“Elevation” Dream

I’m not sure what to make of this dream, but it seems collective so I’ll share it here:


This dream had something to do with Kari Lake, but I’m not sure what. She was in the dream, though, kind of narrating or explaining things.

There was a large area of all white scaffolding. I think it was metal, but painted white. Everything else seemed white, too, almost glowing. You needed permission to enter the scaffolding, and I walked in through a doorway. Not sure if I was really “in” the dream or just observing. People kept lying down on their backs on something like a surfboard that exactly fit their proportions. They lay on their backs and crossed their arms over their chests like mummies, but they were clothed and still alive.

You didn’t know who this would or wouldn’t happen to, but for some people, when they lay on their backs, the surfboard/coffin things would levitate and go up, up, up. They seemed to have fishing line strings on them to raise the boards with the people on them, but not everyone’s could be lifted. This part reminded me of the Egyptian myth of Ma’at and needing to have your heart the weight of a feather in order to pass the test. It also reminded me a little of old versions of the Judgment card in Tarot where people are rising out of their graves.

I met an older woman, and I commented to her how “graceful” she was. She was a little person, and I couldn’t tell if she had always been this petit or if she had shrunken with age. She wore bright colors, including a bright lipstick, and she smiled at me. I told her again how graceful she was, that she moved like a dancer. She smiled again, and it seemed certain that when she got on the board, hers would quickly rise. This wasn’t my neighbor Sue but kind of reminded me of her.

There was more to the dream, something about eating different types of food, but the main vision was all this white scaffolding, white floor, white partial walls, the almost invisible fishing line and the boards people would lie on with their arms crossed. I don’t know what happened if your board did not budge, but for the people whose boards did rise, it was a celebration. The ascension of the boards was called “elevation.”

END of dream journal.

Additional notes from my personal analysis after I typed up the dream:

If it has to do with the Arizona election, then I don’t know what to make of it at all. … The surfboard/coffin things seem eerie. Was this about Ascension? The Rapture? Having a light heart like for Ma’at? I just looked up Ma’at because I don’t know much about Egyptian mythology, https://www.worldhistory.org/Ma’at/ :

Ma’at (pronounced may-et) is the ancient Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, harmony, and balance (a concept known as ma’at in Egyptian) who first appears during the period known as the Old Kingdom (c. 2613 – 2181 BCE) but no doubt existed in some form earlier. She is depicted in anthropomorphic form as a winged woman, often in profile with an ostrich feather on her head, or simply as a white ostrich feather. The feather of Ma’at was an integral part of the Weighing of the Heart of the Soul ceremony in the afterlife where the heart of the soul of the dead person was weighed in the scales of justice against the feather.

I feel like the graceful older woman may have had a feather in her hat, or some kind of feathery outfit. Maybe she was Ma’at. I was definitely enchanted by her. On the surface, she seemed just like a little old lady, but she had power and embodied grace. More from worldhistory.org:

Ma’at is said to have been born of the sun god Ra (Atum) at the beginning of creation through the power of Heka, who was magic personified. Her name means “that which is straight” implying order, justice, and harmony. She is thought to have been present from the beginning of time when, from the primordial waters of Nun, the ben-ben (first mound of dry land) rose with Atum (or Ra, the sun god) standing upon it in the presence of the invisible Heka. In the moment that Ra spoke the world into creation, Ma’at was born. Her spirit of harmony and balance infused the creation and caused the world to operate rationally according to purpose. The principle of ma’at was the operational function of life and that of heka (magic) the power source which allowed for it. It is for this reason that she is considered more of a concept than a goddess with a specific personality and story like Isis or Hathor.


Anyway, just sharing here. It was an odd dream–the second one this week featuring some kind of behind the scenes all white setting. The other was this:

“I Got a Gal”

There was way more to this dream that I forget. I was fighting for something behind the scenes—literally. It seemed more like an exhilarating fight than a stressful one, and I awoke feeling happy and relaxed because I had won whatever battle I fought behind the scenes. There were white panels, really nondescript, just plain [glowing] white panels that had been raised, but I kept seeing them just as they closed down to the floor. At one point, I managed to slide under a panel before it closed. That’s how I got behind the scenes to have whatever battle I had.

When I emerged, I knew I was victorious, and it didn’t feel like I just defeated some bad person but more like a difficult job really well done. I think I emerged the same way, by sliding under a white panel. In this case, the panel didn’t go all the way up but opened just enough for me to stop, drop and roll outta there.

Awoke with “I Got a Gal in Kalamazoo” playing in my head.

END of dream journal.

Some details have personal meaning to me, but both dreams feel like they have some kind of collective component: a battle and a sorting “behind the scenes.” Both dreams felt multidimensional.

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  1. I like the idea of the sorting. It’s as if the universe is trying to find a balance. With the house in GOP control we will need all the help we can get. 💜

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  2. Noticed the Ma’at sync with my mention of her in my Slipping Into November post right away 😉🪶

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  3. Posted by seattle72 on November 18, 2022 at 1:27 pm

    Reminded me of the Harvest as described
    by Hidden Hand. That PDF has found it’s way to TikTok… Interesting too the all white theme, that was an important element in my period of high strangeness around 1999. Something about consuming purity, but it felt like a misdirection. Hmm. 🤔

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  4. The scaffolding seemed to draw your attention first. A Structure made up of many rigid parts. ..

    But scaffolding is used for building, allowing for more safety.

    Each board you said felt as if it was made to fit the individual.

    Each person felt as if preparing ‘ laid out’ as one would lay with arms crossed in death.
    ( death = rebirth)

    Fine wire, like fishing line was used to draw these individuals upwards.
    The surf board shapes, float on water fishing line, ” fishers of men’ come to mind. Also having to trust the weight of one’s burdens to these fine lines to hold one.

    Ascension occurring as those who see, who are holding faith within… barely visible threads to lift them out and up beyond the rigid construction. (The scaffolding )

    Kari Lake I believe was unjustly robbed of her victory, (IMO, only) looking from across the pond, I feel she was a very popular choice. Who looked to be winning then wasn’t. ??

    The older woman whom reminded you of Ma’at, symbol of justice, balance, harmony etc.

    So I feel justice is coming, and there is no escaping what is ordained. And balance is what these surfboards were doing as they rose. Floating on the ocean, as surfboard shapes do.

    None of us know if we’ve done enough in raising our frequencies. But your dream showed everything in White. And glowing,
    So I feel as the scaffolding structure was also white, lots of work has been done to stabilise the rising of consciousness.

    I have a good feeling more will be brought to light regarding your dream as the weeks unfold.
    Much love Sue xx 🥰💕🥰

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  5. Hi Laura, this one drew my eye immediately with the mention of Kari Lake and Arizona, the white, the balance, harmony, justice. The surfboards with people made me think of the scales of justice. The white, lots of light and insight transpiring. It’s funny, Kari hasnt conceding whether this has to do with the election or not. I’ve had a sense that ALLOT is going on behind the scenes where the whole thing is concerned. The thought that keeps running thru my head is that the fat lady hasnt sung yet. That maybe politically incorrect. But tell that to my higher self. Lol

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    • LOL! Yes, I suspect we will see lots more twists and turns between now and March 2023. There are SO many big shifts of energy that all happen in March, but Mars goes direct in January, so we may feel things sooner. Also Jupiter stations direct on the same day as the New Moon on the 25th, and we may get some big news or big shifts around that time, too. I have that post done. I just haven’t put it up yet.

      I have a neighbor who reminds me a lot of Kari Lake except maybe 20 years older and heavier. We had a nice visit with her last night, so it’s possible that’s also why Kari Lake showed up in my dream. They both have short hair, twinkly eyes, kind of a grassroots appeal, and grew up very poor. There are some similarities. In the dream, it was definitely Kari Lake, not my friend, but the visit could have triggered some of the dream imagery.

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  6. Btw, thank you so much. I sure enjoy your shares

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  7. Posted by Eliz Huwiz on November 18, 2022 at 3:41 pm

    Interesting dream, I got an inspiring intuitive hit, to me it felt positive and reassuring. These days I tend to trust my intuition more and more and so here goes: My sense is that the white color is is indicitive of a clean up, kinda when in a very old dilapidated house, a whitewash brings it back to life again. I must be on to something, cuz as I write it I’m getting goosebumps! So, continuing, once the cleaning of the houe i completed, the new is representative of a new life, a new era. And so, I get a sense this dream foretells of a collective cleansing, of all the collective trauma, bs, gaslighting, dictatorial running of the planet etc. and that this is it: that new era is being ushered out by “whitewashing” and a new world, rebuilt, minus the old running tape/limitations/collective manipulation what is to come is an elevation, we’re about to enter the “soul era”.
    The ones that are not rising are the souls who choose to stay int he old, same old paradigm, they simply don’t want ti part with it, and reinvent, release old dramas/limits. Those easily going on, are those saying I’m ready, willing and welcome the new, depart with the old. With this, I get the sense many souls will be leaving, and not to mourn this as it is their call, their right to choose, they are Ok. The new will see all the old ways, institutions running this world, polititicans all about their individual agendas about to be whitewashed, and the new collective agenda, for the highest/bestest of all living beings be birthed. There will be hiccups, but the worse is behind us now, keep your eyes on the big picture, there will be more and more light and a long awaited rainbow on the horizon. Signs will be given, all’s looking up. I hope this makes sens, I wrote it all so quickly as it was coming as a download and felt really freeing to me.

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