Visibility, Invisibility and Protection

Today’s post mostly comes from a dream download and my journal of realizations I had while typing up the dream download. I share this because I was “told” to share it, so here goes:

3:00 a.m.

Awoke realizing it’s not just my blog, it’s me. I am not of this world. My blog and home are like Avalon. Not everyone can see or find them, even if they’ve been there before.

I never put it together that it was not just the search engine with my blog — I (and others) can look up “Laura Bruno blog” and it won’t come up. Neither will “Laura Bruno WordPress.” I’m hearing this more and more from clients that they can’t find my blog. And yet, if someone really needs to find me, I come up as the #1 search engine ranking for whatever they need. Like “medical intuitive.” I am NOT the #1 search engine ranking for that, but I have heard from more than one new client that this is how they found me.

In Goshen, people used to drive right past our house and yard. I thought this was impossible because the yard was certainly VERY different from its surroundings. Factory and train track across the street, but our yard bloomed from March through November. I thought it was impossible to miss, but friends — people who had been there before — often drove past multiple times before I would walk into the street and flag them down.

Passersby would either marvel at all the flowers or not see them at all. Our friend Tim had free passage, and when he came to get our vacation mail, he felt a force field stop him. He realized what it was and said, aloud, “Laura Bruno asked me to keep an eye on the place and to get their mail.” The force field allowed him in.

Yesterday, here, our modem and router reset to factory standards. The former network name, “Dra’Faven” also disappeared. When I awoke, I realized this, too, is like Avalon. “Dra’Faven,” aka Dragon Faery Haven, is no longer visible to the outside world. I am in it but not of it. Less and less each day.

Remind readers to bookmark my blog and save my email and blog address because they may not be able to find me again if they lose touch. Not exaggerating.

END of that dream.

[I went back to sleep and had another dream, the details of which I’ll spare you. 🙂 In the morning, I handwrote the second dream into a dream journal and then typed both into my laptop. The following thoughts poured out of me as I continued typing.]

Last night we watched two episodes of Dickinson. We needed to redo the connection because of the earlier wifi situation. Only then did it occur to me that our network name used to be Dra-Faven, not the factory default router name. The guy on the phone helped me change my password to our other password, but I totally forgot our network was named. David, of course, remembered this, and I went upstairs to find the default name, which has the effect of anonymizing our network.

Both episodes — and really most of the second season — deal with the issue of Fame vs. Invisibility. Every episode leads David to comment, “This is SO Laura Bruno. These are the exact issues you’ve grappled with for your entire life.”

The second episode we watched last night features Emily getting her first poem published as E. Dickinson. At the moment she has finally dealt with her fears of other people reading her work, she becomes invisible. No one can see her at all, and she spends the whole episode wandering around listening to what people really think of her work. She also discovers all sorts of secrets, and this, too, feels like me with my intuitive “gifts” where I know things that I have no normal way of knowing.

After I typed in the first dream download, I realized, “Duh! I have had real experiences of invisibility, too. Not just a fictional idea of it. In Goshen, not only could people not see our house and yard, but they couldn’t see ME until I started eating cooked food.”

That’s literally why I started eating so much more cooked food. On a raw food vibration, not enough people in Goshen could see me. It became difficult to do day to day tasks like purchasing things at a store, because no one would acknowledge me at the register. At first I thought people were incredibly rude. I was like, “Wow, they take this Menno game (genealogy) way too far. Now they won’t even wait on me?!” I would sometimes leave stores in a bit of a huff, like “Fine! I guess they don’t want my business.”

One day, I was at the co-op with David. I finished shopping first and got in line to pay. The clerk just stood there. I said, “I’ll pay now,” but she did not acknowledge me at all. I waved, plunked my stuff on the little scroll thing, tried to flag down another employee. Nothing. David came up to me, and she immediately acknowledged him. Then David turned and said something to me, and the clerk about jumped out of her skin.

She said, “Oh, my goodness! You scared me. I didn’t see you come up just now.”

I said, “I’ve been standing here for five minutes.”

She said, “Ha ha.”

“No, really. I’ve been standing here trying to get your attention for the past five minutes.”

She had no idea what to do with that information, and David gave me a look like, “Pipe down.” When we got to the car, I said, “She really didn’t see me, did she?”

“I’d say no.”

“So maybe people aren’t being rude to me. Maybe they really can’t see me. Like physically cannot see me.”

From a practical standpoint, I realized I needed to lower my frequency in order to operate in Goshen. I needed to eat a lot of cooked food, drink loads of raw dairy, and weigh eight to ten more pounds than I do now. Even then not everyone could see me, but most of the time I could run errands without issue.

The house and yard were another story. I would not have believed people couldn’t find the property, but people kept telling me and even demonstrating this was the case.

Emily Dickinson published only one known poem in her lifetime, although she wrote many hundreds and became well lauded and famous after her death. Will I, too, become only posthumously famous? That would be SUCH a relief, if so.

I suspect my dreams and experiences with invisibility are meant to tell me that it doesn’t matter. Even if I DO become a household name for my writing, art, or anything else, I’ll keep my cloak. The wrong people won’t be able to find me even if they try. I haven’t figured out who or what is causing this with my blog, but more and more clients tell me that they can’t find my blog. They used to be able to find me at least by people linking to my blog, but lately even that method doesn’t work.

Is this protective? It seems so. Business is good. Maybe the cloaking keeps the wrong people from devouring me. I do feel like I live in a different dimension than most people. Experiences like the fictional episode show up in my actual life — and have for years.

Even back in Madison, David hosted a raw food potluck. We often did this at other locations, but sometimes at our house. There was one particular man who I did not feel comfortable having in our home, but we couldn’t just exclude him from the meetup. At the time, he had done nothing wrong. I just had a weird feeling about him. (He later got thrown in jail for aggravated assault, so my concerns were valid.)

Anyway, he was part of the raw food potluck, and I didn’t want him at our home. On two occasions, he TRIED to get there. He had the directions, the address, etc., and he spent hours driving and then walking up and down our block, unable to find the house. He accused David of giving him the wrong address, but we double checked, and it was the correct address. I told David to tell him, “Maybe you just weren’t meant to attend this meetup,” but I knew I had blocked him from finding our place.

Also, our “helpful” neighbor who would bring in our trash and recycling and run over my garden plants with the bins: I asked him not to do that. “Please, just leave the bins on the driveway, I’ll get them.” No matter how many times I asked him not to run over my garden plants, he always did, then expected to be thanked and thought we were cheap for not tipping him.

I asked for help from beyond, and wasps moved into the garden. I could work fine with them buzzing all around me, but if he set foot in my garden, they stung him. He continued to persist until they started swarming him at the base of the driveway. He turned tail and later apologized that the wasps were too intense for him. He just couldn’t bring the bins in anymore. Mission accomplished.

He wondered how I could garden with all those wasps.

I said, “They never sting ME. You know why? Because it’s MY garden. They know that. They only sting people who shouldn’t be there.”

I never had a problem with him again.

END of journal entry.

I don’t know why I’m supposed to share all of this, but perhaps it will strike a chord with others who have a stellium of 10th house (career, public life, fame) planets in their natal chart, or a Leo or 5th house North Node. Maybe it demonstrates or confirms that we can, and do, have spiritual protection when we need it.

A few weeks ago, David and I tried to watch something on Amazon Prime. Our connection “malfunctioned” and literally forced us to start watching the show “Dickinson” on Apple TV. We tried and tried to watch anything else, and this was the only show that would start. Once it started, we couldn’t get it to turn off, so we kept watching the pilot.

I often have uncanny synchronicities with shows or movies that echo dreams I’ve had the morning of or night before, but Dickinson takes the cake! Every episode turns into a confirmation and/or download. Each show explores a poem and presents a possible motivating life event. It’s spoofy, goofy and really well done. I’ve always related so strongly to Emily Dickinson, especially her love of privacy and her fascination and comfort with Death. You don’t have an exact Grand Trine of Sun-Moon-Pluto without turning quite Plutonian yourself. 😉 Plus, the nerdy English Major in me loves all the literary references.

Last night’s show (and much of Season 2) focuses on this poem:

I’m Nobody! Who are you? (260)

Emily Dickinson – 1830-1886

I’m Nobody! Who are you?
Are you – Nobody – too?
Then there’s a pair of us!
Don’t tell! they’d advertise – you know!

How dreary – to be – Somebody!
How public – like a Frog –
To tell one’s name – the livelong June –
To an admiring Bog!

In any case, I’ve followed through on the instruction to post these thoughts and to remind people to bookmark my blog and write down the url in case you step away for awhile and cannot find the blog again. I keep hearing about this from people who had sessions with me years ago and recently tried to find me to book an appointment. I give them huge points for their successful effort, but wow: I’m pretty invisible these days. I have zero social media, and I don’t advertise.

You can find my blog two ways:

You can use the Contact page form ( ) or email me at .

I wish everyone a magical day … and hope you find your own perfect calibration on the visible/invisible spectrum.

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  1. Just perfect! Everything is exactly as it should be (especially if you look sideways)!

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  2. Posted by Nikkoale on March 16, 2022 at 12:27 pm

    I have startled a lot of people in my time and have been “ignored”. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized that it was possible that they really couldn’t see me, that we weren’t a vibrational match.

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  3. Reblogged this on Deer Heart Reiki Blog and commented:
    Couldnt let this one pass without posting fromdear Laura Bruno

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  5. This was so trippy reading this. I had just finished reading a post that spoke about how right now how that lightworkers and others like them are being heavily targeted by DEW’s and how the Galactic teams are heavily engaged in protecting them, then I read your post. Coincidence? 😉 I also had the thought of how people will disappear in the blink of an eye……

    This explains how when I too have been in line at cashier, they see person in front of me and behind me, but not me. I thought, what? Am I invisible and became annoyed. This has happened numerous times. I never thought of it being that yes! I am invisible. Appreciate your post hugs.

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    • Big hugs!

      Yeah, there are multiple timelines but also just multiple frequency fields of experiences right now. My favorite visual demonstration of this occurs at the end of The Celestine Prophecy movie. I think they do a fabulous job showing how having the right vibration can lift you out of harm’s way. It can be right there beside you, yet not touch you at all.

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  6. Posted by seattle72 on March 16, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    So very interesting! I love the story of the Wasps. Your blog pops up as the first item when I google you, always has. Pictures, videos all there.

    I can relate in the sense that people don’t see me for who I am. I’ve cloaked as a very average middle aged woman, nothing to see here folks, move along, as you were. Where’s my robe and cats… I’ve always had a desire to not be found, as if I’m working under cover, how spicy!

    It gets frustrating more and more though. I’m wanting to be acknowledged now. I do want to be seen and heard for who I am, like when working on projects with men with bloated egos, I’m dismissed until I forcefully assert myself. I get precognitive hits very often at my job, but again, people don’t seem to hear me, or they can’t hear me. I just have to sit back and let the trainwrecks happen, hoping at some point folks will get I have a sense about things sometimes.

    I also wonder if what you shared dovetails with the hypnotic trance people fall into. In that state you absolutely would be invisible!

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    • I sympathize about working in the “real” world.

      LOL, I was a terrible employee, because I could always see the train wrecks many months out. I’d know the product wouldn’t launch on time and would get in trouble for refusing to give my customers the official ETA. I would tell them not to plan on it for three months past that. Whatever timeframe I told my customers ended up being correct, but the higher ups would yell at me at sales meetings.

      I would say, “I’m not gonna lie to our customers. If you want to run business that way, you should take the word ‘integrity’ off our business cards.” Oh, boy, did that ruffle feathers!

      “You tell them it will be released by ___. We want pre-orders in by ___.”

      “No. You’re not going to have the product ready by then. There’s a factory issue.”

      “There’s no factory issue! What issue?”

      “This, this and this.”

      “You will TELL them the projected date.”

      “I will tell them YOUR projected date, and then I’ll tell them mine.” I think they were relieved when I got a brain injury. At least it gave a reason for my weirdness. 🙂

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    • Little do they know “Where’s my robe and cats” refers to shaman’s robe and your magical familiars. 😉

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  7. Yes I do remember that in the movie. I want to watch again. 🥰

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  8. I remember a story in Christian Science that they shared. There was a young woman walking in a dangerous neighborhood, not realizing until she was there. She felt danger so she began praying and was able to not only calm herself but found an elevated peace within and without. As sue continued to walk she met someone walking on the street saying to her how big and fierce her dog was. That they were scared. She didnt have a dog with her but that’s what others saw, it kept her safe until she was out of there.

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  9. I am so glad to read this and thank goodness I have an email when you post – otherwise, who knows, I could not find you. xox

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  10. Thanks, Lara/Trace. Glad to keep in touch with you! xox



  11. Thanks for sharing this Laura. It explains so much. I have always been able to make myself invisible at will, but it also kicks in sometimes when I’d rather be seen, like when trying to buy something… or sell something. I like the idea that only those who are aligned with my vibration can find me – feels a lot better than “why am I so invisible?”

    The raw food connection is interesting – I’m not all raw, but plant based, so maybe I vibrate at a different frequency than omnivores. I also often live in places where my house is hard to find… addresses not in order, driveway not obvious, or GPS sends people elsewhere, so the only people who find it are those I invite with very specific directions… and even then they sometimes have a hard time finding it. Your post has shifted my perspective a bit, from mild frustration about being invisible to, appreciation for my ability to effortlessly screen out the riffraff.

    I think, since I have come here from the faery realm, I can still call on the faery glamour when I want to, and sometimes when I don’t consciously want to. I also have the protection of dragons and a spirit wolf, so unwanted intruders never get too close. It’s all quite fascinating and I love reading all the responses from others with similar experiences.

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    • You’re welcome, and thanks for the additional shared experiences, Bernadette. I, too, have a very close connection with the Faery Realm. Sometimes it comes in really handy!



  12. I lost track of what was “real” here and what was part of one of the dreams, but that’s because of course. (Great wasp story btw.) E-mail lists have been randomly disappearing me for over a year, I just drop off them and can’t get back on, even when I try labeling them as “trusted senders,” but that’s been a very minor problem. But then yesterday my facebook page, which I rarely used, disappeared. In fact my whole account disappeared. It’s not as if I’ve been posting pro- or anti-whomever rants, not much of anything in fact. Just gone. But your account of things seems to back up the idea of bifurcating realities. And perhaps it gives new meaning to the meme “Can you SEE me?” But then, there are people you really don’t want to find you. And the people who are meant to find us surely will.

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    • Yes, it’s very easy to lose track of what’s “real” and what’s dream, as my dreams so often foretell events in my life. Also, I very often have such weird experiences in “real” life that when I tell people the story, they say, “Wait a minute. This sounds like a dream. Did this happen in real life or did you dream it?”

      I would take your disappearance from FaceBook as a strong affirmation of bifurcation on a positive trajectory. 🙂

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  13. Fun stuff to reflect upon. You know I’ve danced between the visibility and invisibility realms all my life too – both uncontrollably and now controllably. Visibility so huge I could be detected long away, which would upset my brother trying to be invisible and he’d tell me to control my energy, and invisibility to have cars not see me and consistently try to come right into my space on the highway or for me to completely erase myself from a teacher’s mind and avoid having to do speeches I feared, but still get graded for it. This has also included avoiding major traumas because of the power of my feelings to create force fields and shape shifting even when it wasn’t conscious. We have that too with people passing our house all the time. I watch it happen from the kitchen, as people pass and have to turn back around time and again. I do have a force field around here with the devas of the land, as well as erect that for other things as well. I much prefer the now times where I am seen or not, based on conscious choice and creation. While I do feel we are shifting vibrations that affect how others interact or not, I also feel we can deliberately move in and out as we desire as well, which is a conscious shift of vibration – something Bernadette also shares about how one can choose to do this or not.

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    • Yes, I’ve had a lot of recent experiences where I was very glad just to pass by unnoticed. Greatly convenient … then other times where things have been so obviously orchestrated to meet for highest good. I’m glad more and more people are experiencing this in a conscious way. Also, it seems to happen more often to people who have close ties to the Faery Realm. 🙂

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    • Also, yes to the force field shifting major traumas. It’s like popping into a different dimension at the moment of impact, or just being in the neighborhood next door to get “a glancing blow” instead of a direct hit. That term “a glancing blow” continues arising in dreams and just randomly in my head like the dream I shared with you yesterday. ❤

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  14. Posted by Robyn on March 16, 2022 at 4:53 pm

    Laura, Perfect timing!!!

    Glad I am not the only one who has this / I also thought people were being rude. And it seems to depend on where I am/meant to be

    Stellium in 10th house 🌞

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  15. Posted by Kieron on March 21, 2022 at 7:17 pm

    Reminds me of the time I met you in Goshen. I had to be back where I was staying by 5pm, and was wondering why our lunch visit had suddenly gotten so short. On the way back, I literally saw the time zone turn back one hour on the car’s clock, to the one I was originally from, and was mighty confused until my SIL explained about the time zones. I suppose, in a way, I had paid a visit to Faerie. 😉

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