A Tale of Two Timelines

This post from May 2014 popped up again. Oddly, I could have written the exact same thing today. Thanks, Prior Self, for saving me the trouble. In 2014, I would not have believed civilization could sustain this level of divergence for another nine years. Contrast usually makes for easier decisions, but the fog of war is thicker than cashew butter!

Will Saturn in Pisces bring accountability to lies, psyops, illusions and delusions? It will be very interesting to see if all of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT sessions mentioning Two Earths show up in 3D form as the March 2023 energies really get going.

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I know it has become rather vogue to declare that “we’re all on one timeline now” because “we’re all one;” however, from my vantage point, this world continues to polarize in ever more dramatic ways. Clients, friends, family members, people I know through community volunteering — lately everyone seems to be receiving a mega-phoned, “Are you sure?!”

Revelations of betrayals have become so absurdly obvious that the levels of denial now required to ignore them truly boggle both mind and heart. Personal relationships reveal evidence of in-your-face double lives and months or years of deliberate, calculated lies. Companies that have demanded loyalty from good employees reveal themselves as totalitarian versions of the same old, same old, regardless of lip service to their “different way of doing business.” The US government isn’t even hiding its plans to wage war on US citizens: the USDA has now joined agencies like the IRS…

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  1. Good post, thank you.

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  2. Posted by Rich Moser on March 15, 2023 at 4:54 pm

    THAT is the question: will the split happen 3D/3D (would that be two different timelines?) or more like 3D/5D? 3D/4D maybe? From my current vantage point, it doesn’t make sense that two 3D timelines would be created from our current situation. But still I wonder, “what will happen to the 3D from a 5D perspective? Will it just go poof?”

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    • Yes, these questions take us quickly into the unknown, but I do feel many of us are already living 5D lives much of the time. Perhaps there will be occasional bleed through … or maybe we’ll have some kind of breakaway 3D. It’s an exciting time to be alive!

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