Karen’s Dream of Owl and Me

Today’s post is, in some ways, a continuation of my Sleeping Bear Dunes and Birthday Owls post. I’ll begin with my dream journal recap of Karen’s dream. She has graciously allowed me to use her name here. You’ve already encountered her in the Two of Cups Equinox Portal post and the Queen of Wands Imbolc Portal post. If you’ve read those posts, you’ve gotten a peak into her journey, and you can see the synchronicities and joy begin to unfold in magical ways.

Fast forward to today’s dream journal recap:


“Karen’s Dream of Owl and Me”

Yesterday afternoon, client Karen (whose North Node conjuncts my Venus) told me she keeps forgetting to tell me about a dream she had. She rarely recalls her dreams, and to her knowledge has never dreamed about me. In her dream, she and I stood looking at an owl. When the owl opened its beak and mouth wide, I pointed to it and said, “Look, it makes a perfect ‘o’.” 

She tried to describe the symbol to me, because it was really an ‘o’ with points. I asked her to draw it and she sent me a drawing, then a photo of a Kentucky agate portal with “the right swoop if you make the sides a bit rounded.” She has her little witch/Queen of Wands portal I painted her now walking towards that portal. (It’s a slice of the Kentucky agate, and you can slightly see through it.)

I texted back, “Very cool to all of this! Especially the portal. I will have to ponder your dream. Thank you for sharing it. So basically, I pointed to the owl and said it was making a perfect O? Was it a baby owl?”

She replied, “It was not a baby owl. We were looking at an owl and it opened its mouth wide, and you made that comment. Now I’m not sure if there was any interaction or if we were just observing it. 

“Now [I’m] doubting myself because it wasn’t an o as in round, but it [m]ust have been a perfect symbol. Maybe some Rune that sounds like oh?”

I told her I would ponder this because nothing jumped out at me. Awoke around 3:55 a.m. just before David’s alarm went off. I realized, “It’s a UFO. Turn the owl mouth 90 degrees and it’s a flying saucer shaped UFO. An owl with open mouth gives a message about UFO’s.”

I emailed Karen so as not to wake her up: “Turn the dream symbol on its side and it’s a UFO flying saucer. This connection is central to Mike Clelland’s research, including the book I am in.” Then I included owl and alien emojis. I’m supposed to post about this. She has also been to Suttons Bay and the owl store. Apparently, there’s a spot where people hike down and often can’t get back. Not sure what she meant since this was the end of our session.

Fell back asleep, and I got more downloads for my July 2022 Forecast. The precision of highly charged astrology transits hitting the US in July is insane. No wonder I have such a feeling of massive shift. From start to finish — it’s not just the Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction. That’s like the fireworks finale to a month of fireworks — literal and figurative.

END of dream journal.

After writing up the dream, I asked Karen: “Can I post about this without using your name, and if so, may I include the photos and your texted description of the dream? If not, no worries on either account. I just got the sense I was supposed to document this on my blog for some reason.”

She replied: “Sure. You can do anything you want. I don’t even care if you mention my name if you feel led to. And very cool connection you made which reminded me that I saw either a really futuristic plane or a UFO last week. It was black and looked sort of like a fan shaped shield and I saw the top of it like it was going straight up. Then it went forward and was so thin it disappeared. I hear you… planes don’t do that. But I do live near an air force base. I’m going to look into that some more and see if I can find a picture.”

The exact moment her reply came through, I emailed her two images, with the following message:

I’m imagining the outline of this, including the beak:

and this, minus the legs:

I love that the image comes from a site called: https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-silver-metal-flying-saucer-ufo-harsh-white-desert-planet-landscape-landed-image35526575   … The pinterest owl image also originated at “dreamstime.com” 

Karen replied: “That’s the mouth!”

To which I replied, “I was just emailing Mike Clelland about this when your message came through ‘That’s the mouth!'”

Our morning continued with interwoven synchronicities. Mike’s in a different timezone, so he hasn’t yet flown into the swirling vortex — at least not by email. 🙂

Here are the images Karen texted me last night as a follow-up to our phone conversation:

She and I went back and forth about how much of her name to include, and she added about the possible UFO event: “What I saw might have been the stealth bomber. But it’s still an anomaly because it’s not stationed here.”

me: “Lots of anomalies these days!”

Karen: “So true.”

I went about the rest of my morning, tending the garden, riding the exercise bike. Then I received another email from her with a subject line “FYI.” She sent it from her iPhone: “Just passed a car the license plate said area 51B.”

me: “LOL, I better write this post soon or it will keep growing!”

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  1. Posted by seattle72 on June 3, 2022 at 1:11 pm

    Very cool! I totally see it too, in fact I had a visceral reaction when I turned my phone sideways to see the Owl’s mouth. 🦉

    In my sphere of reality, ETs are making themselves known in a very public way. I think we are being tee’d up for a controlled disclosure. My gut isn’t entirely ok about it, something is fishy.

    Side bar : I’m also getting intuitive hits about MK-Ultra(!!?). My late mother was a schizophrenic, born in 1948. I also have very distinct recall of me saying a kind of loyalty oath to my “station” when I was 5 and alone in the kitchen, the oath just just popped in my head right out of the blue, pun intended. 🧐

    Curiouser and curiouser!

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    • Curious, indeed! BTW, I heard back from Mike Clelland and he said:


      I read all this, and I am content in saying, this is how it all works. Dreams and impressions and synchro-magic.

      Also, it doesn’t get reported, but flying saucers don’t seem to travel in a tidy level way. That is how an airplane going straight flies, but the reports tell of them moving around without any need to mimic our flying craft — they don’t move like frisbees!

      They are torqued crooked and sideways.

      They seem to rest on the earth like you might imagine in a sci fi movie, but they don’t fly that way.

      So no need to turn a sketch sideways to make it match a flying saucer, they actually fly like that!


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  2. I noticed Seattle72’s comment came through at 1:11 my time. Mmmmhmmm on this post. Can’t express and reiterate enough how much this Cosmic/ET energy is beaming through. I don’t write about it all, but as you know I synchronously had that dream experience of the 100’s of white owls just recently: https://taniamarieartist.wordpress.com/2022/05/29/great-white-owl-return-to-whites-new-cycle-of-sanctity/
    These constant contacts, downloads and messaging are gearing up for a different version of life than many thought they knew and for many stepping into their roles in bigger more “seen” ways.

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  3. This is synchronous to what I was listening to last night. There has been discussions for ladt few years about limited disclosure. But what I was listening to last night was about the government doing a false flag regarding UFOs to increase the fear and psychological warfare.

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  4. They suggested that it would be happening in near future

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    • They’ve been trying to roll it out since at least 2011.

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      • Exactly. I’ve been hearing about it for years. We also know there is the real deal. 💜

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        • Uh huh … and my understanding is that if “they” are stupid enough to do a fake disclosure, then a real one will happen with free energy and a bunch of other things. The law of unintended consequences works in humanity’s favor on this one. ❤


        • Gotta love that. Warms the cockles of my heart

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        • Posted by seattle72 on June 3, 2022 at 8:39 pm

          I think the bad actors rely on humans tendancy to assign sources as either good or evil. We get sucked in by a grain of truth followed by lies and misdirection.

          Listening to the actual message, weighing that against the internal BS meter, instead of giving a free pass to a ‘trusted’ source, is essential discernment. Too many tricksters, posers and fakers about.

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        • Agreed!!!

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        • So true

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        • I was telling someone today, too, how important it is to trust those Spidey Senses. If something feels off or you do feel fear, it’s worth exploring where that’s coming from. In some cases, it’s a legitimate warning. Other times, there’s an obvious fear program trying to manipulate emotions.

          Fear can be a valid emotion as long as we don’t get stuck there. It can inspire practical action, help us avoid experiences we don’t need to go through … but when it’s churned out by every news channel and is the only narrative allowed on any social media, that’s a major clue it’s probably BS and not your own organic instincts!

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        • So well said

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  5. Posted by Ann on June 3, 2022 at 8:05 pm

    That shape reminds of Bats Nuts seed pods (their real name!) My, at the time, 5 yo nephew gave me one when we were skulking about the shore of the Hudson River in NY.

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  6. LOL… loved this exchange of dreams and synchronicities… Very cool…. I know people who are now reporting seeing more UFO phenomena… Nothing is by chance. 🙂

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