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Intention and Animal Communication: Rusty the Dog

Today’s post comes from The Intenders, and I just had to share this sweet, symbolic story of Rusty the dog. Many of my clients subscribe to the daily emails from The Intenders and find them uplifting reminders on their journey. Enjoy!

Intuition, Animal Communication and Essence

Many clients and students express interest in deepening their intuition and awareness so that they can find ways of communicating with their own pets and/or animals in the wild.  The process I utilize during Animal Communication Sessions (and all intuitive sessions, for that matter!) involves embracing what my husband and I call “essence.”  My husband, […]

Angels and Animal Communication

When people consider the possibility of animal communication, they often wonder about other connections as well, especially with angels. If animal spirit guides can visit us in our thoughts and sleep, then why not angels? If pets or wild animals can help humans heal, then maybe angels seem less far-fetched. Indeed, the angels want to help! Moreover, they can actually support your efforts at animal communication. … I’ll spend a little time introducing them here, and if you resonate with their descriptions, feel free to ask for their assistance.

5DMediaNetwork ~ Telepathy and Plant Communication

I love it when the religion of Science finally begins to catch up with Intuitive Awareness and Ancient Wisdom. Quick question: if plants can do it, and fungi can do it, is it really so difficult to believe that humans and animals do, too? Is it really so impossible to believe that Nature Spirits communicate […]

Archangel Raphael: Experiments in Communication

Some of you may have noticed that this “Animal Communication” blog has quickly turned into a blog about all sorts of communication.  Indeed, angel topics have become almost as common as animals!  You can use many of the same techniques to communicate with pets, animal spirit guides and angels, so I just post the articles […]

Synchronicity, Intuition and Animals

Many clients and students ask me how they can learn to trust their intuition more, to which I usually reply, “Well, we have this great technique now.” Silent anticipation, and then the moment of truth:  “It’s called Asking.”  Huh?  I let the sentence sink in until my listeners begin to laugh.  Seriously, though, If you want to learn […]

E3Live for Animals: Sophie’s Story

Even though I’m a raw foodist, I first learned about E3Live in an Animal Communication Session.  Within the span of a week, three animals asked their human friends to buy them some and use it liberally.   “What is it?”  asked the humans.  “Beats me,” I thought.  I looked it up online and sent them a link to research […]

Are You an Animal Empath?

You might be an animal empath if: 1) You swear you and your pets know what the other thinks or feels. 2) You WISH you could know what your pets are thinking. 3) You often encounter unusual animals–especially after seeing them in a magazine or on TV. 4) People notice that you and your animal […]

Reiki for Animals: Visions of Nestor

In Greek mythology, Nestor was an elder statesman with a penchant for longwinded lectures to youths. In Incline Village (Lake Tahoe), Nestor is one gray-haired bunny with a commitment to serve. When I first encountered her, Nestor had already received first and second degree Reiki attunements. How odd (and intriguing), I thought, for a rabbit […]

Menu for Bodega Bay Weekend of Classes

Since the people attending this special weekend of classes (Animal Communication and Past Lives) are all raw foodies, I’ve decided to cater the class myself!

Here’s the menu (all raw, vegan and living foods):

Friday Dinner

Coconut Curry Soup

Live Moo Shu veggies (a variation of the recipe posted here), with some sub’s to avoid using migraine-causing Nama Shoyu

Cinnamon Raisin “French Toast” for dessert