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Groundhog Wisdom: Editing for Flow in the Garden, Life and Lyme

I love how life brings themes to our attention on multiple levels at the same time. In my case, I feel the need to edit for flow in several areas of life: the garden, relationships, and my book-in-progress, The Metaphysics of Lyme Disease. Although editing can seem like a left-brained process, I find a gentle […]

Garden, Groundhog, and Writing Updates

You may have noticed me blogging less this month, and that has a bit to do with increased groundhog patrol and much to do with working to finish my Lyme disease book. The garden took a turn towards Autumn with new mum’s and the tall sedum starting to put on its show:

Groundhog Days ~ And Nights

Originally posted on Ethereal Nature:
For those of you with a touch of Groundhog energy, here’s some new info to flesh out your understanding… Woodchucks aren’t forecasting the weather when they emerge—they’re looking for love The Truth about Groundhog Day Stam Zervanos, a biology professor at Pennsylvania State University’s Berks-Lehigh Valley College has made…

Happy Imbolc, Candlemas and Groundhog Day

Don’t you just love how all the holidays overlap? Hmmmm, whatever can it mean? That we are all, somehow much more in tune with each other than most people realize? Despite all the different religions and philosophies, as Joni Mitchell says, “We are stardust, we are golden …” and, as Robert Blum reminds us in […]

Storm and Tunnel Dream

This dream feels bigger than just my own. It did not feel fearful — just a portent of massive change ahead: 7/8/2021“Storm and Tunnel” Some of this reflects an actual thunderstorm with hail (I think) happening while we slept. I don’t know how much of this was me lying awake in bed listening to the […]

2021 Eclipse Redux and Preview

In anticipation of the June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse, I feel led to share some odd collective and personal happenings around the May 26th Total Lunar Eclipse. My May and June 2021 Forecasts predicted: May 26 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 7:14 a.m. Eastern. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse reveals tensions between repressed […]

Special Guests

Our yard appears to be on the short list for Mr. and Mrs. Mallard, searching for a starter home to raise their brood. They came on a rainy day, near twilight. I managed to snap photos through the sliding glass door, with my camera zoomed to the max. Please excuse the grainy photo quality, but […]

February 2021 Specials

Happy Imbolc, Happy Groundhog Day and Happy February! This month’s specials reflect requests I’m hearing in sessions or receiving via dreams and email. FEBRUARY 2021 SPECIALS Intuitive Preparedness Check-In With all the political, social and personal upheaval, people keep asking me how to maintain a positive, proactive vibration and how to thrive while also shoring […]

Garden Tower 2 Update

For those wondering how the Garden Tower 2‘s producing, here’s a photo series taken from each side. I rotate it daily or every other day. You can see some sides have more growth. Those would be the days I didn’t rotate so those plants got more southern exposure. This is a heavily harvested tower and […]

Garden and Portal Update

I’m busy with sessions and painting portal number 22, then need to work on July’s North Node Horoscopes. I painted and coded the back and hope to finish this mini “door” sometime this week. Meanwhile, the garden continues to bloom and produce, which makes a garden update the easiest blog post available. I thought I’d […]