Garden Update ~ Autumn is Coming, Plus a Toe Update

Just a few photos today, as much of the garden looks similar to photos from August 28th. A few things have changed.

I removed some of the spent sunflowers up front, while still leaving plenty for the goldfinches I so love.

Some lettuce has sprouted in the metal planter, so I cleared out some of the leaves and spent sunflowers that would shade them too much. I’m hoping some purple lettuce sprouts, too, so I can have rainbow chart and multi colored lettuces in there. I also planted spinach AGAIN, because none of my spinach seems to take. David and I saved some store bought lettuce bottoms, and I transplanted those today, too. They don’t always take well, but when they do, they jump start lettuce for fall greens.

Out back, the fall clematis bloomed its show of white:

You can also tell fall’s approach by the slight shift in collard and kale colors in the Garden Tower:

I get tired of gardening at this time of year, but I know some of the best harvests await! Frost kissed greens are so sweet, and we’re still getting loads of peppers, tomatoes and purple long beans. I still need to harvest my second batch of potatoes, as well as make pesto from bunches of basil. It’s all so yummy, but yes, once you harvest you need to do things with that produce!

For those wondering about my left pinky toe: I’m on the mend! Thank you for the kind wishes and Reiki. My foot is still blue in one spot, but not nearly so dark or broadly discolored. I can get around the house at almost normal pace provided I wear the pair of HOKA’s that happened to arrive the day I sprained and slightly fractured my toe. I couldn’t wear them for about five days due to swelling, but they have been a gift during this time I’d otherwise be hobbling much more.

The injury did slow me down, as I recognized it came from that repeat message days prior to the accident. I’m not adding so many sessions to already full days just because people keep begging me. I can only move so fast, and I need to stay balanced in order to help others. I feel like walking barefoot in the garden helps my toe, but that also happens in a very slow, deliberate fashion, so as not to strain my pinky. I do so much yoga that it’s second nature to have very grippy toes. That’s good for balance, but not good for a broken toe!

The Strength card portal in progress also continues. I very much hope to finish it this month! Wishing you a beautiful holiday weekend.

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  1. Posted by owningcapt on September 4, 2022 at 3:38 pm

    Have you tried soaking your foot in urine? Organic urine untainted by any pharmaceutical has medicinal properties. I use mine regularly for various aches and pains. Know of one tennis player who badly sprained his ankle. He sat at his desk doing whatever and soaked his ankle in a pail (got some urine stored up? I do) for a few hours. Healed perfectly over the next several days.

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  2. Sending you a loving hug, Laura. You are wonderful!

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  3. So happy to hear the sweet little toe is doing well and you’re carving out slower you time. The garden looks lovely as usual…excited about the change of seasons. Gosh, this year has flown!

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  4. Loving all that you are growing and doing in your garden Laura.. And yes sprouts especially sweeter for a little frost on them.. 🙂 As for your Pinky Toe… So sorry I missed that post my friend… I have only today truly been catching back up with friends blog posts…
    Harvest time always pure delight… And can confirm with all the tomato soup with excess tomatoes and you sauces for cooking to jar or as you say canning..
    I am pleased your potatoes are being harvested well too… Hubby finished digging up his 8th row the other day and re-dug all where they had been.. And we now have four huge potato sacks to see us and help family through winter..
    Hope your week is going well Laura and again, so lovely to see all that you are growing… ❤
    Much love ❤

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    • Sue, your garden is so inspiring! My potatoes were more of a novelty to see how they did in grow bags. They did OK, and now I’m deciding if I want to plant them again in bags next year, get a different kind of pot for them, or skip them. They were mighty tasty, so I will probably grow them in some way again.

      No worries about my toe. It was just a quick mention in another post, not a full post about my toe. 🙂

      love and blessings,



  5. Posted by manyhahama1955 on September 20, 2022 at 5:48 pm

    Such a beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing the pics. I am so sorry to hear about your toe. I’m sending healing energy for a speedy recovery. Yes, it feels like it is time to slow down…I’m being forced to do that too…and go within more. I wish you well. Much love!

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