Theatre of the Absurd

This morning, I stumbled on this very old post, back from David’s birthday in 2012. It struck me how similar the energies feel right now. So absurd on the one hand — and with so much beautiful potential and liberation on the other. David and I drove to an appointment with our accountant this morning, a mundane task, yet we saw a huge and beautiful sun dog (rainbow around the sun) on the way there. The morning ended up being lots of fun, and we recounted how grateful we’ve been and are to keep finding these moments of delight, these “lucky breaks” and wonder-full experiences.

Reality becomes more malleable during chaotic times. Yesterday marked the first of three exact squares of Saturn to Uranus this year. A time of unpredictability and potential chaos — yet also a time to liberate revamped ideas and new paradigms.

I wasn’t going to reblog this, but it came up in a session, had some synchronous whammies, and my client encouraged me to put it out there. Multiple realities exist in EVERY moment. There are ALWAYS ways to thrive, whatever life throws your way. There are always ways to shift into a different perspective and a different experience.

Blessings and love to all …

Laura Bruno's Blog

Dear Spectacle:

You are now far too distorted to resemble even a hint of reality, not even 3Dality. I’m walking out of your show, and you can keep my playbill. Some people enjoy the mind games and this peculiar type of drama, but it’s not really my cuppa tea.

Speaking of tea, I’ll be having some tea. And cake. Raw chocolate birthday cake with my dearest love. If any actors, producers or puppeteers need me I’ll be away with the faeries. At least their Rules make sense:

“No Rudeness.
Respect, not Control.
A person’s word is bond.”

I bid you adieu and leave you to your deus ex machina.

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  1. Posted by Tony Costa on February 19, 2021 at 2:10 am

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for this. A LOT of older things are coming up for redress now.

    BTW, have you heard what happened to Laura Walker of “Oracle Report”? She was in an accident, and now has aphasia due to brain injury. She can’t communicate at all. I bring it up because I know you have had to face and heal the same thing. She has been one of my guiding lights for some time now…please, take care, and know you are appreciated more than many of us ever share.

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    • Oh, no! I hadn’t heard that about Laura Walker. Wow, sending some Reiki her way. TBI’s are SO specific. They tend to remove exactly the “wrong” thing. For me, it was the ability to read just before I started a PhD program in English literature. For others, it is the one thing that they most identify with. I’m sure there is something much bigger going on with her, but I hope her ability to communicate returns.

      Thanks for sharing everything you just did, and blessings to you.



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