The Silence Is Gone! It’s time to Speak!

Happy Spring! This Vernal Equinox marks the start of a new astrological year, and it begins with the Sun conjunct Venus, Goddess of Love. May we each bring forth our deepest love and shine that boldly into the world.

This is a lovely sharing from my sweet friend, Sue, acknowledging both the challenges and the opportunities of birthing a new reality into being. Much love!

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Hello my faithful friends who have stood by and who now read my words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your thoughts and the energy that you have sent my family and I.  You do not know how much I have appreciated the support of good friends as we now navigate through the most important time in our planet’s history.   I have needed this pause… The longest pause I have ever taken since I began blogging, some Fourteen years since 2007, when I began my quest here on Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary.  

Many of us have over the years been navigating our own inner tunnels as we have dove deep within ourselves, exposing our inner wounding, and letting go of our own dark shadows .. We do that by bringing them up to the surface, and as we face them, we heal the wounds of the…

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  1. Thank you Laura for sharing this my friend ❤

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