Dream: A Near Miss

I’m sharing this one because it feels collective rather than personal:

“A Near Miss”

I dreamed more than I recall, but this part is vivid. I stood somewhere outside and saw two cars almost crash into each other. I didn’t know anyone in the vehicles, but watching the one almost barrel into the other still made me flinch and took awhile to shake off. The scene was one car coming way too fast from behind another car. If they hit, it would have been a total disaster, both cars destroyed.

The one car came so fast at the other car that this outcome seemed inevitable. I braced for impact, even though I was safe on the sidelines. Instead of hitting, somehow, the car from behind stopped with maybe 1 mm to spare, just as the front car moved forward. It took a few moments to realize that no fiery crash would occur. Not having the crash felt anticlimactic after all the stress of watching what seemed like a certain crash. When the crash did not occur, the anticipated jolt occurred inside myself.

I awoke briefly from this dream—enough to remember it—then fell back asleep. I don’t recall details, but I know I had two additional dreams with similar messages. I watched a scene that did not directly affect me, kind of like watching a movie, except more intense in that whatever I watched happened in “real” life (within the dream), and not too far away from me. In all cases, a crash or disaster seemed inevitable but at the last moment things moved just 1 mm out of the way.

Because of the tension while witnessing this seemingly inevitable crash, when it did not happen, my body still flinched at the moment of would-be impact. The near miss jolted me wide awake (within the dream). I looked around the world with new eyes.

END of dream journal.

This seems like a collective dream in that I had zero to do with anyone in any of the scenarios. I just happened to be standing or walking nearby. I just happened to see something about to smash. By every rational consideration, this crash would occur except at the very last moment, some kind of miracle protected the participants by literally 1 mm. The precision of timing looked like an invisible angel or divine providence moved the front car along just in time for the back car to avoid hitting it, even though the back car was careening out of control.

In many ways, this is like my life changing 1998 car accident. I was stopped at a red light behind two other cars. The light turned green, but it took those cars a little while to start moving. The woman behind me drove fast, saw the green light, and must have realized much too late that my car had not yet begun to move. Mine was in neutral, ready to start driving. I heard her slam on the brakes, heard the crash. “Wow, someone really GOT it!” I awoke to honking horns realizing that someone was me.

Her car dipped down under mine because she slammed on the brakes. My black rubber bumper was streaked on the hood of her car, so in my case, the crash occurred. The miracle was my car being in neutral and her brakes dipping under my bumper, throwing my car forward instead of totally squishing me. The resulting traumatic brain injury gave me four years of total disability and a totally new career and life.

This morning’s dream had a MUCH bigger miracle. Watching the events, there was NO way to avoid a massive crash, but something intervened at the very last possible moment. The anticipation and intensity of would be impact jolted me as a spectator even though the cars were fine. Again this feels collective rather than personal.

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  1. Posted by seattle72 on December 7, 2022 at 11:00 am

    Woah. A coworker at my new job had a car accident Monday, but she is totally OK. It could have been much worse but she was able to walk away and still go to work. She was in the day after too, which was telling me she didn’t really have any soft tissue injuries as thise can take a day ir so to show up.

    Listening to her retell the story a few times gave me pause as if it were significant.

    I also watched Rasa Lila’s YouTube clip on this full moon, he mention with all the aspects going on that there is an element of “danger” and to be more cautious. He continued by saying we would be OK, but just be extra careful.

    Three syncs of a similar message, so thought it should be shared.

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  2. That felt super intense. It seems to resonate with something I was feeling all day yesterday when I was off. I kept feeling like something very serious was about to take place. I kept having to focus on other things because it was so palpable. This morning felt very different

    Thanks so much for sharing

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  3. Laura, thank you

    The last few weeks I kept hearing be careful while commuting

    I believe your dream is both collective and metaphorical

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  4. Posted by eat2evolve on December 7, 2022 at 3:38 pm

    Good news for the collective, I would say… although it may still feel like a hard hit. Thank you for sharing. xx

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