Happy Equinox!

It looks and feels like Fall here, as asters, mums, marigolds, and sedum flaunt their autumn colors:

We also had a whirlwind trip to the Pennsylvania mountains this past weekend for David’s 40th high school reunion. As we arrived at the Seven Springs Resort, I realized I had been there before. Back in 1997 — in a totally different lifetime — I won a three day weekend getaway and took my mom there as a special treat. I love the old stone of the lodge, as well as all the trees. The photos show the view from our balcony:

David drove us seven hours on the way there, and then we detoured through his hometown on the way home, making that an eight hour return trip. He hadn’t been there since his parents moved to Goshen in 1995, and I had never seen the sweet little town. It was cuter and smaller than I imagined! I got to meet his very best childhood friend from pre-kindergarten, and he hadn’t seen her in 40 years. It was a special trip with lots of quality time.

Also setting the tone of Fall, we recently converted our gas fireplace to a wood burning stove insert. A half cord + of wood arrived the day before our trip, so David’s “relaxing” day ahead of the big trip involved a lot of work hauling wood to the shed while I did phone sessions. He also built a beautiful rack in the shed and arranged the wood in such an artistic way I almost don’t want to burn it. Almost! We’re actually very excited about this upgrade, especially with all the gas craziness going on right now. I’ve wanted a wood burning fireplace since we moved here, and everything synchronously aligned to make it happen with almost no planning on our part.

The rest of the front yard colors have shifted more towards Fall, as well:

Today we experience a universal pause with equal light and equal dark. The Sun moves into the balanced scales of Libra, kissing Mercury for just a moment, as he retrogrades back to Virgo. Pay attention to messages that make their way to you in this liminal time before the September 25 New Moon.

Blessed Be … and be the blessing. All is well.

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  1. Pretty fall colors and feels. Been really enjoying the transition to now on many levels and look forward to returning home to fall colors. It’s amazing that we’ve still been able to harvest blackberries up until equinox here. Glad your trip went well on all levels. I’m not blogging anymore since last post, until settled home, but still keeping up on the unfoldings in L world. Interesting I knew that would be my last blog even before current experiences. 😉 Happy bountiful Equinox! Feels like it’s going to be a really rich season and year end.

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  2. I really like your miscellany-sprinkled Geminian posts. But it’s not really a universal pause, as everything is occurring in waves; the exact equality only happens on the two big Tropics (Cancer and Capricorn), and even there the equinox passes like a momentary wave across the planet. For the rest of us, it’s hard to calculate the exact moment of equinox (based on our latitude and longitude). (However, we can actually see the exact moment of the solstices if they occur during the day where we are.) Just wanted to put in a good word on behalf of the waves washing over us, or maybe the field theory if you lean that way. There’s no stillpoint in the 3D world, although I keep looking for it.

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  3. Posted by owningcapt on September 22, 2022 at 10:33 pm

    You’ll love the wood stove. Nothing like it. Great experimenting with different species of wood to burn––the different smells, sounds, look. In PNW I mainly burn Red Alder, Maple and Douglas Fir. Love them all.

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  4. The colors are amazing!

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