Door Number 4: Four of Wands, aka “Karuna”

This portal door just reactivated, as a change of curtains prompted switching the Four of Wands with the Ten of Cups door. The curtain shifts make the portal switch SO obvious to do right now.

This comes amidst many foundational upgrades and shifts, following dreams that moved a LOT of energy. Things are on the move!

On Halloween, I primed three new mini portals — two commissioned and one that I vision-downloaded almost a year ago. I don’t control the timing of any of these portal doors, but the next three seem intertwined. I feel the process will unfold like a Celtic Triskele.

Meanwhile, the Four of Wands and Ten of Cups reactivated with the move. Anytime I move the location of these doors, other things shift, too. This original blog post includes a before image of the painted door. When something looks ugly, we always have the option to beautify and heal.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Happy Easter! I haven’t actually finished Door Number 4, but the front is done, so I thought I’d post before the holiday. This one features a version of the Rider-Waite Tarot card for the Four of Wands.

Four of Wands, aka “Karuna” door front by Laura Bruno

The Sanskrit spells out “Karuna,” which means “compassion” or “the end of all suffering.” My inspiration to include Karuna with this door was two-fold:

I went to a Good Friday service at the University of Chicago’s Rockefeller Chapel and felt drawn to go to the left side of the lying down Christ figurine. I’d been thinking of the Holy Grail all week, while wearing a moldavite pendant and saw at the service that the Christ was holding a chalice, which I had already planned for the lower panel. The word “Karuna” just popped into my head as a Sanskrit visual for the…

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  1. I have a moldavite pendant too which I treasure. It’s power-full.



  2. Thank you! 😉

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