New Moon in Libra ~ September 25, 2022

Just a reminder … we are in these energies filled with potential.

I’ve all but finished the next commissioned portal painting, “Strength.” I just need to glue the crystals tomorrow morning. May we all opt for the highest and truest path so that the Dawn of a New Day delights and empowers. Much love and Happy New Moon!

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Given all the chatter around “September 24,” I’m posting this ahead of time so people can prepare for the energies. I keep telling clients that it’s VERY difficult right now to pin down exactly what will happen when. So many moving parts are in effect. It feels like life is screaming, “Category 5 Hurricane, Category 5 Hurricane.”

My personal sense is that yes, we are approaching a metaphorical hurricane, and things LOOK bad in some areas. I feel like we’ll wind up with more of a Category 2 Hurricane — significant change, some of it quite radical, but I feel like humanity is actually on the most positive timeline available right now. Some areas won’t even experience a hurricane, just much needed rain. Some people and some areas will have targeted tornadoes in addition to that Category 2 Hurricane. I speak in metaphors, but perhaps also literally.

Bottom line, the…

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  1. I hope you will share the Portal ❥ I’ve been seeing 11:!1 all week

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  2. […] finished this portal the day before the September 25, 2022 New Moon in Libra — whose Sabian Symbol was, “THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY REVEALS EVERYTHING CHANGED.” I […]



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