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Warriors of the Shadow

Originally posted on Becca Tarnas:
A year ago I was interviewed by Cintia Detre for her project Warriors of the Shadow: A Bold Request for Worldwide Emotional Intimacy. She describes the conception of this project as follows: The Warriors of the Shadow project was born out of my desire to embody the alchemical procedure of solve…

Enlightenment through Shadow Work

I’m linking to Ann Kreilkamp’s post called “Two Excellent, Dovetailing Perspectives on Q,” and calling it “Three Excellent, Dovetailing Perspectives On Q” due to the comment section on Ann’s post. I’ve stayed relatively quiet on the Q phenomenon, because I prefer to let people decide for themselves what’s real or relevant in their own realm. […]

The Octopus’s Garden and Shadow Work

So many people –friends, clients, the collective, and myself included — continue to feel buried trauma, memories and emotions bursting from deep waters of the subconscious. Intense stuff, launching from ocean floor to the surface! Despite the Shadow nature of this gunk, I keep sensing waves of healing and liberation. Last night, David and I […]

Lee Harris: Super-Charged Power Waves and Responses to Light & Shadow

As usual, Lee Harris gives a very timely message:

Mars: Power, Purpose and Shadow-Stuff

Jamie’s on a roll with this Mars series! Big time resonance in my own life and in that of friends and clients. With so much vying for our attention these days, what higher purpose calls to us, and how can we use that sense of mission to reclaim and redirect our attention and the subsequent […]

PHOTO ESSAY: A walk in Nature, at winter’s end, with Shadow

So nice to have Ann K. back! What a wonderful, grounded, humble and deeply observant post. Indeed, “the only ‘correct’ approach to this beautiful world is awe and reverence.” On a personal, related note, I’ve been on a mini-mission to introduce more evergreens to this sorry spot of Northern InDiana. I’m happy to report we […]

Shadow Work

Originally posted on Cauldron and Brew: A Witch's Blog:
A lot of blogs and books discuss shadow work, but don’t actually tell you what it is.  What a tease!  It’s like telling someone about the wonders of chocolate, but not actually having any chocolate.  Well that’s just dumb.  So let’s talk about shadow work.…

About Those Shadows ….

Please remember balance in all things. Yes to this: “One must have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star.” ~ Nietzsche But also yes to this: “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also […]

Shadows of darkness and light

Originally posted on Profane Light:
Aurora, the dawn, the princess of light and goodness who is blessed by fairies to always have a smile on her face, has a dark, malefic shadow. When Aurora meets Maleficent (, she says, “I know who you are. You’ve been watching me my whole life. Your shadow has been…

Gut Reactions, Shadow Work and Past Life Bleedthrough

I see this pattern a lot during sessions, but having recently experienced the empowering and liberating results in my own life, I wanted to explain a bit here. Many people assume that if they feel instant aversion when meeting someone new that it indicates some unresolved past life issues or a huge warning that the […]