New Moon in Cancer ~ July 9, 2021

My July 2021 Forecast noted:

July 9 New Moon in Cancer at 9:17 p.m. Eastern time. Even more so than usual, this New Moon asks for integration. Rational and intuitive, masculine and feminine. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A PRIEST PERFORMING A MARRIAGE CEREMONY.” Focus on the sacred act of uniting polarities. This union allows for something new to emerge. A baby, a book, a transcendental experience. It’s a good time to meditate or engage in ritual — anything that elevates the mundane into something sacred.

The New Moon occurs at 18°01′ Cancer. Since we always round up for Sabian Symbols, we look up 19° Cancer:


KEYNOTE: The ritualization of productive interpersonal relationships.

This scene symbolizes the profound need for referring the interplay and the relatively permanent and productive union of all polarities to some third factor which either includes, or transcends and gives spiritual meaning to, the relationship. A conjugal union is essentially and traditionally the union of a man and a woman for the sake of producing progeny able to perpetuate the racial type, the family tradition and the way of life of a particular culture (or “subculture”), including a set of religious beliefs. The married couple is the basic productive unit in our society – as it has been for millennia in all patriarchal societies. The purpose of any established religion (including tribal cults) is to glorify, sanction and bless with a super-personal meaning all personal and interpersonal activities. This occurs through the “sacraments,” and indeed through most religious rites.

At this fourth stage of the five-fold sequence we are given the basic technique used in all processes of effectual social or group integration. It is the technique which takes the form of sociocultural, and thus business or religious, ritualization. Through this technique commonplace individual endeavors acquire SANCTION; that is, they are ritualized and indeed “sanctified.”

(You can find all of Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbols listed here.)

In addition to energy of sacred marriage, this New Moon also features cosmic lovers Mars and Venus within two degrees of each other. They will exactly conjunct each other on July 13 at 10:16 a.m. Eastern time. Their close proximity at the time of this New Moon links that day with the exact conjunction four days later. We might consider this a single, multi-day event. Mars and Venus consummate at 19°50′ Leo, so for Sabian Symbols we look up 20° Leo:


KEYNOTE: A return to the glorification of natural energies.

While the first symbol of this five-fold sequence pictured the magnificence of the returning sun after a storm, in this last symbol we see, by implication, man returning to nature and glorifying the sun after the long crisis of “civilized” living in artificial cities. For many years now, the American Pueblo Indian has been for the weary city dweller and the dried-up intellectual a symbol of this “return to nature.” After having ruthlessly destroyed him, we come to him as an exemplar of peaceful and harmonious group living.

This fifth symbol of the twenty-eighth sequence brings us the image of a reversal of our socialized activity and opens for us the way to the deepest release of our long-denied root energies. Natural man links himself consciously to the source of all life on earth. And this means IDENTIFICATION THROUGH WORSHIP — and the sanctification of the creative power.

Considering both events together — the New Moon in Cancer and Venus conjunct Mars — highlights themes of union, ritual and sanctity. Questions to ask yourself and feel into during this multi-day event include:

Which polarities need integration in my life?

How might a small ceremony honor and deepen that connection?

How can I get back to nature?

How can I feel more natural?

How do my creativity and spirituality relate to each other?

Happy New Moon and Venus conjunct Mars! Wishing you all a magical few days.

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  1. Thank you, Laura. I really appreciate your analysis and exposition, a beautiful example of heart and mind integration.

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