Door Number 25 ~ Queen of Wands Imbolc Portal

Queen of Wands portal by Laura Bruno

Today’s post marks the end of Phase 1 of a VERY long portal process. In January 2021, I “downloaded” an idea for what I thought would be my next portal — another version of the Star card. I procured the various things I needed to create a mini door — or rather a Star “Gate” — but then someone contacted me to commission a version of the Strength card. That process went through several iterations before beginning to paint, and just when I thought I would bump the Strength portal ahead of my Star, the patron for the portal of today’s post began emailing me detailed dream and synchronicity downloads for another portal.

I told her to keep making notes, but that I had two portals ahead of hers. She agreed, and her synchronicities and downloads amped up even more. I finally got the message that her portal would leapfrog over the other two. Then I realized the perfect balance of this arrangement. When this woman commissioned the Two of Cups portal, the reverse occurred. Her portal got bumped back by a Magician portal for me and a Justice portal commissioned by the same person who had me paint Peace of the Blue Irises. Having her next portal jump ahead of one of my portals and a commissioned one exactly complemented the earlier process.

Once I realized this, her portal stalled out, as did the other two. I got a firm “no go” for painting any of them. At some point last fall, I primed all three and added a single appropriate Rune to each one, then did a Reiki Healing Attunement on each. Then … nothing. No go for any of them. During this time, the concepts for both of the commissioned portals underwent major shifts, as did the people commissioning them. “My” portal concept remains the same, but I need to finish the other two before I can paint anymore of it. I would periodically let each person know the continued paused state.

On December 4, all blocks lifted for painting the background of the Queen of Wands:

I thought we were finally on our way, but nope … another pause. I heavily coded the back in Runes spelling out quotes, song lyrics, and even a Bible verse connected to empowering her and reconnecting her with both inner passion and inner child. On December 8, I sent this Leo woman the following email:

Wow, who knew?! I took a little nap on the couch this morning, and as I awoke downloaded that I’m supposed to make the Queen’s wand from a sprig of rosemary. This came very insistently and I also had a confirming synchronicity right afterwards.

I looked up “rosemary magical properties” and it’s very connected with Leo and the Sun — cleansing, healing and clarity:

also: healing, memory, love, loyalty, purification and protection:

I had thought I’d have a citrine top to the wand but it’s going to be amethyst to match her cloak. The combination of rosemary and amethyst seems like an anchor to “remember the spiritual,” “remember your magic.” Having an actual wand also links this to my Magician portal, since I gave him a wand from our cherry tree, so there’s your Magician, secretly embedded into the portal. I’m making the four leaf clover out of four tiny prehnite crystals. This will tie into the Two of Cups portal’s leaves on the tree.

It’s coming along. She IS continuing on her path, but in a confident, excited, directed and joyful way. The wand almost touches the outer frame, and I’m going to make it so that she’s walking right towards the word “flows.” Hopefully that will work, cuz those are Dream Guy instructions!


Unbeknownst to me, she was writing an email at the same time I wrote this. We hit send at the same time, and she replied to my email:

That’s all wonderful and obviously perfectly timed!  I hit send on the plea for some words of hope, and this instantly appeared in my inbox.  😊

I love it – it feels very soothing.  I love the smell and purity of rosemary essential oil, and I love that I get to have a purple cloak. One of my favorite colors!  And that makes it feel cool and comforting like the garden versus all the hot and dry of the desert. Over the weekend, I had a similar kind of insight and thought about a flower vine winding up the wand, but this is even better.

She researched rosemary essential oil, and it blew our minds how perfectly rosemary addresses the various emotional challenges on her plate. A little later, she replied again:

You know, when I first saw this, my head was so full of the underlying sync, that I thought  your “wow, who knew” comment applied to what was in my mind because it was so LOUD.  When I read it again, I realized you might have forgotten something very key:  Do you remember that “Love grows where my Destiny flows” is actually my adaption of the song “Love grows where my Rosemary goes?”  The song popped into my head immediately when I read your subject line, and I didn’t realize you weren’t referring to it.  

I went and read the lyrics and busted out laughing.  And it’s very interesting how some of the lines are in bold.

I had NO idea of that connection! After listening to the song, I told her:

Also, I felt led while painting to make it say, “Love grows where destiny flows,” instead of “Love grows where my destiny flows.” This seemed like it would allow you to lean into the portal’s message and intention as Cosmic TRUTH, even in moments when you are not personally feeling it. Less resistance = stronger, more aligned flow. 

Oh, yeah, I had also already given her a vine and flower crown instead of a metal crown, so there’s your vine.

Over the next six weeks, the portal commissioner underwent many internal shifts and aha moments regarding her desire for and resistance to the archetypes and intentions embedded into her portal. She clarified more about the Queen having crossed a footbridge, making this a double portal: the 9″x12″ oval with its border forms another “porthole” like the Two of Cups, and the bridge adds another sense of breaking through to the other side.

I received a “go time” message when the North Node shifted from Gemini to Taurus. I could now begin working on the rest of the portal — the lush garden and a magical woman embodying her inner child on the other side of the bridge. This felt like anchoring the ideas (Gemini) into the real, tangible world (Taurus.)

A variety of intended animals shifted to a bee for feminine wisdom (and a nod to her new dog, Beatrice), as well as a rabbit for gentleness and magic. As I painted, the general flowers turned specific. I included these from Soulflower, The Plant Oracle Deck:

She asked:

Can you do some little thing in the portal to anchor this for me?  A hidden symbol or some kind of one-way flow across that bridge, so I can’t go back to my old ways of being. 

I replied:

I just realized that having the HAGAL Rune on the old side of the quote, which lines up to somewhere on the road just before the bridge — does the equivalent of what you’re asking here. I added a LAF Rune on the other side, right after flows. LAF is the Rune of flow, so you get a double-whammy of flow. Then the rosemary helps you to remember to align with your higher self (amethyst), which points to your way.

On January 24, I sent a quick note:

Just letting you know I started working again on the portal. Today I touched up some shading, added a crescent moon belt to the little witch — so there’s your Sun/Moon in a subtle way — and added coding in the frame that says, “Happiness finds me and I receive.” I also think the crystal on the end of the rosemary wand may spill over onto the frame. I’m playing with placement, but I like the idea of the magic wand breaking out of the frame. She has just crossed a bridge, and the amethyst reaches out into the “real” world.

On January 30th, I said:

I’ve finished everything except the final touches on the little witch’s face and hands. I need to glue the wand and crystals (tip of wand, four leaf clover), and I’m going to code in “A Higher Power” somewhere on the back if I can find room. That song has played throughout this creation process — not on the radio or CDs, but various times in my dreams, including this morning when I realized what else to do on the portal.

I will finish it up on Imbolc Eve, January 31st, which means I can ship it to you on February 1 — Brigid’s Day! I totally did not plan that, but it seems perfect for you of all people to have your portal fly off to you on Brigid’s day. The little witch has red hair and a purple cloak, but that also ties in with Brigid and her magical green cloak. 

This has really come together!

Without going into confidential detail, this Irish woman has a very special relationship with the Goddess Brigid/St. Bridget. Her career, her hair, her big heart, and a boatload of synchronicities all confirm this special connection. Her Two of Cups portal finished on Fall Equinox 2020, and the Queen of Wands finished on Imbolc Eve, shipped off on Brigid’s day.

3D effects

As if we needed further confirmation, the payment for her portal came through at 11:12:34 a.m.

Another wink from the Universe since an overwhelming volume of dreams and shared dream correspondence on my intended date of February 9 delayed posting the portal write-up until today, February 11, 2022. Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Jupiter-Venus conjunction at 12°34′ Aquarius. I posted about that yummy transit here, noting the positive impact on self-esteem. In addition to conjuncting my natal Jupiter and exactly trining my natal Venus, this 12°34′ Aquarius point happens to trine the Queen of Wands portal commissioner’s Gemini North Node. To the astrologer in me, this speaks to a destiny level confirmation going backwards and forwards through time.

After writing that last line, I went back and embedded Coldplay’s “Higher Power” into the post, and it just happened to be 11:11 a.m. Listening to the song after reading through an even more extensive portal correspondence than I’ve included here, I broke into grateful sobs at the beautiful unfolding of this entire portal process. It involved faithful patience, moments of doubt, followed by little and big signs of Divine intervention, followed by more delays and then even bigger confirmation and healing.

The process took so long that I had forgotten many over the top synchronicities and tender messages from the Divine. I feel completely humbled and awed to have participated in this process. One of the most important Runic codings says, “From now on, I get out of my own way.” She’s already noticed the effects of this simple affirmation on the other side of the bridge. I know this three phase portal creation also parallels an ongoing collective awakening and healing process.

I included so many of the extra details that I forgot to include the most obvious symbolism — the Queen of Wands. I love how Avia at Tarot Teachings describes this figure:

Queen of Wands Personality traits:

  • Kind
  • Poised
  • Patient
  • Faithful
  • Intuitive
  • Truthful
  • Generous
  • Nurturing
  • Balancing
  • Well-liked
  • Comforting
  • Humanitarian

It has taken time to cultivate these aspects of myself. I have learned the ways of connection, balance, and spiritual prudence through age and maturity.

Thank you to the real life Queen of Wands for generously allowing me to share so much of the behind the scenes creation process. She also sent a photo of the activated portal in her home. I love this!

Queen of Wands in her new home

I just realized the double whammy synchro-weirdness that triggered posting this write-up today instead of my intended February 9. Not only did I get deluged the morning of February 9 with dreams that linked to a friend’s dreams going back years for both of us … but on February 7, I had written and carefully scheduled my Full Moon write-up to post on February 11. I completed the draft, got everything set for the 11th, and then poof! It posted itself, nine days before the February 16 Full Moon. This WordPress “glitch” cleared the way for today’s Queen of Wands post linking back to that 12°34′ Aquarius point which happens to trine the Queen of Wands portal commissioner’s Gemini North Node.

Indeed, to the astrologer in me, this speaks to a destiny level confirmation going backwards and forwards through time. Thank you, thank you for all the love and such powerful signs and syncs! As Coldplay sings:

You’ve got, oh, you’ve got a higher
My hands up shaking just to let you know now

You’ve got a higher power
You’ve got me singing every second, dancing any hour

When for so long I’d been down on my knees
Then your love song saved me over and over
For so long I’d been down on my knees
Till your love song floats me on, ee-on, oh oh

When I finished the written part of this post, I emailed the real life Queen of Wands and said: OMG, I’ve been bawling as I type up your portal post. Happy, awed tears. Wow, this has been QUITE the journey. 🙂

She replied: Oh gosh, Laura. That’s quite a compliment. I can’t wait to read it and be reminded … all of this lovely stuff coinciding with Valentine’s Day.  ❤

Well, here you have it for posterity. Many blessings and so much love! I’m honored to have crossed this bridge with you.

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  1. Posted by Rso on February 11, 2022 at 2:31 pm

    Beautiful! Thank you

    I had a feeling this was coming today ❤️

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  2. I immediately started hearing the song lyrics of Love grows where my Rosemary goes before I even read 1/3 of the way through your post. What a beautiful magical portal! Full of energy and Joie de vivre!

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  3. Posted by Carrie Neiss on February 11, 2022 at 3:03 pm

    Sounds like a very cathartic and beautiful creative process. The art process can turn you inside out, and it is such a cleansing journey. Congratulations on your portal! Breathing deeply after an art project is so trippy:) Best wishes to you and your recipient.

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  4. The landscape in the back half looks like what I hiked yesterday in the high desert 😉 Love the colors and wand, but especially the bunny ❤

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  5. Posted by eat2evolve on February 11, 2022 at 4:17 pm

    What a sweet origin story for the spritely-est Queen of Wands ever! Love how she is leaving the dry desert behind, to journey into bright meadows of green on her golden (yellow brick?) road. So Joyful and alive!

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  6. Posted by seattle72 on February 11, 2022 at 5:43 pm

    Beaitiful, and powerful. When I view the snaps of the portal, I feel I am looking through time, the depth is amazing.

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  7. I love this kind of talk

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  8. Posted by Kieron on February 15, 2022 at 11:56 pm

    The tiny amethyst resembles the tiny flower of the rosemary plant, up to and including the color. 🙂

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