Timothy Glenn ~ Pluto and Uranus Go Cycling Part Two

Pluto and Uranus Go Cycling Part Two
by Timothy Glenn

In Part One we started exploring the astrological influences of the synodic cycles of Uranus and Pluto. The mid Sixties treated us to a wild phenomenon when the planet of evolution (Pluto) and the planet of revolution (Uranus) teamed up in our skies for the first time since Pluto had been discovered. This concluded their synodic cycle that had begun in the mid 1800’s, and then kicked off a new cycle in grand style.

The years of Uranus conjunct Pluto can be credited with playing a major role in manifesting what we know as The Sixties. An adage among a certain sector of the baby boom generation has been: “If you remember the Sixties, you weren’t there.”

Come a Little Bit Closer

We often start noticing effects of a conjunction of planets when the faster one moves to within 5 degrees of the slower planet – or as we say in Astrobabble, within the orb of influence. In this case, the faster one is Uranus, which takes 84 Earth years to complete one lap around the zodiac. Uranus first moved into the orb of influence in October of 1963, a matter of weeks before the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and two full years before the first exact Uranus/Pluto conjunction.

Here are the dates of the 3 exact conjunctions: 1) October 9, 1965; 2) April 4, 1966; and 3) June 30, 1966. Uranus did not move beyond the 5 degree orb of influence on the other side until the end of June 1968.

Within that time frame of nearly 5 years, Uranus had sparked the transformation, set the tone for the new cycle, and established themes that would come to loggerheads at the Uranus/Pluto opposition in the mid 2040’s.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

We can play with common astrological symbology to analogize themes for this current cycle. Uranus represents revolution, and Pluto could naturally represent the Plutocracy of the old world. Setting us free from the ancient control system of Babylonian Money Magic is definitely something Uranus would accomplish during these times.

Uranus rules electricity, hence electronics, hence computers, hence the internet and so forth. Mass communication would then provide an ideal tool for Uranus to deliver an awakening jolt to human consciousness on all levels. Pluto delves deep and also involves the Collective Unconscious. Uranus did strike our world with a cosmic lightning bolt in the Sixties. And as technology continued to unfold in the ensuing decades, humanity’s antiquated mindset would have its programs uninstalled or even have all its circuits totally fried.

Analogies and interpretations abound, and they shine forth as different facets of the same gem now increasingly bathed in universal light.

With a Little Help from My Friends

None of these astrological influences ever play solitaire. Even though we’re focusing on the Uranus/Pluto synodic cycle for the sake of simplicity and brevity, it occasionally helps to consider an example of wider context. Everything affects everything.

As Uranus moved away from the synod with Pluto through the 1970’s and 80’s, it headed toward the receding sextile in the mid 90’s. It’s worth noting that the favorable effects of the sextile to Pluto were in turn affected by Uranus and Neptune completing their synodic cycle in the early 90’s. In fact, Uranus had moved into the orb of influence for its sextile to Pluto before Uranus had left the orb of influence of its conjunction with Neptune. It’s also worth noting that this had been the first Uranus/Neptune synod since Neptune’s discovery.

For those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to feel, this filled our collective psychic atmosphere with spiritual idealism and a desire to ascend to a significantly more spiritual way of existing.

Here are the dates for the 5 exact sextiles of Uranus and Pluto: 1) April 10, 1995; 2) August 8, 1995; 3) March 8, 1996; 4) September 20, 1996; and 5) February 5, 1997. As these two planets moved into the heart of their sextile in 1995, they did so as both of them changed signs in the Tropical Zodiac. Uranus moved into its own sign of Aquarius. Pluto left its own sign of Scorpio, and entered Sagittarius.

Pluto in Sagittarius threw the gauntlet, challenging us to transform our overarching philosophies of life, the universe and everything. Uranus in Aquarius could finally start playing with the internet to get his revolutionary messages across. Uranus has long been known as the Awakener and the Liberator.

The old system would still not go down without a fight, so the international banksters took their usual unfair advantage of the opportunities offered by the 90’s. However, the cosmic oddsmakers began hedging their bets in the other direction.

There’s a New World Coming

One way or another, the old system would not survive another half century. The first half of the first century of this new millenium is scheduled to usher in a radically different system on the heels of the old one’s demise.

As we trudged into the early 2000’s, humanity’s ancient and ongoing war for independence ramped up for the final battles. People have employed the terms of light versus dark, good guys versus bad guys, white hats against black hats, or liberators versus dominators. No matter how you see it or express it, the two sides rallied for the test of strength and resolve brought on by the receding square of Uranus and Pluto. The information wars would only escalate from there.

Here are the dates of the 7 (yes, 7!) exact squares of Uranus and Pluto: 1) June 24, 2012; 2) September 19, 2012; 3) May 20, 2013; 4) November 1, 2013; 5) April 21, 2014; 6) December 14, 2014; and 7) March 16, 2015. By the time we reached 2016, the battlefield had been fully prepared, and it was now Game On.

A lot of astrologers had looked back with trepidation at the previous square of Uranus and Pluto in the 1930’s. They saw the rise of totalitarianism, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and yadda yadda yadda. But that had been the approaching square heading toward resolution of the previous synodic cycle that had begun in 1850 and 1851. But in 2012 through 2015, the receding square of the current cycle was playing out a new set of themes within a different set of parameters. Comparing the themes of the mid 1800’s to the themes bursting forth in 1960’s was a typical case of comparing apples and oranges.

The war had been raging underground for decades. But in the 2012 to 2015 phase, the conflict emerged onto the surface where even the normies could see it. They might still be hoodwinked by the old world’s propaganda machine as to what was actually happening and why, but the deceivers needed to shift into overdrive, spinning bogus narratives to distract and mislead their steadily dwindling audience. Welcome to current events.

For What It’s Worth

We now find ourselves in the second half of the crucial year of 2022, in the midst of the Pluto Return for the United States. We have Pluto in Capricorn in both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs until April 23, 2023. The game of life on Earth has come down to crunch time.

Not much farther down the road, we see opportunities for monumental abundance when Uranus forms the receding trine to Pluto. The potential will be unprecedented. But in this case, there is wisdom in looking back to the previous trine in the early 1920’s for a cautionary tale. If we follow the example of the industrial nations who squandered their abundance by indulging in asinine extravagance, we would deserve to lose virtually everything just the way they did in the Great Depression.

Wisdom behooves us right now to evoke the universal love in our heart of hearts, accompanied by common sense and savvy reason. Intellectual honesty will prepare us with pertinent information for the changing world of tomorrow. We are being handed an opportunity that transcends anything we have known in many lifetimes. And this can involve incomparably more than financial increase. We will see the release of suppressed knowledge, allowing us to make advances in user-friendly and earth-friendly technologies, especially for health and longevity.

After the approaching trine of the Roaring Twenties, Uranus only needed to travel another 30 degrees to hit the approaching square. And then it only needed to travel another 30 degrees to reach the approaching sextile. The general public’s abuse of the trine had set their system up for disaster at the square, only to find itself depleted at the sextile. We can look back at the humans in the early 1920’s and say: “They chose poorly.”

It’s time for the human race to wake up, stand up, and grow up. Here are the dates for the 5 exact trines: 1) July 17, 2026; 2) November 29, 2026; 3) June 15, 2027; 4) January 13, 2028; and 5) May 10, 2028. Perhaps history will look back at our handling of this trine in the mid to late 2020’s and say: “They chose wisely.”

Time Has Come Today

Researcher Jason Breshears (archaix.com) has delineated the 138 year cycle of world changing Phoenix Events. The next one is scheduled for May 16, 2040. Pluto will complete its thorough scouring of Capricorn in the Sidereal Zodiac that very year, as discussed in the article The Plutonian Phoenix Does Capricorn 2008-2040: A Timeline Overview. In fact, the 2040 Phoenix Event is expected to be The Big One.

As outlined in Pluto and Uranus Go Cycling Part One, the Uranus/Pluto opposition of 1901 and 1902 corresponds perfectly with the most recent Phoenix Event.

The other major cycle in the Archaix material concerns the Nemesis X phenomenon. The projected date for the next Nemesis X Event is November 1, 2046.

And now in their current synodic cycle, here are the dates for the 5 exact oppositions of Uranus and Pluto: 1) September 22, 2046; 2) February 14, 2047; 3) August 15, 2047; 4) April 11, 2048; and 5) June 29, 2048. This corresponds perfectly with the next Nemesis X Event.

Long Time Gone

Long before the conclusion of the current Uranus/Pluto synodic cycle, we will be inhabiting a truly different realm. Linear time will serve as a tool for us to apply how and when we choose, rather than a synthetic force that entraps us. It will all come down to a matter of consciousness. We have allowed our consciousness to be hijacked by predatory forces within this holographic construct, so we can play this game out and then return to our real lives as Universal Spirits.

A key Matrix program that has dominated humans in the Earth simulation tells us that our physical bodies are not the free flowing energy fields they really are. Instead, people are conditioned to believe that our bodies are frozen sculptures of solid matter, and therefore have a ridiculously limited shelf life.

Even within the simulated Matrix game, we recognize that we are living in bodies that endlessly renew themselves on a regular basis on all levels. Every so often, we have a whole new body. And yet we still follow protocols for doing stupid stuff with our avatars; like getting sick, growing old, and dying.

Enough is enough. Yes, 2022 is squeezing us through the skinny part of the hourglass. But we can prepare our consciousness to emerge into higher awareness, and then take full advantage of the technological and spiritual benefits awaiting us as we head into the receding Uranus/Pluto trine. From that point, Uranus has to travel 60 more degrees to reach the climactic opposition in the mid 2040’s. That gives us quite a bit of wiggle room.

If you’ve been playing this round of the Earth game in an avatar that believes it can’t survive that long, you have generated that precise result simply by setting the intention. Here is one of the rules of the Matrix game: If you base your future on your past, you’re screwed.


Uranus will finally catch up with Pluto again to complete their synodic cycle and start a new one. And there will only be one exact Uranus/Pluto conjunction as they launch the next cycle on April 24, 2104. Maybe none of this will matter then.

Timothy Glenn

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    Good stuff. Squeezing through neck of an hour glass is excellent analogy

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  3. Wow, is right! If I’m not mistaken all his headings are songs from the 60’s which was pretty clever. I had to chuckle, I felt like he was speaking to me directly, although I know he wasnt, it was in regard to my comment on part 1 about in 2026 I’d be in my 90s or probably not still be around. Maybe I need to rethink that. Lol. Sure appreciate these posts

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  5. Nice catch on that one, Dawn. All the subheadings are indeed song titles from the 60’s, when the current Uranus/Pluto cycle started. It’s also interesting that your attempts at typing years keep going Helter Skelter.

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