First Frost and Snow

Well, it took until mid-November, but we finally got our first hard frost and a dusting of snow this weekend. Today we have our first snow accumulation. Last Thursday, I harvested all the greens from the Garden Tower, but I left the hardier kale plants up front until we dip below the 20’s. We’re making our way through the greens, and I’ll chop and freeze a bunch to make room for the larger kale plants I’ll need to harvest by Friday.

Although I cut back a lot of the front garden, I left some marigolds to see what they’d do in the snow. The leaves died, but the flowers look like little jewels!

I’ll trim them when I get to what has become a purple kale shrub! All the leaves I harvested this summer have re-sprouted on the stem. I hope if I cut it back low enough to get snow cover all winter, I’ll have second year kale in spring. 🙂

I suspect the lacinato will be even hardier than the purple kale, but they won’t do well without covers in 16 degree temps this weekend. I love frost nipped kale. It turns so sweet!

Sending everyone some snow covered blessings and good cheer from Michigan!

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  1. Frosted and snow kissed bounty❤

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  2. Posted by eat2evolve on November 15, 2022 at 6:14 pm

    Snow is so pretty from afar 😉 Love your little marigold gems. xx

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  3. Posted by Cynthia on November 16, 2022 at 6:16 am

    It’s like icing on cake! I’m amazed at how your tropical hibiscus even survives snow…from an earlier article! Celestial abundance…the angels must be dancing!

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  4. Laura, I’m in East Lansing!! We didn’t get as much snow as you. I didn’t know that about frost tipped kale. Makes me want to plant a garden again! 💜

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  5. Brrrr….. Things to come and look forward to.. SNOW!….. Your Kale and did I remember some Rainbow Chard from summer in your garden Laura? for that too should survive and if you have any Purple flowering Broccoli that too should overwinter..
    We only had a small frost the other week, since then its been foggy and for the last three days Constant Heavy Rain… Even hubby has been pacing indoors as he cannot get into the Plot..

    The Marigolds give a lovely splash of colour and I find I never have to plant them, for the reseed themselves so easily..
    Sending you Love Laura as you harvest and salvage your crops..
    Much Love ❤

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    • Thank you, Sue! Yes, there’s rainbow chard, although I discovered the culprit poking holes in it was a little wren! It was so cute that I didn’t really mind, but the kale has been way more prolific than the chard due to constant attack by the wren. I never knew birds liked greens, but maybe there was some little bug on them. Not sure.

      In any case, the snow is really coming down now. I have some harvest work cut out for me in the next couple days, but I’m grateful for the delicious bounty! Blessings to you and yours … much love, Laura

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