Full Moon in Gemini ~ December 18-19 2021

My December 2021 Forecast noted:

December 18 Full Moon in Gemini, 11:36 p.m. Eastern. This “Long Nights Moon” occurs in late Gemini, just hours before Venus stations retrograde. The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon degree emphasizes liberation from the past: THROUGH BANKRUPTCY, SOCIETY GIVES TO AN OVERBURDENED INDIVIDUAL THE OPPORTUNITY TO BEGIN AGAIN. In other words, this final Full Moon of 2021 could feel like a much bigger release than usual. A Cosmic Jubilee.

December 19 Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn and Chiron stations direct in Aries. The Love Goddess will remain retrograde until January 29, 2022. Her journey here affects committed relationships, including business relationships. This initiates a good time to review and re-evaluate success, values and how aesthetics influence your bottom line. Chiron represents both the Wound and the Wounded Healer. With both Chiron and Venus shifting direction on the same day, we can expect extra insights about hurtful relationships and their effects on self-esteem. How can you bring more love to your deepest wounds?

Depending on your location, these astro events occur on the same day or consecutive days. Regardless, the Venus and Chiron stations color and deepen this Full Moon. That Venus conjuncts Pluto — and they both quincunx the Gemini Full Moon — even more tightly links these energies.

The quincunx (150°) aspect (also called “inconjunct”) is often considered a minor aspect. I don’t find that to be the case. You only feel it within 1-2°; however, those pinpricks of awareness generate a lot of light. The quincunx involves two signs that seem to have nothing in common. In this case, Gemini is a Mutable Air Sign, whereas Capricorn’s a Cardinal Earth Sign. The quincunx asks us to integrate these signs, as well as the planets. Moon, Venus and Pluto: the sky throws a dance party and spotlights these unlikely partners. The dance demands rhythm and flow, even if these seem elusive.

In this case, the planets are easier to integrate than their signs. The Moon, Venus and Pluto all deal on some level with emotions. The Moon symbolizes our feelings, how we give and receive nurturing, what we need in order to feel safe. Venus rules relationships and our self-esteem. Pluto rules the deep subconscious realm, including feelings and emotions we don’t know we have. Pluto resists yet craves intimacy, and questions of intimacy can arise with all three of these planets. Pluto also deals with topics of shame and abuse, both of which can lower self-esteem and whether or not we feel we deserve the love and nurturing we need.

This Full Moon will provide insights into the complex dance of intimacy, nurturing and love of self and others.

But what do flirty, flighty Gemini and solid, traditional Capricorn have in common?! How do we integrate these signs?

Well, Gemini makes deals and knows how to negotiate. Capricorn rises to positions of authority. Looking for a win-win could mean finding new balance and flexibility in business and personal relationships in order to strengthen existing structures. With Pluto involved, I think of retrofitting a skyscraper in order to better withstand an earthquake.

Other ways to get the most out of this Full Moon:

Look for insights into new ways of interacting with old relationships.

Explore small, tangible changes to improve your boundaries.

Consider connections between your thoughts and your skin, bones and teeth.

How do small gestures or words affect long-term commitments?

How can you improve communication in order to strengthen shared history?

What short trips support long standing relationships and traditions?

How can you navigate differences while still honoring boundaries and expectations?

Which structures do you need to walk away from?

In which areas is it time to cut your losses and begin anew?

Returning to the Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon reminds us of the opportunity for radical release once we explore such questions.


KEYNOTE: A release from unbearable pressures, freeing one for new tasks.

Here we have another kind of “leaving behind,” a LIBERATION FROM THE PAST.

This is the final Full Moon of a very intense year. As we approach the turn from 2021 to 2022, allow yourself to explore what worked and what, sadly, never will. Sometimes it takes a little shift to make big changes. Sometimes that shift occurs inside ourselves: when we give ourselves permission to cut our losses and move into the unknown without all the old baggage. Which limiting thoughts and expectations can you leave behind in 2021? What new tasks await your newfound freedom and expansion?

Take a deep breath. Now, let it go with a long exhale. We’re in the homestretch of 2021. Decide what you intend to carry, and that which you can lay to rest.

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