Multiple Timelines

This wants to go up again.

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Multiple timelines are in effect. Not everyone is on the same trajectory, so tend to your own reality. Pray for discernment to follow the best path for you. This might look and feel very different than the path of those around you, whether in person or online.

Multiple options exist — some of them full on dystopia, some with moments of sorrow but also new levels of joy and regeneration. Creativity is as — or even more — important than consciousness, at this juncture. What kind of story are you “writing”?

To each their own.

Many will abdicate their creative power and get swept away by someone else’s narrative. This, too, is choice. Do your best to choose wisely — for you. Just know that choices exist.

Love and Blessings ….


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  1. Thank you. It’s really happening!



  2. Posted by Jane Derbenwick on June 17, 2022 at 11:20 am

    This is definitely a time to pray for discernment on your individual path forward 🙏

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  3. Very good reminder, thank you!

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  4. Posted by Allison DeYenno on June 17, 2022 at 3:09 pm

    Thank you for sharing this again! I missed it the first time around. Love the discussion in the comments from last time. Just finished watching the latest Stranger Things and there are so many parallels there too. And we are watching Agents of Shield which in season 5 especially mirrors so much of the twisty turny nature of multiple timelines and outcomes. We are on a wild ride for sure.

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  5. So, true Laura… Each creating their own experiences… Via their choice point.
    The convergence has already begun.. We can only be responsible for our selves… I tried long and hard to shed wisdom here and there, but each to their own as you so well said.. ❤

    Have a great weekend Laura.. ❤

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