Walking on the Edge ~ Creators Creating Personal Alchemy

A beautiful, heartfelt share from sweet Faery Twin Tania Marie. I know many were feeling this heaviness leading up to the New Moon. My own personal transits brought very different energies, but the collective heaviness comes through. We are in the midst of massive seismic changes in collective reality. This is a poignant time. Faith and nature feed into each other. When one wavers, it helps to lean into whichever feels more accessible.

Much love!

Tania Marie

As we walked into the energy of May 11th’s New Moon, it called us to feel into the old and decide what heavy baggage we no longer wanted to carry forth into the new. With the Moon being in Taurus, the energy of what ever our personal goals and intentions were for entering this cycle, there was going to be a need for patience and grounding, since Earthy Taurus moves slowly. There would be a nudge toward more mindfulness and clarity on what you really want under the influence of this energy before actually proceeding, and a lot of persistent patience and trust would be in need of nurturing.

If you experienced a few more challenging, confusing or even darker days leading up to the New Moon, you’re not alone. I did, too, and others I heard from chimed in. It’s not unusual, in general, for that to culminate around…

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  1. thank you dear L ❤ both synchronously and confirmationally, after i posted this blog i went up to get breakfast and had recalled a dream i shared with dave that had to do with a mutual friend. then he tells me, oh yeah, i forgot to tell you that two nights i had a dream about you. he continues to say that in it he and i were standing at the edge of a cliff looking down at water below. it was like 100+ feet down and he remembered feeling on edge because it was so steep – unusual for him, since i'm the one with the height fear. and then he said i proceeded to the very edge and he gets scared thinking i'm going to jump off. instead, he says i dive off the cliff into the water. i smiled after he told me and said, i had just posted a blog titled "walking on the edge" and it did involve walking into the new without knowing how, or end result. i think you can put together the symbolism 😉 love you!

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  2. Posted by seattle72 on May 13, 2021 at 1:52 pm

    Been getting my butt kicked! However… made a change yesterday, seemingly small change, and it feels like I jumped several timeliness to a pretty good one (good meaning favorable). I mean, my vision is picking up so much more, as though everything has a different light to it, a new, happier feel and look. It’s like taking my sunglasses off indoors. I like this. 🤞🤞🤞

    Now I understand what you mean about small actions having big ripples. 😊

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