“A Deep Cleanse” Dream

This morning’s dream seems collective, so I’ll share it here:

“A Deep Cleanse”

I was in a large, multi-storied house with a large group of people. At first it seemed like some kind of huge society party, but then I realized something else was going on here. Periodically, smaller groups of people would disappear from the festivities, and they’d go upstairs where we could just see them from kind of a mezzanine level.

While on this level, just barely visible to us below, people underwent a deep cleaning procedure, so that everything became purified. This occurred while wearing clothes. Everything just got a full blast of cleaning in a really posh setting. Then the people would return to the lower level and others would go upstairs.

This wasn’t a one and done situation. People needed multiple cleanings throughout the length of the party. It was loud with hints of excitement. People seemed eager to go through the cleansing process each time, like they knew this was a requirement in order to receive something really worth having.

I don’t remember much else. The main things were this deep cleansing process for groups of people and their excited, anticipatory voices as they went through the process with each other. The dream had an invigorating feel to it, and I awoke well rested and relaxed.

END of dream journal.

This feels like a collective dream and reminds me a little of the Gold Lamé Circle dream where groups of people left the circle and when they returned, they wore more and more gold lamé in their clothes until it reached their collars.

Instead of a golden circle, this dream featured a multistory building. Instead of turning into gold, people received a very deep cleansing, almost like every cell and every atom got squeezed and wrung out so that only the original and authentic imprints remained. Each cleansing process felt like a relief and the next step towards something wonderful.

I don’t have much to add, but it seems like an encouraging dream not just for me but for many people.

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  1. It sure does seem collective and another variation of the Gold Lame post. And how you felt after the dream sounds promising. Thank you and hugs Laura

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  2. Posted by seattle72 on January 17, 2023 at 11:38 am

    Woah. 🤯🤯🤯

    Friday, a very empathic GenZ coworker helped me see just how much left over anxiety amd frustration I was carrying in my body and field. Mentally/emotionally I was fine, but energetically? She’s training me on my new position, she is a lovely person and I enjoy working with her, we legitimately get on well. However, she’s spread very thin as we rebuild the accounting team from all the recent job switching that happened, the Great Reset or Great Resignation that followed the Pandemic.

    Long story short I’m being trained in fits and starts, which is fine because the big boss knows we are challenged. I end up getting very bored when I’ve exhausted my ability to move forward on any tasks because I’m waiting to be trained.

    When it was time to train, she apologized for the delay then said “I can *feel* your frustration” (not in a mean way, in that honest GenZ way). At first I thought she was projecting because she is spread so thin, but then I tapped in to my self and yep, I was carrying a lot anxiety and frustration in my body. Once I understood that, I understood I needed to do a deep cleanse to let go of all the dense energies still kicking about and include body/field energy awareness in my daily life & interactions. Those old, dense energies can’t follow me where I’m going.

    Yesterday was the day for round one of the deep cleanse. I happened to find a short series on Netflix about a family dynamic similar to my own that brought up a lot of suppressed hurt and pain. I actually cried, not something I usually cry about as it’s buried so deep, and I’ve dissociated from the grief and pain of those times. I called upon my Spirit Team and asked for help, also invited my Mom and Dad in. I gave myself permission to cleanse and start fresh with heart and vital energies filling the void. I connected with my child self to help her understand we are safe now, I even journaled! I lit a couple of chime candles and allowed my intentions to go to work.

    All this to say what a heck of a sync this post is for me. I have more cleansing work to do and to learn to consciously practice energy hygiene throughout each and every day, gotta build those muscles, so to speak.

    Thank you for posting this! Really helps me feel on track and that what I’m experiencing is really real. 😃

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  3. Posted by Leah Irby on January 18, 2023 at 5:15 am

    I was just talking with my best friend about how we feel sometimes like we are living in a parallel universe to others. That social media is sucking people in and forgetting to be present with people in person and be heart centered.

    She and I were both talking about a sort of cleansing from being with people that are too disconnected or stuck finding fault with everyone and everything. How we need to connect in groups of people again, in person. And that we need to mentor others on how to get more connected with the earth and less connected with technology.

    So this dream really fits in with the party and collective deep cleanse. I hope more people are tuning in and connecting.

    Leah Irby (she/her)

    Violist & Author Music to heal & inspire Gender Rainbow books with trans & nonbinary characters http://leahirby.com


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  4. What a Dream….. I could take that in a couple of contexts One that we All need to cleanse ourselves as we are raising our frequencies .. Two that many are in need of healing/cleansing type energy to cleanse them free of toxins..
    And Three, Do we as a collective ALL somehow get cleansed at the same time, whether that is a re-boot via some cosmic divine force or pulse, wave, of light frequency, solar flare, flash LOL… the list goes on..

    Some times I feel it would have to be a a multi level for ALL to wake up without in-fighting.

    Dreams have been off the scale and very weird of late… they are so vivid while dreaming, yet if I do not write down immediately then they are gone… I feel I am often living in a dual reality… One here in wake time and one in dream time.. 🙂

    I pray its collective, and we are cleansed.. ❤
    Much love Laura… and thank you for sharing ❤

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    • I’ve noticed the same thing with dreams lately. They seem to be doing the work, because I am making rapid fire changes that I’d normally resist big time, without any resistance at all. This follows a period of remembering maybe only 40-50% of dreams, which is extremely unusual for me.

      Here’s hoping and praying for collective shift in a powerful and positive way. Much love! ❤

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