Intuition Chronicles: It’s Not Always About Me!

Such a great post by my friend Pamela! This actually sounds like my life, including the Cosmic Costume Designer. Oftentimes, I discover “why” in an avalanche of synchronicities, but sometimes the costume speaks for itself on some level — as Pamela says — “above my pay grade.” Other times, a clothing item I see in a dream shows up months to years later as a kind of “timeline marker.” When I look back at the dream, it shares relevant information for *right now.*

In any case, Pamela’s examples cover MANY scenarios of intuitive nudges. Sometimes these nudges literally save your life. Other times, they sprinkle delight and magic along your (and other people’s) path. I appreciate them either way!

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Lots of times I don’t know the reason for the internal nudges I get. Sometimes it becomes clear days, or even weeks, later. That’s why I keep track of intuitive messages and my response (or lack thereof) to them. But sometimes even a direct instruction doesn’t yield any tangible results.

This leads me to the conclusion that it’s not all about me. Shocking, right?!

Several weeks ago, as I was layering up to head out into the winterscape of Philly in February, I was instructed, “Green.” That’s it. Just one word. Given that I was standing in front of my selection of scarves at that very moment wondering which one to wear, it seemed a no-brainer. I wrapped my green scarf around my neck and ventured out, eager to learn why.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No clue why I was meant to do that. No Prince Charming swept me off my…

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