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Update on the Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks

Many people have asked me, either in blog comments, sessions or personal conversations if I can “prove” David Wilcocks’ announcement of liens being filed against all 12 federal reserve banks. The short answer is, “No, I can’t, but my gut tells me this ‘Plan’ is legit.” I decided to share unproven — and perhaps, as yet, unprovable — information here, because it seemed important to share. If you don’t choose to believe it, I won’t feel offended. In fact, I applaud people doing their own research — online, via their own insider contacts, actively seeking Truth, and most importantly, getting quiet within themselves so that they can hear and sense their own inner polygraph.

For most people, tuning into a disinfo detector might feel difficult to impossible, because their whole lives from education to TV to media to GM foods and pesticides to medicines to chemtrails to group think peer pressure have been designed to force them to swallow lies and call these food. If you eat mostly or all junk food, then it’s difficult to know which specific foods have caused your irritable bowel syndrome, mind fog, arthritis and overwhelming fatigue. Everything gets all muddled up in there, and symptoms pile upon symptoms.

Take some BigPharma drugs to mask those symptoms, and a host of side effects jump into the mix, until soon you’re taking drugs to combat the side effects of other drugs. Digestion becomes compromised. So does the body’s natural protection system — the immune system. Immune and autoimmune diseases result, in which the body embraces toxic substances, attacks itself, and/or rejects or fails to assimilate real nourishment. We live in a world of obese, starving people. In this state, the mental, emotional, and spiritual immune systems become compromised, too. As within, so without. As above, so below. Everything interconnects. In this state, discernment of true, nourishing, real information becomes very difficult to accomplish.

What can you do, and what does this have to do with the 12 liens?

First of all, on the physical level, you can start cleaning up your diet. Realize that GM foods modify your DNA, not just the food itself. In fact, some of those modifications contribute nothing to the food’s ability to grow, resist bugs, or stay fresh longer, but they do influence the human endocrine system. Scientists have found that imbalances in the endocrine system and associated physical, mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms correspond very closely to ancient teachings in yoga regarding the chakra system. You can begin to clear your chakras by clearing your diet of GM foods, pesticides and known toxins like fluoride. Fluoride in water calcifies your pineal gland, one of your prime centers for spiritual downloads and Divine connection.

Brain fog from fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, both largely related to Candida overgrowth, affects the ability the see clearly — on all levels. Candida also vibes with a “victim mentality.” The more Candida someone has, the more stuck they feel. I see this so often in Medical Intuitive sessions that the second someone starts to whine or bemoan how everything’s conspired to keep them down, I know they have Candida overgrowth. I wouldn’t even need my intuition to recognize that fact, but later tests and healing results confirm my suspicion. If you want to rise out of feeling oppressed and victimized by the 1%, you can work to rebalance your gut ecology. Cleanse the parasites and Candida and watch your inner perspective and external reality shift, too.

Second, you can start exposing yourself to Truth, so that you become familiar with it. Don’t start out with the tricky stuff like a Ben Fulford report or channeled material that requires honed discernment to pull out disinfo Ben may have accidentally received or that a channel knowingly (or more often unknowingly) filtered through his or her own old programming. Pure spiritual information can come through garbled, even if it’s initially accurate! If a person has not dealt with certain major blind spots, then they may unconsciously filter or alter an otherwise good message. To some extent this is human nature, and it doesn’t mean to throw out all channeled material. Unless you know the channel or feel confident in their life process, ability to step outside ego, and general good will and desire for your freedom, then I wouldn’t start with trying to discern that kind of material. Doing so would be equivalent to trying to climb Mount Everest when you’re just learning how to walk.

Instead, turn to Nature, which offers its own order and strength of being. When you surround yourself with pristine, unadulterated Nature, you reset your own inner ability to recognize Natural Order. Truth needs no adornment, just like wildflowers and forests have their own, gorgeous, unique signatures. They feel like a sigh of relief compared to carefully manicured lawns. It takes less work to tell the truth than to lie. Think of how things snowballed if you’ve ever told a little or not so little white lie. How often have you needed to remember your cover? How many other lies spilled from that original moment of untruth? Now think of lawns, which are inherently unnatural. How much effort goes into suppressing weeds? How many pesticides, back breaking efforts to pull out weeds, fertilizers, leaf raking and artificial watering sources are required to keep that lawn looking like a good, old fashioned suburban patch of green? Nature does not apologize and doesn’t need to control. It just is.

If you want to learn more about Nature’s ability to self-correct, I strongly recommend the permaculture book, Gaia’s Garden. It will change the way you see our world, and give you much hope for a recovery to truth and Natural Order. Nature always wins. When you surround yourself with Nature, you remember who you are. Then you become stronger than anyone trying to control or overwhelm you. Sure, Nature gets trashed, but it recovers. Nature is incredibly resilient, and the wilder, the better. When you become like a wild thing, you will recognize when someone or something tries to control you through words, images, foods, or emotional programming. You might not know why, but something just won’t feel right. Trust yourself enough to remove yourself for awhile and return to Nature. Take a walk, pondering your questions. See how you feel about information you’ve received when you’re in the context of Natural Order instead of sitting at a computer in an artificially lit room plugged into the power grid.

Examine your knee-jerk reactions, and ask to have appropriate humility and confidence. In his poem, “The Second Coming,” William Butler Yeats says, “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity.” So true! But not always true. In order to recognize where you fall on that continuum, you’ll need to make a real assessment. How badly do you want to know Truth? How much effort and intention have you devoted to finding it? Do you regularly clean your mind and body? Do you question authority from more than just a Left-Right, Liberal-Conservative, Good-Bad perspective? If you find yourself locked into a duality mindset, then you’re not ready to trust those knee-jerk reactions.

If, on the other hand, you have sincerely tried to find Truth, and you have actively cleared your system of known interference, then I would suggest another step at this point. Talk with Archangel Michael and ask him to clear “all inappropriate cords.”

This kind of cord cutting won’t cut supportive, loving relationships, but it will begin what needs to be an ongoing clearing process of energy vampires. Our government, media, education system, CFR, advertising, corporations, religions and ethers are filled with pathological narcissists eager to devour you as a tasty snack. They won’t completely destroy you, because they want you alive enough to continue to feed them, but not so alive that you can run away. If you’re on a long enough leash that you’ve never pulled, then you might not even realize you’re on a leash. Cut all inappropriate cords — daily, at least every morning when you wake up — and see if your convictions shift. People and entities feeding on you send confusing messages your way through those feeding tubes/leashes — messages designed to cultivate loyalty and a sense that you need them.

If you regularly cut cords, walk in Nature, eat real food, and actively seek Truth, even if that challenges your core beliefs, then you can afford to trust your gag reflex. If you can’t swallow something, then it probably “ain’t right.” Do you need to know exactly why? No, not initially.

If you started eating food laced with arsenic and lead and your initial reaction was to gag, would you continue eating the food until you knew exactly which poison it contained? Or would you stop eating it right away and then throw it out or have it tested? If you swallow too much poison at once, you’ll have a harder time with the toxins; if you swallow too many lies at once, you’ll have a harder time finding your way back to truth. If you feel alone in the world because your gut reaction/gag reflex tells you very different things than even “Lightworkers” or self-proclaimed evolved people believe, don’t judge yourself. You don’t know their inner discernment process, and you can’t control it. You can only control your own filters, by regularly cleaning them.

You can also pray. If you feel confused about religion and don’t know whom to pray to, I would suggest a generic “Holy Spirit, please guide me to the right words and the right information. Please help me to know what I need to know in this moment.” You don’t need complex names or hierarchies to get help. You can simply intend that you’re receiving something holy and that filters out a whole bunch of potential deception, obligations, resistance or confusion. What’s the point of praying for guidance if you’re simultaneously wondering if the one your praying to is part of the plot trying to deceive you? When you pray, connect with the purest source you can imagine, and hold the intention that your body, mind, emotions and spirit have already begun working in harmony with the highest good of all.

Learn to read energy. This skill takes some time, but it will serve you well in your discernment efforts. It will allow you to see and hear beyond words. Lies register in the aura as well as in body language and level of nervousness.

If you know confirmed, compulsive liars, observe how they operate. When you know they’re lying, look a few inches above their head. Feel how you feel inside when this known lie comes out of their lips. Explore the surrounding area to see if little notes or ironic signs seem to indicate the opposite of what they share. Lies stick out. If you observe in a non-attached way, you will begin to register those energetic anomalies. If you widen your gaze, you will begin to see how the Universe slips in Truth despite the liar’s best attempts to suppress it. In general, lies feel garbled, like static, whereas the energy of Truth feels clear. If you’re a truthseeker surrounded by liars and disinformation, Truth will hit you as relief. Follow that relief.

What about those 12 liens and the “Plan”? Again, I cannot verify those liens and all that David Wilcock and insider Drake have shared. From the internet research I’ve done, it appears that lien filing is at least a 7-step process. The first step of sending those letters would not result in the actual liens going into the public record. This link here talks about the steps involved in this process. I do, personally, feel the dominoes have begun to fall, but please use your own discernment and do your own research.

I will say that I don’t post things on this blog that set off my own inner polygraph. I have an extremely strong “gag reflex,” to the point where things like the History is Being Made post would normally not make it past the first few minutes with me. For a variety of reasons, not all intuitive, either, Drake strikes me as legit.

First of all, he doesn’t turn my stomach. Huge plus in his favor. And highly, highly unusual. Sometimes I regret my gag reflex because so much of our contrived world makes me want to puke.

Second, I’ve known a lot of veterans in very deep ways and have spent more time than most people as an observer in VA hospitals. What Drake shares about veterans agrees with what I’ve seen, sensed, heard and felt over the years.

Third, Drake encourages everyone to “do your own research,” “get off the couch,” “get to know your neighbor,” and “develop your local community.” These are not things pathological narcissists and their lackeys want you to do! “Divide and conquer,” isolation from other influence, and centralized control are the calling cards of narcissists and their disinfo agents. Drake tells people that no one will do things for them. “In order for the Plan to work, people have got to get up off the couch.”

In a nation of couch potatoes, mesmerized by media, internet, two-party politics, victim/abuser/savior paradigms, and Facebook, suggesting people go outside and chat with their neighbors is a radical thing! Who knows what people might discover when they start talking to others face to face? Maybe their internal lie detectors will start working again, because they can see triggers like body language, facial expression and time delays — none of that available online. NWO cronies don’t want people to feel empowered. They do want people to fight each other so that the NWO can declare martial law and take over every aspect of your life. People don’t automatically want to kill each other when you get to know the Other. The desire for knee-jerk violence and killing happens when you allow something external to turn your neighbor into a caricature of everything you’re taught to hate. Finding the humanity, the soul, in other people will help reclaim our nation and our world from “Corporations are People” thinking.

Time will tell if this “Plan” comes to full fruition, but this I know: the seeds have begun to sprout. I’m reminded here of the parable of the sower:

“A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. Whoever has ears, let them hear.” Matthew 13:3-9

Nature will do her thing. Real seeds scattered on good soil grow. These seeds don’t strike me as GMO’s, but the real deal. Will they all grow, and will the plant look exactly like the picture or the parent plant? I don’t know, but the more people picture freedom and improve their own inner terrain, the more likely we’ll see freedom’s fruit.