Enjoy the In Between Times & Surrender to Unfolding Grace

This powerful share from Tania echoes so much of what I’ve noticed the past while. Some early daffodils and glories of the snow have bloomed, but the later daffodils and hyacinths are poised to burst into color as we shift from winter into spring. We are, indeed, in transition — in the garden, individually, and collectively. I sense that many things will look different in later May than they do right now.

We catch glimmers of the new, but we also need to find ways to appreciate and celebrate the now. What little details make this waiting time feel fun, nurturing and important? If you feel you cannot do or be something new right now, what small steps can you take in that direction? Even detours prove necessary. Look to Mother Nature for an example of embracing change.

Tania Marie

Transformation and healing takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight, although anything is possible. Birthing anything new can take us through some growing pains and so it’s wise to honor that space with gentle encouragement and understanding.

There’s a tendency to want to rush things and emerge anew with miraculous ideas of “perfection” already anchored so that we can avoid those in between times that look to our egos like a big dirty, unorganized and empty mess.

Nature does change so well and we never stop to question her. Even when she’s transitioning there’s a state of wholeness and understanding that “this is just the cycle of life” and we recognize the beauty of that process.

Although I see muddy patches of snow, dried leaves and branches thrown about, and old pine needles, barren plants and golden-browned meadow grasses, I know that vitality lives within all of it and that everything…

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  1. resharing here 😉
    thank you so much sweet L, especially for the additional summary reflection. always a great tag team we are hehe! i just got back from walking to get mail and every day the transitions in nature keep shifting little by little, overnight. feels just like how it is for us….we don’t see it happen, but then there it is. step by step, percolating behind the scenes as we move forward. i’ve felt the same about may and june and right now enjoying the divine “detour”. love you!

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