March 2023 Specials

For those people starting to freak out about the shifts we’re already seeing this month, a reminder: while we can’t completely avoid what’s happening, we can always upgrade by working with available energies. I offered these particular specials this month in order to help people sidestep some of the gnarly things we’re likely to see this month and coming months.

This is also one major reason I started my YouTube channel at this time–in order to present alternative ways of approaching these energies. Wherever and however you are, please know that love, light, support and inspiration are available. Perhaps these things will even come through you to support and inspire others.

love and blessings,

Laura Bruno's Blog

March 2023 initiates a big shift in energies. As always, I intuit which specials to offer each month. These seem extra supportive right now:


Personal Preparedness Session

I keep getting emails asking me to provide my take on:

“What’s happening in the world right now?”

“What’s going to happen in the future?”

“How much food do I need on hand?”

“Do I need to pull my money out of big banks?”

“Do I really need to worry about ____?”

“How do I start a successful garden?”

“Should I relocate?”

“How do I magically protect myself and my property?”

“Do you really see a positive way through these times?”

There are no hard and fast answers to these questions, because they VERY much depend on who you are, how you are, and where you are (your physical location and your current life circumstances). I don’t provide general answers…

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