A Scarab Dream, Leap Year, and Synchronous Bugs

This post wants to go up again. It came to me today via multiple synchronicities, including discussion surrounding a new portal commission. Interestingly, we just had another Venus square Pluto event– exact yesterday and still in effect today.

I have noted to several clients and friends the similarities in energies between 2012 and 2021 — almost like the mass awakening and shifts people expected in 2012 are happening in much more massive ways in this inversion year.

In any case, this is a long, windy post, which references earlier posts and events that continue to show up at odd times. It feels strangely relevant for the collective energies right now.

Laura Bruno's Blog

My dreams continue their heightened symbols and messages. Last night I awoke from one with the phrase “Venus Square Pluto” in my head. I assumed it meant something from a natal chart, synastry or transit, but I got up and did as I always do when I awake with a particular phrase. I ran an online search and opened the first link. Almost every time I do that, the first link features key information that answers a question or underscores an earlier message.

In this case, the first link said, “Venus Square Pluto February 28, 2020.” I’ve had a number of recent dreams and synchronicities around “leap,” “Leap Year Day” and February 29, 2020. Having a phrase link to a date within 24 hours of that timeframe jumped out at me as a major synchronicity.

I fell back asleep and dreamed a convoluted, highly coded dream that…

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