, perceived limitations and over-reliance on 3D reality: things like brain injury, Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, some manifestations of MS — anything that radically alters those things we held most certain. Earth herself has begun an integration path as she shifts dimensions, and millions of people incarnated right now have come here for integration lifetimes. Earth’s energy supports integration right now, because the process of embracing the full essence of who/what we are is another way to describe Ascension or Human Evolution.

People wonder just what percentage of others have chosen integration lifetimes. If I had to guess, I would say that 11% of the population right now is living an integration lifetime, with perhaps 4-7% actually making the leap. That’s a guess, though, because most of the people with whom I interact as friends, students, readers and/or clients are on an integration lifetime.

For those souls who incarnated recently, the multiple traumas seem to be arriving earlier. Older integration lifetime souls often experience a Tower Card tossing out of their old paradigms; today’s children on integration lifetimes simply refuse to accept outdated paradigms right from the start. That’s one reason we have so many kids needing alternative schooling and other support right now. I’ve had a run of parents requesting sessions for children debilitated by nightmares, autism and vision problems. The parents fear that their kids are having delayed development, when in reality, these children on integration lifetimes have actually jumped into their challenges feet first. They recognize the accelerated times we live in and refuse to participate in pleasant delays and detours. Through their in your face issues, these kids insist on their own intense integration while also pointing out exactly where the parents, teachers, society and siblings need healing. Children on integration lifetimes in the year 2012 came here with a big mission. They may seem backwards or delayed, but most of their anger and frustration stems from not being able to express their gifts in fully functional ways. Their souls are literally screaming for a freeing of the human race.

I’ve also recently noticed a phenomenon in which adults are suddenly opting for integration lifetimes, even if they did not arrive with an integration imperative. In the presence of so many souls determined to “be all that they can be” (or rather, be all they already ARE), these other souls are signing on. By doing so, they volunteer for some extra challenges, perhaps surprising themselves by consciously engaging topics that previously seemed fringe or weird. I call these souls the “ease and please” variety. Not that they don’t have past life traumas to reintegrate! Of course they do, but rather than attracting a major this-life trauma to dismantle all semblance of prior reality, they move through their changes preemptively with the help of self-education, life coaches, intuitives, and/or other integration lifetime friends. This group is what some channelers refer to as “the second wave.”

How do you know if you are on an integration lifetime? If you’re reading this, then you likely are. Most people attracted to the idea of reincarnation have a nagging sense that society’s proven explanations and interpretations of Life tend to fall short. Synchronicities, recurring dreams, intense yet unlikely soul connections with others, medical mysteries and interest in things like astrology and patterns indicate at least a budding awareness of more than meets the eye. Since regular lifetimes don’t require attention to anything beyond the intended focus, regular lifetime folks rarely find themselves attracted to anything that could distract them from that focus. Nothing like dozens or hundreds of “irrelevant” lifetimes to distract from the one or two they wish to resolve! If you find yourself yearning to sense a bigger picture, a context that makes sense of ongoing patterns, or a metaphysical understanding, then you are likely experiencing the call of integration.

What can you do to heed the call? Prayer, meditation, creative arts, and journaling all offer keys to hidden passageways within yourself. You can also try specialized meditations like The Blue Room to help you detach from and resolve persistent relationship challenges. I’m a big fan of the Archangels, especially Michael and Raphael. Michael has his fiery sword, so useful for cutting the ties that bind, and Raphael is the Archangel of Healing on all levels. If you feel a particular connection to other angels, faeries, devas, gods or goddesses, you can ask them to assist you in your growth and integration. Past life regression therapy can help through hypnosis or self-hypnosis if you find trusted methods that resonate with you. Additionally, soul/past life readings from a trusted intuitive can help you to connect the dots. The mind has a funny way of clinging to things we do not understand. Once they make sense, we can lay them to rest. Since reincarnation, parallel lifetimes and previous selves are difficult to prove, sometimes receiving corroboration from an uninvolved other gives us permission to trust our own inner knowing.

Though challenging, integration lifetimes offer tremendous opportunity for evolutionary leaps. No more plodding along. We’re talking spontaneous Ascension, radical emergence, the phoenix rising from the ashes. We’re talking everyday magic and the hero’s journey. We’re talking nothing less than full human potential. People say, “I’m only human,” but there’s no room for “only” in that sentence. As Marianne Williamson says:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


Human Evolution: Healing Bitterness and Betrayal

Issues of bitterness and betrayal continue to reappear in various guises, both on collective and individual stages. With all the recent and pending revelations about banks, government, medicine, and general corruption of “trusted leaders,” many people are awakening into a nightmare, rather than from the nightmare. Those who’ve spent decades (and lifetimes) trying to do the right thing are suddenly finding that the “right thing” had almost nothing to do with compassion, spirituality, honor and love.

Once the veils of denial begin to drop, shock, fear, and anger quickly follow. If the leaders of this world have their way, so would WWWIII. That’s why it’s so very important right now to process through the emotions of betrayal before these, too, become manipulated and before they harden into bitterness. Enough Lightworkers and would-be Lightworkers now know that they must hold the torch of truth. But the question becomes, which truth? Do we mumble platitudes and pretend nothing’s wrong? Do we scream warnings and ignite fear? Or do we heal and create the world in which we want to live?

I vote for the last option. Yes, we need more than New Age fluff bunnies and platitudes, but the warnings have become mainstream and embodied enough that Lightworkers won’t be able to change the problem at the level of the problem. While I sensed that was a possibility at one point, with all the recent and pending laws in Congress and the increased centralization of power, those latent and isolated problems have metastisized. It’s not unlike when I see a severe illness hovering in someone’s aura as a possibility, but not yet manifested in the body. If those people choose to empower health, wholeness and integration before the illness drops into 3D, then they can gain the lessons without the illness, or with a much milder form of illness. In the past two weeks, this planet and its ruling systems have chosen to discard the warnings, and that cancer has solidified and appears to be winning.

Appears being the operative word! Just as someone with a severe illness or injury can choose to revel in the diagnosis and focus all attention on what’s wrong, we have that option, too. We can look at the doom and the gloom of our world, the seemingly terminal state of affairs, and we can aggressively fight what is. Or, we can choose to ignore the rapidly spreading tumors across the Earth, leaving them to devour both Gaia and ourselves. Neither option heals. At best, the first option buys a bit more time, and at best, the second option speeds an out-of-body shift. The more balanced and healing option involves an honest assessment of the illness/situation, evaluation of what sorts of inner healing will manifest as external health, and a focused, determined, unrelenting empowerment of that inner healing. As within, so without.

When a problem becomes terminal, yet we want to survive, we need all our precious energy for healing. This does not mean to ignore the body, or ignore the Earth; rather, it means that whatever attention we place on the 3D will most benefit us with a nurturing, gentle, soothing and restorative focus. On the individual level, think salt water baths, massages, walks in nature, living foods. On the collective level, think free energy, beauty, picking up trash on your walks, embracing more eco-friendly habits, allowing yourself to feel how your choices ripple outwards. Imagine peace, both within and without, and allow yourself to move through anything that stands in the way of wholeness and integration.

For many people right now, two biggies stand in the way: bitterness and betrayal. They often arrive close together, especially when someone we loved and trusted severely disappoints us. Of all the past life issues that bleed through into this one, betrayal by government ranks very high, especially among Lightworkers. So many of us have been burned at the stake, persecuted and tortured by religious and/or political authorities! When someone dies suddenly at someone else’s hands, they do not have a chance to process those feelings of betrayal while in body. Yes, they get a “life review,” but some things are much easier to comprehend when surrounded by pure Source energy. Reincarnating into another body limits that awareness, and so those old feeling of shock, fear, anger, betrayal and bitterness often come out sideways. Of course, our world also finds so many ways to overlay new versions of those feelings on the old traumas! A spiritual practice helps, but most Lightworkers still have enough humanity in them that they continue to feel the pain — even if it comes out sideways.

I see this happening on a global level right now. In some ways, this article continues to expand upon the earlier articles I’ve written about the individual and collective Shadow. Today I want to focus on some individual steps that can ease our way into a softer reality. Bitterness is a hard emotion. It contracts and hardens things like unexpressed grief and explosive anger –two of the most common feelings when we realize someone has betrayed our trust. Emotional bitterness poisons the blood and hardens the gall bladder. It inflames the liver and slowly destroys our life force energy. If we allow ourselves to grow bitter about betrayals, then whoever carried out the betrayal need not have worked so hard! We will destroy ourselves without their interference.

Forgiveness heals. Period. We cannot forgive those things that we don’t realize have even happened, so revelations do hold a place on the forgiveness continuum. When we get stuck in revelations, though, we postpone the Forgiveness. There comes a point in which we “get the idea.” We realize, “OK, I was a sucker. This person, or this government, or this religious authority really pulled a fast one on me. Wow! I get it. It’s way worse than I thought, because, wow, I never even would have thought of doing some of those things. Ever. If I think about it, I can’t even believe it now. But wow! I really want to move beyond this, so what red flags can I take from this situation that will ensure I never repeat this pattern again? What can I learn from what happened, so that I can finally let it go?”

As soon as we begin to focus on the learning, forgiveness flows easier. We move from victim to student, and we can accept responsibility for attracting perhaps a much harsher lesson than we could have had. When we get to a point of gratitude, we have truly begun to free ourselves. We liberate ourselves from the need to judge and be judged. We step outside the paradigm. If we want to create a pre-shame world, then we need to stop projecting our shame onto others, which causes bitterness, and stop embodying guilt, which shuts down the ability to manifest any good things. If we want to “get back to the Garden,” then we can start by healing the Devil within ourselves. Did you know that “Satan” means “the accuser” or “the adversary”? Think of that! If we want to feel free, natural, loved and loving, then we can take a huge step in that direction simply by replacing judgment with love. Stop the self-accusations and watch your world transform!

On the physical level, we can also move through bitterness by supporting the liver and gall bladder. Replacing transfats, fried foods or GM soybean and canola oils with things like coconut oil, olive oil, and avocados will help your liver know what it’s processing. (Just as we feel difficulty forgiving what we do not understand, so our organs have trouble digesting bizarre and newfangled oils.) Dandelion tea, dark leafy greens, burdock, lemon juice, red grapes, apples, garlic, ginger and turmeric all send the liver and gall bladder some extra love. They help normalize the flow of bile, and resonate with the message, “It’s OK to feel a flash of anger. Just remember to let it go once you’ve identified the trigger and the lesson. Don’t get stuck there. Don’t let it harden.” We have a word for stuck, hardened outrage: gallstones. Will they always cause a problem? Not necessarily. But they can, and when they do, it can be very, very painful. Even if they don’t cause overt symptoms, they result in less than optimal function and living.

Personally, I feel this period of human evolution is all about optimal function and living. It’s about reclaiming what it truly means to be human. When people say, “I’m only human,” they don’t know how much power they’re abdicating. The human organism contains amazing potential for things that most people consider sci-fi or fantasy. It’s all there, though, if we can override the negative programming of society. We have reached a stage where that’s increasingly possible, but if we let bitterness (or fear of recognizing active betrayals lest they turn to bitterness) limit our potential, then we will get stuck in a rapidly metastisizing world. We can heal ourselves and our world. We can start anew today. We can release those things that no longer serve. We don’t need to fixate on them; we can simply acknowledge their passing, then celebrate the health and wholeness in their place. Yes, it can be that easy. And magical. We can embrace the next dimension right here, right now, as time collapses and we realize that yes, truly, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

11/7/11 Morning Blessing from Reverend Angela

Reverend Angela gave permission to share this encouraging and exciting morning message:

Morning Blessing: 11.07.11
Ascend or Crash & Burn.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein.

The Universe is very much alive. It is a sentient being, vast and continually in the process of change. As our solar system soars through different energy fields created by the universe, Gaia shifts with each field it enters and pulses differently. Presently, our solar system is moving into a field of increased subtle energy, and her pulse is growing stronger – much stronger. This week you will see it evidenced as finding it impossible to sneak anything past the process that has been in motion since the September 27th new moon. Maybe you thought there was that one teensy little thing (or the elephant in the room) that you wouldn’t have to deal with, that you could just pretend doesn’t exist. Then comes the Gotcha Moment. The Gotcha Moment is when all the forces conspire to call you into alignment and make your choice very clear. Your dodge has been revealed and what has been delayed demands immediate recognition and action. Such is the experience of the applied energies of November.

Some will feel the energy as challenging and chaotic, perhaps even feisty and abrasive making them want to hide beneath the bed covers all week. Nevertheless, for others this could prove to be an amazing week for personal accomplishments and spiritual insights. Your perception of the energy hinges on choice, intention and preparation. Try to think of the November energies as the unwavering principle that maintains alignment to the greater plan within creation, which includes your own soul’s intentions. We have reached the evolutionary turning point of our species and we each must consider how to bring truth and personal integrity into the light of daily living.

If you’re not caught off guard by the intense ripples coming off the new aura of Gaia then you can use it for support and expansion. Remember October’s theme was about using our direct organic connection to Inner Truth, Autonomy, and Spiritual Power. It has been a month of taking back the mantle of strength and wisdom we possess in order that we may better serve ourselves as we evolve into a higher Living Field of Light.

Utilize the latest cosmic support coming to the planet for it is creating the webbing needed to anchor the progress we have made thus far. Because of that fact my intention is to make this week a vortex of invocation. Focusing my attention on harmony and beauty and remaining grounded in present time. I will clearly affirm my identity as a spiritual being experiencing physical reality through a body I love and appreciate. I’ll offer thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to learn and mature in awareness. Then I will open my entire Self to Truth, Light and the superb creative energies that are employing our dimension to take the big leap into greater self-awareness. How about you, are you up for starting each day with an honoring sacred moment?

The transformational cycle of November will solidify your New field of living. It is your duty, my friends, to proceed on the path of intensity and discombobulation until we have all arrived at a new stage of spiritual transformation. You are one of the many here on assignment as a system buster to ride the cosmic waves to higher and higher frequencies of conscious awareness. The Earth is serving as a massive temple site hosting a series of great initiations that have culminated to a new level of complexity. Any initiation involves facing fears and moving through them by opening the mind to other possibilities. I assure you that your efforts are for not – the collective consciousness is sustaining the collapse of the old and given our success rate thus far the New revolutionary mind will be unified with spiritual purpose right on schedule around 2012. This is when all and everything will be seen with different eyes.

Sheltering the New within the cellular you will continue to have its physical affects. If you have felt pressure in or on top of your head, disorientation, pressure or pain in the back of your neck, a sense of intensifying anxiety or mental chatter, sleep disturbances, or a feeling of wanting to escape or hide . . . don’t panic, you are sensing the interplay of energies as they stabilize at the subatomic levels of your biology. It is going to take a strong body with a stable nervous system accompanied by fearless spiritual confidence to take on the New living field perceptions. These and perhaps other symptoms are related to the pushing of Soul to return to the body. Sometimes there are old resistant protective structures making the embodiment harder. Quite a few of us have old subconscious fears about what it felt like when more of our Essence was here in older duality times. However, what may have been created in a past story is no longer relevant. Those times are non-Essential now and cannot weave into the Soul’s creation of who you are within the New living field.

Let me affirm to each of you that you can relax. Trust that your Soul knows that the time is divinely now and that the living field of Higher, Better, New is real. You are being welcomed into your greater life, into Soul fulfillment while in form. Your Soul knows how to descend into your body, it is a natural process. More of the authentic you may be coming in now than you have previously needed this incarnation or experienced in the past since more of your Essence is required to merge within matter so that you can synchronize with the organic Living wisdom of Light. As more of your Soul merges, your core becomes stronger and most individuals feel calmer and less affected by anything or anyone external. If you are having a day or two when the Master of yourself is landing and it is taking its toll on your physical nature set aside some time to invite and allow the process.

If you feel a need for some additional support as we collectively jump into an upgraded Living field then summon the intention to be shown what you presently need. Ask to release the old structures that limit and allow divine Love to find, soften and dissolve them. Call in the blue-violet ray of Light and Lord Michael to cut away that which is inhibiting your Soul’s entrance. Implement flower essences to clear out old emotional imprinting from and the past. Treatment, or affirmative prayer, can be used to clean up old conclusions or beliefs about yourself. There is an infinite array of supportive tools available to you in each moment — all you need do is ask for assistance.

You and I R.S.V.P.’d YES! to this monumental opportunity of transcendence when the clarion call resounded across the cosmos. We jumped with joy at the idea of breaking through ancient programming while undergoing profound purification of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. We delighted in the notion of accelerating the power of the unconscious mind and expanding our extrasensory capacity. Yes, to once again be upon Earth during a renaissance of regeneration was the carrot that got you and me here. And I, for one, love every minute of it. How about you?

In the grand scheme of universal happenings there is no place I’d rather be.


There is only one life to live, one undertaking to rally towards
with all the zest and passion your heart can give. . . that life is
God’s life. I have walked through many lives, some of them my
own, and I am not who I was, though some principle of being
abides, from which I struggle not to stray. (Stanley Kunitz) The
bliss of living this incarnation is surely temporary, so I embrace
each moment while I can.

Each person must look to themselves to teach them the meaning of life.
It is not something discovered; it is something molded. That
magical skill of consciously overcoming human mentality and
stepping into the God/Goddess Light is the blueprint I choose to
follow. I establish a reliance on an all-powerful deity that fills me
from within and makes sure that all my efforts, however limited,
are nurtured, creative, relevant miracles of Spirit. This cloak of
flesh affords my Soul the opportunity to be strengthened, loved,
blessed, gifted, and caressed by that greater Self-expression within.

There are no finish lines here so I can stop looking for results and
embrace the journey as it is. The days are innumerable, and some
time in the future when looking back, I will marvel at what an interesting
life I had and the distances I covered. And how I wished I had realized it
sooner! I am the all knowing, perfect guru of the golden years and so it is.

Reverend Angela’s website: WWW.ANGELAPEREGOFF.COM

©2003 – 2011 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved. Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website.

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