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Three TPP Videos

If you don’t yet know why TPP is one of, if not the, biggest challenge(s) we currently face, please educate yourself and others: Once you’ve educated yourself, please take action. Call Congress. Sign online petitions. Mention TPP in public conversations. Pick an angle the TPP affects (pretty much every area of life) and use that […]

Flyers for TPP

After searching for flyers to help raise local awareness about the upcoming, fast-tracked TPP vote, I couldn’t find anything more recent than this past summer. They had dates on them for events long past, and so I customized previous flyer material and tailored the new flyers for shoppers at our natural foods co-op and our […]

TPP, Sovereignty, and Reality Creation

Today’s post features two Jon Rappoport pieces. If you read the first linked post without reading the second, it’s incredibly depressing. If you read the second without reading the first, you miss some in-your-face context provided by the release of the even-worse-than expected TPP documents, and so I link them both together. “The TPP and […]

The TPP: a monster too big to fail?

Yes, this is it. May those pushing the TPP fail so miserably, drown so deeply in their own corruption, cowardice and greed that they can never now nor ever again breathe life into such schemes. May the rip currents of Poetic Justice wrest the puppeteers and their puppets under and away with swift force. Never […]

The TPP, Monsanto, Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski

A must-read post. I’m so glad Jon’s addressing the TPP and TTIP treaties, as their implications run so deep and so pervasive that they will affect everyone’s life in every way. Please read the article and do whatever you can to flush these agreements completely out of our reality.

President Obama Accepts Slavery in Order to Win TPP Trade Deal, by Eric Zuesse

I read about this last week and was just way too busy to comment. This article summarizes the situation quite well and will — hopefully — help people to realize the double standard(s) in effect regarding all the race baiting over past slavery when current slavery’s not being addressed at all. In fact, in order […]

Big Daddy Pope Francis and the TPP coup d’etat: How the Pope can PROVE that he is not serving the NWO

Thanks, Ann, for this excellent summary. The link to the article called, “Pope Francis: Care for Our Common Home” is especially worth reading.

TPP, the Pope’s Encyclical, Mama Earth and You

Where to start with this one? I don’t normally post WikiLeaks or Jesse Ventura, but this video gives a lot of succinct information about the TPP and international trade agreements in general — definitely worth six minutes of your life in order to have a clearer understanding of the ramifications. Whenever something like this comes […]

The TPP, Monsanto, Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski

Oops! Reblogged the wrong post. As I was saying: I’m so glad Jon Rappoport’s writing extensively about the TPP. This is a must read article connecting dots for anyone who’s wondered why I keep referencing this as one of THE most important things needing to be flushed out and away.

Good News on the TPP

It seems all the awareness raising and protesting of this secretive, destructive “free trade” treaty known as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has paid off. Yesterday, Senate Democrats gave Obama the no-go on Fast Track, which means at least a slow down of the march towards complete corporate tyranny. We need to continue to hold […]