Quick Garden Update

Mostly photos with little commentary today. The main thing I want to share is how easy it is to sneak edibles into what seems like a decorative garden. 🙂

lettuce, flowering bok choy, and “love in a mist”
kale, mustard, arugula, lettuce, garlic and marigolds
flowering chives and sage, kale, lily, garlic and zinnia
giant allium like a flower of life
the overall effect in late afternoon

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  1. Love your edible garden Laura, Alliums I adore.. only three can into flower this year. Lettuce and garlic great effect.
    Ornamental cabbages make great decorative additions too. Rainbow chard another really decorative leaf and coloured stems ..
    Loved your garden Laura… 😍 ❤

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    • Thank you, Sue! I have rainbow chard coming up slowly underneath the dying back tulip leaves, plus more in the Garden Tower. I love the colored stems. I’ve not had the best luck with decorative cabbages due to all the critters, but maybe I can find some in an unexpected color to trick those little rascals! ❤

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  2. Lovely!

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