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Heads Up for Dog Lovers

During a short but wonderful visit this past weekend with David’s daughter Allie, she alerted me to a deadly dog situation where she lives in Austin. Toxic blue green algae blooms in fresh water can cause dogs who swim in or drink it to die within 30-60 minutes. Only after several dogs died did the city post notices in known areas. I mentioned to her how I’ve found homeopathic remedies the fastest acting in dire emergencies and sent her the following link:

The link shares supplies to have on hand, symptoms, as well as a protocol if you suspect your dog has had contact with toxic blue green algae. It also contains a map with a shocking number of US locations with known toxicity. Since I do quite a few appointments for clients facing the sudden death of a loved one — whether human or animal companion — I feel led to share this link. The fast acting blue green algae toxins often do not even allow time to get to a vet, let alone begin treatment there.

I cannot give medical advice, but as a medical intuitive, I’ll just say that the supplies, remedies and precautions listed in this link ring true to me. If you have a beloved canine friend, you might want to give it a read. Here’s hoping this information offers many more happy years with your loyal friend(s).

Much love,


Interview with Sarma Melngailis

I have long wanted to interview Sarma for this blog, because she’s a woman of fascinating contradictions, multi-talents and beauty. Plus, she makes some seriously awesome raw food! Really, those Rosemary Quackers are unbelievable. 🙂 Sarma has received quite a bit of press for her restaurant, online shop and books, but I wanted this interview to show a side of her that not everyone gets to see. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!

Sarma Photo

1. You’ve got a new book that just came out. For those of us who loved Raw Food, Real World, please share a bit about how your new one’s similar and how it differs.

It’s called Living Raw Food and like the first book it’s full of recipes from my restaurant Pure Food and Wine, but this time they’re divided in two sections: easier recipes that don’t require much soaking time or dehydration, and more ambitious recipes that require a bit more planning. The text around the recipes in Raw Food Real World was from a beginner’s perspective. My co-author and I described how we felt after our overnight transition from eating absolutely everything to eating only (or, mostly only) raw plant foods. Now this book is written just by me, and it’s more about what it’s been like for me after five years on mostly raw. I also really wanted to address some of the more common questions I’ve been asked over the years, which includes issues related to emotional detox and people’s struggle to “stick with it”. There are also lots of short essays about various ingredients and an essay on feeding your pets raw.

2. Your restaurant gets rave reviews from around the world. Please share some of your favorite moments of recognition.

Hmmm. It’s not that often that I get asked to gloat but this is fun! Domestically, I’ve always been really proud of our listing as a three-star restaurant in Forbes magazine’s list of All Star New York Eateries, every year since we’ve opened. It always makes me really happy when we’re recognized for our food and not just in a vegetarian category.

Internationally, we’ve always gotten tons of coverage from Japan more than anywhere else. I think they are very in tune with what’s new and perceived as “cutting edge” over here, and also experiencing a big movement towards organic and healthy living. Also, Japanese food has similarities with our food in that it’s very much about aesthetics, natural flavors, and respect for the ingredients. Japanese food (like raw food) is very restrained in comparison to often heavy or sloppy American or other foods.

What other favorite moments… OKAY, since my father is from Latvia, I was totally excited when the magazine with the biggest circulation in Latvia, Sestdiena (which translates as “Saturday”) put me on their cover. That was pretty cool. International press is great because so many people from all over the world are always traveling through New York, and we also ship One Lucky Duck orders internationally now.

3. So many people know you as the author of Raw Food, Real World and the owner of Pure Food and Wine, but you also have an online store called One Lucky Duck. I haven’t made it out to NYC yet, but I sure love the Duck. For those readers not aware of your company, please share some of the vision behind this little gem.

One Lucky Duck is a brand I created for our packaged snack line and ingredients and also for our online store ( Launched in 2005, it’s a source for the best of everything raw and organic. I felt like there was a need for a fun, colorful, reliable source that didn’t carry an overwhelming selection of products, only the very best that we find in every category. We carry a whole line of our own packaged cookies and snacks, ingredients and supplements in a section called “eat”.

Then we also have “glow” for skincare and cosmetics, “read” for books and magazines, “wear” for apparel, and “nest” for kitchen tools, home products, exercise tools, and pet products. The website is a lot of fun—we just updated it to add more informational sections and my blog.

4. You have an unusual tattoo. Is there an interesting story behind that?

Thanks. It’s the One Lucky Duck logo (registered and trademarked, by the way!) I got it just before the online business launched in the summer of 2005. As soon as the logo was completed and confirmed, I realized it was the tattoo I’d been waiting for. For years and years I’d wanted to get a tattoo but really didn’t want to get just anything. So I was waiting for the right image and this was it. I like the idea of branding myself with the brand of the company.

5. Tell me about your famous sneaker collection.

Oh dear. This is a bit embarrassing. Over the years I’ve collected a lot of sneakers. I purposely avoid going into or looking in windows of sneaker shops, but sometimes I can’t avoid it and see something new or a color I don’t have. Right now, I have 39 pairs of Pumas. I don’t know how they all fit in my apartment b/c it’s not very big but they’re stashed in the backs of closets and up on shelves. I also have 3 pairs of Pro-Keds, 2 Adidas, 3 pairs of Vans, a few Converse, and a few boring old running sneakers. I just have a thing for old-school style sneakers (and all of these collected over many years! I haven’t bought any new sneakers in at least a year… I think.) I only have a few pairs of high heeled shoes and I wear high heels maybe two or three times a year.

6. You’re widely recognized as one of the most gorgeous raw foodists. What are your favorite beauty products?

Oh… thanks! Well, I love coconut butter. That’s one of my all time favorites because it has so many uses – body oil, face oil, make-up remover, shaving, lip balm, and then you can put some in shakes too because it’s so yummy. Speaking of yummy, Bee Yummy Skin Food is another favorite product. It’s amazing for everyone and really healing for burns and any irritated condition. I think it’s also great to keep skin clear—it’s not a heavy cream. And for cosmetics, RMS Beauty is made by my good friend and is outstanding. The concealer is the best, and I love the luminizer too—it’s shimmery and makes you glowy. Those are my all time favorites. And lately I’ve been using Dr. Alkaitis products (cleanser, eye cream, etc)—they’re amazing.

7. You once sported a blue Mohawk. Care to share anything about those days? What has inspired your various style shifts?

Oh yes. Well, when I was 12 years old I started cutting my hair shorter and shorter. Then coloring it orange, then it got brighter—like Ronald McDonald bright—then it went to blue, then green, and back to mostly blue and so it went until I was 15 when I finally grew it out and dyed it brown (which then shifted to my current blonde over the years). I think I just liked being different, and at that age I could get away with it. During that time I worked at a quirky frame store and art gallery, where I could also get away with it.

8. You receive a lot of emails from young women with eating disorders. What tips can you share here for anyone struggling with body image issues?

I always say to them, go easy on yourself! Better yet, forgive yourself! It’s okay. It’s funny? Okay, it’s not always funny, not at all. But I think if you can try to see it that way, then at least some of the pressure is lifted, and it’s the pressure that’s causing all the trouble. The saddest thing is to feel terrible, guilty, and alone over those sorts of issues. And I think feeling really bad about these sorts of struggles only exacerbates the whole thing.

Breathing in and out and focusing on being compassionate with your self no matter what’s going on is helpful. Also, trying to shift thinking towards being optimally healthy (vs. optimally skinny, etc.) can provide the right kind of inspiration, and that’s how raw food can help because it shifts your focus onto food as nourishment and fuel and eating optimally healthy foods (which are also optimally healthy for the planet).

I read an excerpt from Frank Bruni’s upcoming book—he’s been the New York Times restaurant critic for over five years, and turns out he was bulimic throughout high school and college. You don’t often hear about men having these sorts of struggles. So, it’s not as unusual as people think. Overall the issue of body image is a tough one. Everyone’s their own worst critic, and feeling crappy about that stuff doesn’t do anything to help at all.

9. In addition to being One Lucky Duck, you’re also “One Smart Cookie” with a surprising history in … investment banking? How did you know it was time to take a leap of faith into something different?

After college I came to New York and worked for Bear, Stearns. After two years of many 100-hour plus weeks of working, I moved to private equity. I still worked my ass off there, but it was more interesting. Finally, I wanted more of a life and more control and figured at a hedge fund I could have that—where the work is not deal-oriented but rather market-oriented and so didn’t require late nights and weekends. I thought I’d be happy then.

Instead, having more time only made it really obvious to me that I simply didn’t love what I was doing and very often felt out of place in that environment. I didn’t get excited about reading The Wall Street Journal and talking about deals. But I loved reading Gourmet and Food and Wine and loved talking about restaurants and food. When I was leaving private equity to go look for work at a hedge fund, one of my colleagues pointed out to me that I didn’t seem to love what I do, since I always talked about food and restaurants. I think that’s when I realized inside that I needed to leave finance, though it didn’t happen until almost a year into my next job.

10. You run a busy restaurant and online store with over 70 employees in total, have written two books, you represent your own brand to the press and public, you’re in a relationship, and you’re doing all of this under some challenging circumstances. I also know you’ve got a huge heart. How do you manage to keep it all together?

I don’t always keep it all together! Or, I just haven’t figured it out yet. The restaurant and stay together and running because so many amazing people work there and I’m lucky that they’re so dedicated. I’m usually able to keep myself together because I’m inspired by them and inspired by all the people who come to the restaurant and juice bar, and visit the website and read the books.

Still, sometimes I let myself fall apart. Or, I hit some kind of burnout threshold and then just really don’t want to get out from under the covers. I used to beat myself up over this, or try to avoid it. Now it’s much better if I can accept that it doesn’t mean I’m a total failure if I feel that way now and then, and just go with it!

11. What’s your very favorite “New York Moment”?

I think it was actually the very first day I lived in New York in the summer of 1994. I’ll never forget the feeling standing on the street on Second Avenue and 10th street holding the keys to the little studio apartment I was renting. I was out of college and my father just rode off after having helped move me in. I felt this incredibly exhilarated feeling, all on my own, in New York City, where I’d barely spent any time before, living alone in my own place for the first time—completely independent. So I’m in this euphoric mood, and I turn to walk down the block and there’s Robert DeNiro, just standing there talking to someone. And he looks right at me and I look right back. Of all the people to see in New York City on your first day there… !

12) Please tell us a bit about your furry friends, Dallas and Sydney.

Sarma's Feline Friends

Sarma's Feline Friends


I have two cats, Sydney and her brother Dallas. They’re from the same litter even though they look very different. I got them from someone’s house near where my mother lives in New Hampshire, so I met their mom and other siblings. They’re over eleven years old now.

After I switched to raw food six years ago I started thinking more about what I was feeding them and what their ideal and natural diet should be. After looking into it I started feeding them raw food and they’re amazing on it. I haven’t brought them to the vet since and they’re beautiful, energetic companions. The food I get them is raw organic chicken and vegetables and it comes frozen. I also give them dehydrated wild salmon treats which they go totally bonkers over. We carry them at They come for dogs too but they’re the same thing, just a bigger size. I’m working on spinning off the pets section of oneluckyduck into its own site,, so that’s one of the projects in the works.

Too Cute!

13. I’m so excited by your work! If Sarma had Sarma’s way, what else would we see from you in the near future?

A LOT! There’s a lot I want to do. Feeling held back from being able to charge forward to make it happen has been really challenging. I’m looking for the right partnerships and funding, which takes time. It’s like finding the right person to father your children… you don’t want to do that with just anyone. It’s been a long and very interesting road, but I really want to do it all the right way. Bringing raw food (and natural living) into the mainstream in a very big (and fun) way is the goal, and there are a lot of really great and different ways I want to do that, and in different parts of the world. And one of these days, I want to take a real vacation!

Thanks so much, Sarma! Wishing you the grandest of blessings and synchronicities and that all-elusive vacation.

You can visit Sarma at or Pure Food & Wine.

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E3Live for Animals: Sophie’s Story

Even though I’m a raw foodist, I first learned about E3Live in an Animal Communication Session.  Within the span of a week, three animals asked their human friends to buy them some and use it liberally.  

What is it?”  asked the humans. 

“Beats me,” I thought.  I looked it up online and sent them a link to research on their own.  You see, I’m not a veterinarian, and I don’t specialize in animal superfoods.  I’m just a translater, someone who understands the picture talk and non-verbal messages of animals.  I can also scan their energy and dig deep for subconscious memories they’ve blocked or forgotten.  But animal superfoods?  Not normally my thing!

Consistently, these animals broke through traditional non-verbal communication.  They not only showed me a picture of the bottle; they asked for it by name.  The request seemed odd in its intensity (and English), but at the time, I had attracted some pretty ill animal clients.  After passing along the information, I thought of other things until even more animals requested the exact same thing.  It was like the whole animal kingdom had suddenly heard good things about E3Live.  I passed along the information without too much further thought. 

And then the stories trickled in … .  After hearing them, I too became a believer.  A bird named Chuck (you’ll hear about him in another post) grew back his long missing tail feathers.  Some kitties stopped attacking plants in between cat naps.  Several dogs astounded their vets by saying “no” to terminal illness–at least for a lot longer than anyone expected.  Horses grew livelier, and some human friends felt so impressed with their animals’ results that they started taking it, too. 

Most people buy E3Live (a blue green algae also known as AFA) in flake form for their animals.  (Humans can take it as frozen shots or pills, but these folks just sprinkled the flakes on their own cereals and sandwiches.)  They told me stories about blue-green milk for breakfast, peanut butter and algae for lunch …  Sure, it tasted funny, but these clients who lived under massive stress suddenly felt like they could better handle things.  Their brains just stopped going into panic mode, no matter what life threw at them.  After a while, some animals started to pick my brain during sessions, asking why I hadn’t already suggested E3Live for them. 

Of all the E3Live stories I’ve heard or witnessed, Sophie’s touches my heart in an extra special way. 



I “met” Sophie after she had been given only weeks to live.  A standard poodle, Sophie had led a good life, rescued into the Shangri La of Doggieville.  She didn’t just “go outside.”  She and the other three dogs, along with a hopeful neighbor pooch, had their own dog amusement park–complete with Christmas lights, personalized toys, and decorations.  They lived on the edge of a national monument.  With wide acreage and no competing children, Sophie and her canine friends have led many a human to request, “Hey, if I die and have to come back, I wanna be one of your dogs.  Seriously, they have the life!”  

Sophie’s human friend rescues dogs, and inserts them into their own heaven on earth.  She even won monthly dog support in a divorce settlement at a time when no one had yet considered such things! Sophie was one well-loved and well-cared for poodle. 

But weak genetics and stress had begun to take their toll.  In September 2007, a veterinarian diagnosed Sophie with the most “fast-acting” type of lymphoma cancer, and she was given weeks, maybe a few months at most to live.  Her human friend took Sophie to four of the top vets in Colorado, and everyone agreed she would die by Christmas.  About two weeks after Sophie’s diagnosis, her human friend’s husband suffered a severe brain injury while racing cars.  Like Sophie, Stephen received a dismal prognosis. 

Because of my brain injury book  and articles, Sophie’s human found my site online, and I started helping her help Stephen.  When she mentioned in passing her dog’s terminal illness and impending death, I offered to tune in for Sophie’s last requests.  We arranged a time, and Sophie shared that she would like some E3Live.  She also indicated that one of her holistic supplements was causing her respiratory distress (which her human friend later confirmed).  With the vet’s cooperation, Sophie’s protocol now included only E3Live and prednisone, with none of the extremely expensive cancer treatments.  Since no one believed those would work, the aim switched to supporting Sophie’s highest quality of life for as long as possible.

Miraculously, Sophie’s lymphoma all but disappeared, and she continued to live a fabulous life in doggie nirvana.  Despite regular check-ups, this “fast-acting cancer” became imperceptible until the final two weeks of her life.  With her protocol of E3Live and prednisone, Sophie lived until August 1, 2008, almost an entire year after her initial diagnosis.  In dog time, she gained almost seven years of high-quality, chemotherapy-free life!

During this extra time, Sophie decided to expand her natural healing gifts.  She expressed a desire to send energy to support Stephen in his own recovery.  Like her, he had been left for dead, declared permanently disabled with no justification for treatment.  Fortunately for Stephen, his wife had become as tenacious an advocate for him as she was for Sophie. 

As with Sophie, Stephen benefited from energy work and intuitive sessions, but Sophie also wanted to do her own part.  While researching my novel (currently in progress), I discovered that reflexology has helped some people recover from severe brain injury and comas … which gave me an idea for Sophie.  She began to imagine licking Stephen’s feet to stimulate reflexology points, and she did so every day for two weeks.  According to objective standards set by the rehabilitation facility, he improved!

Some of you may have noticed a recent acceleration of time and intensity.  Projects suddenly seem to have tighter deadlines; dates have become very precise; relationships or projects that hovered in the mediocre range may now demand immediate, assertive action.  On July 26, 2008, we entered a new Mayan Calendar year, and this event was followed by 10 “portal days.”  

8/1/08 marked an especially significant time, with a simple message: “I am a galactic portal.  Enter me!”  Sophie chose this day to depart, and at least one poweful little soul chose it as her date of conception.  Events also chose this time period to uproot Stephen into a better treatment facility.  Sophie’s human recognized the connection between Stephen’s improved care and Sophie’s departure, as though Sophie had held on just long enough to support his transition.   

Although we will miss Sophie in the physical realm, she certainly lives on in spirit!  In fact, Sophie has been one of the prime motivators behind this Animal Communication Blog.  She also asked (or demanded!) I write this post in time for my September newsletter, in order to get the word out about E3Live and also to help send more love, prayer, Reiki and blessings Stephen’s way.  Although he has astonished multiple medical teams and rehabilitation experts, he still has a long haul ahead of him.  In her gentle way, Sophie wants to remind us all of the fragility and beauty of life.  We are each connected in delicate yet powerful ways.