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Cycles of the Sun and the Moon in Our Lives


Back in the days of many, many moves, I would migrate instead of living through any unpleasant season. Now that I’m rooted in a less than gorgeous area, honoring the change of Seasons and the Wheel of the Year has become an important practice of grounding and gratitude, regardless of the weather. I’ve so enjoyed hosting celebrations for others, too, as the community aspect of the Wheel of the Year helps us feel not only in tune with the Seasons, but also with the Land and Her People. Thank you for this beautiful description of all the turns of the Wheel. <3

Originally posted on The Druid's Garden:

Humans evolved in alignment with the movement of the sun and the moon. As the sun moved, so did human camps of hunters and gathers. As the sun moved, so still move many birds, fish, and mammals as they migrate to avoid the biting cold. As the moon moved, so do the cycles within our bodies, the tides and flows, and wildlife. The sun and moon cycles are literally woven into our blood, into our DNA, and however disconnected some of humanity currently is from the cycles of the sun and moon, they are still there, ever present. How many friends or co-workers still talk about the full moon and how intense people get? How many people in the USA celebrate thanksgiving and a harvest season? How many people feel like staying inside during the darkest time of the year? The cycles of the celestial heavens are there, shining…

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This Guy Knows Everything about Gardening and Food Preservation

Whoa! I found this blog  while trying to figure out what to do with the massive volume of collards I only harvested to stop them from shading out other plants. This wasn’t an intentional harvest, just a quick tidy up, and I had more than enough for smoothies, a huge massaged collard salad, and a gallon more of chopped greens. I wanted to know if I could just freeze them without blanching, and according to Kevin, who truly appears to know anything and everything I’ve ever wondered about gardening, indoors or out, says yes, some people do just freeze their greens. If you blanch them, they’ll last 8-12 months in the freezer, but I’ll just use up this gallon sooner. Today was not a day for big pots, boiling water, timers, and ice cubes. Today was a day of planting spring bulbs and harvesting tomatoes!

After dinner, I decided to poke around a bit more on “A Garden for the House ~ Home & Garden Inspiration from Kevin Lee Jacobs.” Move over Martha Stewart! This guy knows how to get Mr. Meyer Lemon Tree back to fruitful. He knows what to do with my hydroponic lettuce containers, and he knows how to propagate so many African violets that surely a few will survive. Actually, he recommends propagating African violets in the hydroponic lettuce containers, so that’s two answers in one. He knows how to make frozen herbal “cigars” for quick seasoning … and how to … well, it seems Kevin knows how to do just about everything from planting, to rooting, to harvesting, to blooming, to winter sowing, to forcing bulbs, to really easy food preserving.

I don’t normally wax so enthusiastically over blogs. OK, sometimes I do, but those blogs are usually run by homeschooling housewives with five kids and result in conversations with David that go something like: “Seriously, how do these people do it?! I mean, how do they have time with children? Do they put the kids to work? Ohhh, you know, they must! Because otherwise, how do they have time to knit, can, plant, make all these amazing little crafts and clothes, tincture their own herbs, keep bees, write seven ebooks, run a monetized blog, Instagram, FaceBook and etsy accounts, and run a full on homestead? I mean, c’mon. They. Make. Their. Own. Rugs.” I wind up impressed but mostly flummoxed that these people must know secrets about bending time that even I don’t know. Either that, or they put the kids to work… In any case, they remind me that no, I’m not really a homesteader. I just play one in our yard….

Anyway, I digress. Kevin Lee Jacobs has got the goods. Practical, prolific, and easy information for anyone who wants flowers in January, farm fresh taste all year, no nonsense recipes, frugal decorating tips, plus super detailed articles and extensive, attentive comments on what to do when, and how. I just had to pass along the link, because Kevin Lee Jacobs rocks so much he makes you feel like you can, too.

The TPP: a monster too big to fail?


Yes, this is it.

May those pushing the TPP fail so miserably, drown so deeply in their own corruption, cowardice and greed that they can never now nor ever again breathe life into such schemes. May the rip currents of Poetic Justice wrest the puppeteers and their puppets under and away with swift force. Never to manipulate this world again. Never to return.

May those with vision and courage flush the TPP and its proponents from our toilets, from our shores, from our governments and from our lives.

May the People on shore awaken from trance and return to their hearts, their souls, their soil, their kin, their homes, their friends, their communities, their lives. May they live, love and create in peace. May prosperity and harmony return to the Land and Her People.

May it be so, and soon.

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:

The TPP: a monster too big to fail?

by Jon Rappoport

October 6, 2015

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

“For every President, there comes a moment when he does what he has been put into office to do. All prior bets and decisions are off the table. They carry no freight. He knows this. He knows he has no excuses. He has no one to blame. He must win. He must succeed. If he fails, he falls. He falls hard. The electorate? His colleagues, friends, and advisors? His flock of adoring supporters? All dust in the wind. He must do this one thing. He must go as deep and as dark and as crazy as he has to, in order to pull off the crime he was sent in to commit.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

I have written extensively about the Trans-Pacific Partnership…

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What is Shamanism? – Rune Shamanism – Law of Wyrd

I frequently receive questions about Norse mythology, Runes and shamanism. Many different systems exist, but this video gives an excellent overview of shamanism as a proactive, intermediary bridging between worlds. People who feel drawn to shamanism but concerned about cultural appropriation often feel surprised and relieved to learn that those of European background have their own indigenous shamanic tradition. Animism seems hardwired into humans’ brains worldwide; however, this introductory video focuses particularly on the heavily suppressed indigenous beliefs of pre-Christian Europe.

Another teaser here, this one discussing the holographic, divine nature of Runes:

For more information and resources from Thunder Shamanism, please click here.

I also recommend the Basic Rune Course at .This particular system self-selects, so if you don’t resonate with the material or presentation, then it’s not intended for you and you won’t be able to focus enough to truly access that system of Runes. At first, I thought that was just hype or somewhat of a platitude, but I’ve witnessed this fact again and again. For those people who have some kind of connection with that heritage or a past life history with these Runes, their lives rapidly morph upon exposure. Those who don’t often cannot even draw or remember a single Rune from that site, let alone grasp how the entire system opens up new realities. They find the site “weird,” too detailed, boring or overwhelming — anything but helpful. If you do happen to resonate with the material offered by Karl Hans Welz, you’ll find that site a never ending treasure trove of information on how to shift reality through a variety of highly effective tools and techniques.

I have studied several systems of Runes, one of which (the Elder Futhark) is quite common online and in most Rune divination books. Karl Hans Welz teaches the Armanen System of Runes, which I have personally found most effective for daily use and for coding intentions into portal paintings. I first began learning the Runa Faery system of Runes back in 2009 from a Druid named Shawn Blackwolf, whom Tania Marie and I encountered in on a mystical trip to Mendocino. Learning that system uncorked part of my awareness and manifestation power in a similar way that beginning to learn and chant Sanskrit did. These are ancient, sacred languages and systems — actually related, if you go back far enough in their pre-history. If you’ve known them before, you’ll recognize them and begin to remember how to re-engage those energies.

If for some reason, none of this material grabs you, then it’s just not your thing, and that’s completely fine. :) I just stumbled on these videos and thought I’d share since people occasionally ask for additional information.

Syrian Girl on the Refugee Crisis

I’ve always enjoyed Syrian Girl’s passionate, insider reports on what’s happening in Syria and now with the refugees. She’s a strong soul to maintain such beautiful, clear energy amidst all the chaos and witnessing her beloved country crumbling around her. I appreciate the balance of this video, which interviews individual Syrians — refugees in their own country as well as abroad — but also looks at the larger global agendas and disinformation.

In particular, Syrian Girl exposes the fact that the majority of the refugees in this crisis are not Syrian nor even from the Levant region. She also explains the high quality of life that Syrians enjoyed prior to the US-manipulated “civil war” there. I’ve seen similar videos regarding Libya pre-2011’s illegal invasion by the US, although not from anyone as articulate and compassionate as Syrian Girl. She also offers potential solutions that each individual can do, ways to act from compassion that truly do help Syrians instead of simply fueling the elite’s twisted agenda. Even though this video was posted back on September 9, it’s still a must-watch, imho.

What you’re supposed to think vs. what you think

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:

What you’re supposed to think vs. what you think

by Jon Rappoport

October 4, 2015

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

I could trace my 30 years of investigative reporting as one long project emanating from what people are supposed to think.

What they’re supposed to think about nuclear weapons, pesticides, medical drugs, vaccines, presidential elections, major media, the CIA, US foreign policy, mega-corporations, brain research, collectivism, surveillance, psychiatry, immigration…

In each case, there are a set of messages broadcast to the population. These messages are projected to replace what people would think on their own, if left to their own devices.

And in many cases, these messages have the same underlying theme: feel unlimited sympathy.

Feel unlimited sympathy or else.

In the area of immigration, for example, people are supposed to welcome endless numbers of refugees to their shores and cities and…

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“Time to Stand Up: The Buddha’s Life and Message Through Feminine Eyes” ~ New Reading Group in Goshen

Our friend Tim is actually running this reading group, but we decided last week that I’ll be hosting it in the blue house next door, aka “Haus am See.” Since I know some locals read this blog but don’t necessarily frequent the places Tim left flyers, he said I could post his announcement here, in case anyone’s interested. If you don’t live near here but find the book of interest, why not start your own reading group in your location? Tea, a book and good conversation: great excuses to gather when the weather outside turns chilly.


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