May 2021 Specials

Happy Beltane! On this sacred day and season to the faeries, they jumped in for one of the May Specials. The other comes by special request.


The Faeries’ Dream

The Fae seem to go through phases of having strong messages and support for humanity, and I (and others) sense a recent increase in activity. This 30-minute reading can focus on Faery advice, requests, and/or messages for you, and/or instructions on how you can connect more easily and effectively with this Realm.

The Faery Realm holds the original imprint of our completely pure, loving and healed planet, so working with the Fae always puts us in close proximity of that possibility as material fact — what has always remained and thus already is pure, healed and beautiful. This reading springs from such knowing and offers a chance to learn what your faerie companions would most love for you to focus upon instead of all those things that crop up as worries or concerns. Invoking delight brings us that much closer to experiencing it. $111 if prepaid on or by May 31, 2021. Please contact me to sign up.

One-Hour Astrology Special

This special comes via client request. It can cover anything from a natal chart reading, to life path, planetary impact on health conditions and relationships, putting past or present challenges in context, and planning for the future. One hour for $177 instead of the usual $222. Offer valid if prepaid on or by May 31, 2021. Please contact me to sign up.

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    Just two days left for these. June 2021 will offer different specials.



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