Reframing Your Well Being

Such an important share by sweet Tania Marie! As she says, these are not new messages, but I feel they’re important reminders to share. Any challenge brings new life and opportunities. How we shift our micro experiences and choices also affects what unfolds within and around us.

Last night, I happened to read a New Yorker article about Lake Powell and the megadrought in the West. I’d had this article open in a tab on my laptop for awhile, but the moment I started reading it last night, a huge thunderstorm rolled in. Torrents of rain poured forth like the old waterfalls described in the article. The more I read about the drought, the more the rain poured down, and I imagined this water energy permeating whatever areas most need it. I also expressed inner gratitude for the rain.

Just as I finished reading the article, the storm rolled away, leaving only a gentle rain in its wake. This felt profound and encouraging.

A few weeks ago, I dreamed about fire extinguishers putting the “icing” on three wedding cakes. When I awoke, I saw a client had emailed me right as I was dreaming, telling me of a fire near their home. I shared part of the dream and said I sensed she and her two daughters would be safe. She kept me posted, and indeed, the fire miraculously avoided them and their neighbors. Thoughts, prayers, Reiki and gentleness have profound effects. Sending love to everyone, especially dear Tania and Astrid.

Tania Marie

In the midst of disasters surrounding us, including the highest priority fire in the U.S., I find evidence of hope, new life, abundance, and creative life force energy continuing to emerge – and these are the images I want to share today in effort to evoke hope for whom ever may find this post.

Perhaps I see or find these things because I choose to, but once again it speaks to perspective, which can mitigate or completely shift our experience, AND the power of our focus, thoughts, and feelings. I find this to be essential to my well being, especially in more challenging times, and so I make it a priority to redirect things when I immediately detect something feeling off.

Although our air is hazardous here and the smoke continues to create eerie veils across the landscape before me, my garden tells another story of the circle of life…

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  1. The article is, itself, a beautiful reminder of this silver lining quality to life:



  2. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing sweet L 😘πŸ₯°πŸ’š It’s difficult these days to speak about things because everything is so charged and divided. There’s never a perfect way to express something, only the expression that speaks through in the moment with trust in the highest good. I’m led to share from the heart, paths to empowerment regardless of what specific we’re facing, so that what ever we find ourselves in, we can navigate it with expansive awareness and sense of anchored centeredness. βš“ Thank you for sharing the hopeful stories. Astrid and I send our deepest love and gratitude always. πŸ™

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  4. A beautiful song sent to me via private email:

    Very synchronous for other reasons, too!



  5. Posted by Kieron on August 25, 2021 at 10:04 pm

    Speaking of synchrony, not only has a mullein plant (for upper respiratory illness) established itself (now in its second year) in the northwest corner of my yard but a largish type of artemisia (probably Artemisia absinthium) popped up on its own on the boulevard, plus a ton of Sunflower volunteers in the back yard much to the delight of the goldfinches and squirrels. πŸ™‚ Goldenrod also appeared last year and its flower essence signifies having a “spiritual spine,” i.e. standing up to societal pressure.

    I know you are interested in synchronicity, too, and it’s fun when it’s in the form of volunteer plants that seem to be indicating some level of protection hereabouts. πŸ™‚

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