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Tipping the Value Scales Within Our Current Monetary Framework ~ This Shift Has Hit the Fan


Tania’s right. This is so on the radar right now, not just because of tax season, but because things really are shifting. How we make money and what we choose to spend it upon have begun to shift in key segments of society. The dreamers, the intuitives, the artists, the gardeners are beginning to tip the scales away from the old rat race. No longer can people tell themselves “No one can do this,” because people are — many of us. No longer can people say, “The game is completely fixed. I can’t make a difference,” because people ARE making a difference — in beauty, in authenticity, and in each others lives.

In what seems like a former life, I personally had a long, tangled, tar baby dance with the IRS. Gradually over the years, that has shifted into balance so that every tax payment gets a Reiki Healing Attunement to bless anyone connected to those checks, as well as directing the money only towards payments that support life. I often hear of someone doing good things for the Earth receiving a federal grant in an amount comparable to my payment, shortly after I’ve paid in. To me, this comes as a wink from the universe, acknowledging that my intentions have been honored.

When I look at how money flows to and through me, I feel good about where it goes. For years, I have poured money, time and love into this little plot of Earth, which we don’t own and don’t know how long we’ll stay. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. This land needs healing. I can provide it. This town needs beauty. I can provide that. As money flows in, beauty, food, inspiration and healing pour out. And so it happens more and more … good people do good things with money. That is how we change our paradigm, by dreaming, yes, but also by taking inspired actions, by shifting the energy of money back into a positive force for life.

Originally posted on Tania Marie's Blog:

An interesting little shift click took place this week that was beyond an individual experience, but truly spoke to something collective that is and has been happening.

It touches on a topic I expound upon a lot in my workshops, as it comes up often as a challenging one for most people and it’s that of money, creating your passion as your life’s work, energy exchanges, and helping to create a new paradigm that supports all the visions and ideals you have, have been working towards manifesting, and have invested your time learning about intellectually for the path of work that you are choosing.

So, this week I had to take a little time out of my work flow to focus on getting my taxes done. Yes, that usually dreaded thing that comes up for us all, and yet while I don’t believe in taxes, and don’t buy into the…

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Melody Bitkoff ~ An Apology Letter from My Subconscious Mind

Today’s post comes from my friend, Melody Bitkoff, who told me she had posted this on Facebook where many readers expressed having felt deep healing by reading her own vulnerable process. Many thanks to Melody at for allowing the repost. :)


On Anniversary of Oil Disaster, Obama Pushing More Offshore Drilling

In contrast to sacred wells, we’ve also got oil wells. Apparently, it’s not enough to have two of the three oceans surrounding the US poisoned; we’ve got to go for all three. But wait! Maybe it’s only about the money. After all, it wasn’t just Hallliburton who “cleaned up” after the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Via a BP Oil stocks dump, Obama made $85 million from the Gulf Coast oil “spill.” Not a bad return on investment — if you value money more than clean water. If you have Vanguard funds, please consider divesting and place your money into companies that support life instead of Monsanto and milking the disasters they receive news of ahead of time. You can’t eat money; nor can you drink it.

From the Center for Biological Diversity newsletter:

On Anniversary of Oil Disaster, Obama Pushing More Offshore Drilling

Deepwater Horizon oil spillMonday marks the fifth anniversary of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 people, unleashed the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, and also killed hundreds of thousands of dolphins, birds and other wildlife. So have we learned our lesson about the dangers of offshore drilling? Apparently not.

The Obama administration is pushing for more drilling off America’s coasts, including in the Arctic and along the Atlantic Coast. Next week the administration will hold a hearing in Florida on the use of deafening seismic blasts to find and map oil off the Atlantic Coast. Seismic surveys use noise as loud as jet engines to map the ocean floor by blasting airguns nearly nonstop for days, weeks and even months on end.

The Center is organizing a rally in opposition to these seismic blasts, which could harm as many as 130,000 animals. Read more about our work to halt offshore drilling.

The Cult of Sacred Wells: Introduction


This is an informative post on sacred wells — past, present, Christian, pagan. In this time of dwindling access to clean, fresh water, we would do well to honor the sacredness of wells. For some reason, this post also reminds me a bit of a book I read a long time ago, called “Taking the Waters: Spirit, Art, Sensuality,” by Alev Lytle Croutier. I no longer own the book, but it has haunted me for decades. Thanks for the reminder, and I look forward to future posts on wells.

Originally posted on Fairy faith in the Northwest:

  “There is no superstition stronger in Ireland than a belief in the curative power of the sacred wells that are scattered over the country; fountains of health and healing which some saint had blessed, or by which some saint had dwelt in the far-off ancient times. But well-worship is even older than Christianity. It is part of the early ritual of humanity, brought from the Eastern lands by the first Aryan tribes who migrated westward, passing along from the Mediterranean to time Atlantic shores,” (Wilde, Holy Wells).

The great regard that the people of Ireland had for wells is so great that, at one time, they were referred to as The People of the Wells. Within Ireland and Wales, many sacred wells dotted the landscape, each coveted for their holy powers of magic, insight, and healing. From ancient times, to the spreading of Christianity into the British Isles, and even…

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Reclaiming the Wise Woman


This course is so needed right now. What a brilliant, soulful offering!

Originally posted on Re-enchanting the Earth:

I’m delighted to announce some preliminary information about a new course I’ll be offering from October 2015. It’s called ‘Reclaiming the Wise Woman’, and is the culmination of much of the work I’ve been doing, as well as the way I’ve been living and learning, over the past several years. Here’s the basic information; if you’d like to keep up to date with the course and new information about it, please do head over to the course page on my website and sign up to my newsletter.

As the state of the biosphere grows ever more perilous and contemporary culture becomes ever more alienated from the natural world, I believe it is the job of women to bring us back into right relationship with the land. Women have a special relationship with the earth, a unique understanding of her stories; the old mythologies across so many cultures tell us…

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A Gift of the Cosmo(s) ~ Awakening the Sacred Mother Within


A beautiful update from Tania and (special needs and special gifts bunny) Cosmo. <3

Originally posted on Tania Marie's Blog:

tania and cosmo (1)It’s hard to say just who is receiving the most from this union between my newly adopted bunny and myself, as it has been both a flow of giving and receiving in equally enriching, but different ways.

Since Cosmo has come into my life, things have definitely shifted, not just in the day-to-day routine, but in my inner realm, as well as with the dynamics at home.

But first, an update on the little Cosmic bunny….he continues to thrive and makes strides all the time. I never know what I’ll see next, as it’s a surprise each day what will evolve from his journey.

He’s currently receiving a combination of therapies that include:

  • Out-of-home acupuncture and a non-invasive, non-painful technology called Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation or VOM that provides an alternative, non-surgical approach to spinal disorders and lameness (a hand held device called a spinal accelerator or activator that delivers its…

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This post from Bradley Loves goes along with a much longer piece I’m working on regarding CERN, the “Sophianic Correction,” and a topic I often reference — our responsibility to reclaim the magic, the alchemy and the power we’ve allowed to slip away into the Shadows, manipulated and primarily used by psychopaths instead of pure hearted adepts. People often say, “We are the ones we have been waiting for,” without realizing the learning, courage and skill required to step into ourselves. This post gives some simple analogies to help people better embrace these ideas.

Consider … and I’ve not seen this written anywhere else, but it’s so obvious to me: “Luciferian” is a patriarchal bastardization of the original term “Luce Sophia,” the Light of Wisdom from the Ancient Mystery Schools. They were meant to protect this knowledge and instead, it has been co-opted by a perverted Luciferian agenda for personal gain and supreme control. This is the opposite of what the Ancient Mysteries taught, but the association of “Mysteries” with “Secret Societies” ensures that most good hearted people run the other direction and abdicate their own power to change the world, to create preferred realities. More to come on this topic, but I appreciate stumbling upon this post from Bradley, as it explains the complexities in simple terms.

Also a disclaimer: I do not always agree with everything that Bradley posts, but I do find this piece particularly useful and on target. In general, when I reblog or reference a post, it means I am discussing and referencing that particular post or quote, not making a blanket statement of endorsement or rejection either way regarding the author’s general work.

Originally posted on HOME OF BRADLEY LOVES:



“WE” collectively are being co-opted!

Our energy is being used to fabricate a DESIGNER REALITY, which was not meant to “manifest” on Earth at this time.

So many people think that “reality” is a “static” thing that always is…, and is therefore UNCHANGEABLE. This is quite incorrect however.
Instead, REALITY is something that can be moulded…, can be sculpted, and can be “created”…, just like an artist uses clay to fabricate and to make sculptures!

CREATING REALITY…, is like baking a “cake”. It is a conscious act of DOING SOMETHING. If a person was to start baking a cake…, this is an act of doing!

The question that needs to be answered…., the only question that matters really…, is:…

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