Door Number 24: The Two of Cups Equinox Portal

Happy Equinox! I got a nudge to reblog this post from last year’s Autumn Equinox. Little Leo the cat just learned that he could use some extra Reiki and prayers. He’s had some amazing interventions, so here’s hoping for another of those nine lives to kick in.

At this hinge point of light and dark, may we each find our true hearts and healing. Blessed be … and be the blessing!

Laura Bruno's Blog

Happy Autumn Equinox! (And Happy Spring Equinox to those in the Southern Hemisphere.) After nearly two months of creation, I finished “Door” Number 24 on 9/22/2020, Autumn Equinox.

The 22 and 24 numbers are significant for a variety of reasons. Originally, this patron wanted her portal to be Door Number 22. She wasn’t quite ready at that time, and the commissioned Justice portal came through in perfect timing to be number 22, with an 11-11 built into the image itself. I felt a little bad for bumping this Two of Cups portal back, but even commissioned pieces flow from dreams, visions and synchronicities. I don’t control the timing, but I trust it.

I received very strong instructions that I needed to paint The Magician portal as Door Number 23, so that it would be a 123 “door,” with the Magician’s Tarot number as 1 and the 23rd portal. That one…

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  1. Posted by Sophia Sutton on September 22, 2021 at 11:54 am

    I hope you had a wonderful Autumn Equinox, Laura! Healing blessings to Leo. Much love and peace be with you!

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  2. Reiki to Leo and Equinox blessings to you, D and all!

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  3. Posted by Karen on September 25, 2021 at 10:34 am

    Leo and I thank you for the reiki and the blessings and send the same back your way. ❤

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