September 2022 Specials


As always, I tailor these to current energies, questions and requests. I’m getting a LOT of preparedness questions, so I’m including the Astro Preparedness Special again. If you prefer to use that time for more 3D reality explorations, we can do that, too. 🙂 The second special is one of my favorites to offer!

Astro Preparedness Special

This special combinies astrology and preparedness. The rest of 2022 brings intense, rare and once in a lifetime collective transits. These arise as chaos kicks and screams around the world. Such times can feel scary, but they also offer tremendous opportunities.

This 40-minute special looks at your natal chart and transits, as well as your current location and situation in order to help you empower yourself in the most joyful and beneficial ways. I will tailor these sessions to the individual client: some people will be more precisely impacted by coming events than others. We can focus more on the astrology, or draw more from my background in following dreams and intuitive guidance, or implementing permaculture and organic gardening. In any case, this session aims to launch breakthroughs even in the midst of systemic 3D world breakdowns. $133 if prepaid on or before 9/30/22. Please contact me to sign up.

Dreamweaver Special

This half-hour offering dives deep into Dreamtime. We can use our time together to analyze a specific dream or dreams, look at overall dream themes, or explore how to glean even more from your dreams. We can discuss recommended tools, techniques and/or resources, and I offer support for people intrigued yet troubled by precognitive dreams or nightmares. Basically, I tailor the session to you and your needs, but in some way, shape or form we look at dreams. $111 if prepaid on or before 9/30/2022. Please contact me to sign up.

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  1. We are being prepared Laura, and I know you are here to help many with these transitions..
    Sending love and hugs my friend ❤

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  2. […] a good thing. Change is necessary … but yes, change can be stressful. I posted the Astrological Preparedness Special this month for a reason. 🙂 If you position yourself well, you can benefit from disruption and even chaos. […]



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