A Potent Dream: “My Brother, the Artist”

I just happened upon this post again from March 2, 2022 — before Elon Musk took so much spotlight for the purchase of Twitter. I shared my February 27 dream, which featured one of the children of a woman like Maye Musk — Elon’s mom — leaving the elite. I haven’t (consciously) blogged about Elon Musk, as I have had mixed feelings about him due to his promotion of AI. I did, however, pull an oracle card asking about his intentions with the Twitter purchase. That card indicated a desire for intimacy with humanity — for “real” conversations. This tracked with his expressed intention, but I didn’t go any further with my queries or tuning in.

Fast forward to today when I landed on this dream posted prior to ANY of the Elon Musk drama. I don’t claim to know the answers, but a lot of people have asked my take. Here is — apparently — my Dream Guys’ commentary, before it happened. Food for thought!

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This feels like a collective dream — like “my brother” represents much of humanity right now. Immediately after writing down the dream, I logged onto my blog and wrote the March 2, 2022 ~ New Moon in Pisces post. Since the dream feels related to today’s New Moon, I’ll share it here on the actual New Moon day. I’ve left this unedited, so please excuse the transcribed dream dialog, where I drop the f-bomb. The dream feels cinematic and potent. I didn’t want to diminish its power by altering the words. If this offends you, please feel free to skip this post. 🙂


2:57 a.m.

“My Brother, the Artist”

Awoke from a dream that seems important enough to get up and write it down. I was one of several children — three or four — of a larger than life mother who seemed to work in the fashion industry.

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  1. Wow, also check out my March 2, 2022 New Moon in Pisces post! If you consider the Sword as the Word, this also tracks with reclaiming “the narrative.”



  2. Brilliant that you reposted this again Laura.. So much going on behind the scenes.. In the Techno world of Light and Dark…
    Lets hope Mr Musk truly does have Humanity at heart…. Amazing Dream time Laura.. ❤

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  3. Your dream feels familiar. Elon Musk’s Mom is in the picture.

    Things look impressive yet feel off.  ( “all posh stuff, but it felt like a prison”) Trying to leave but it is not easy.    People on the verge of losing it. One so brainwashed he needs to be told, “you’re the sane one.  You!” You continue sending telepathic visions of the future so one can see. Slowly coming out of a daze and turning to fulfill one’s calling… You are free.  He is free.

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    • Yes, it felt like a collective dream when I had it — as well as personal to me reclaiming my creative process when my TBI kept me from attending graduate school as planned. In reality, grad school/academia was a terrible fit for me. It was a huge blessing to be forced out — not by an emotional nervous breakdown, but by a literal breakdown of my neurology!

      I learned today that Elon Musk considers himself autistic and that he has trouble communicating his ideas. This would seem to track with the oracle card I pulled, which indicated he wanted to connect with humanity in an intimate way, that he wanted to have “real” conversations.

      I’ve not followed his story, but I do like his mom! That’s why I said it was like her but not quite her. Usually when that happens in a dream it means the person represents the person they remind me of AND someone else. I just never imagined it was literally about Elon Musk. I’ve had other dreams recently where it seems I’ve intervened on someone well known’s behalf — only to discover that they recently had a seemingly divine intervention of the same nature my dream showed. That doesn’t mean it’s really me doing these interventions/cosmic pep talks, but I sense I’m picking up on real things. I keep getting confirmation either directly from the people involved — if I sent them my dream — or via the news.

      Anyway, here’s to freedom! ❤



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