Vision and Shapeshifting: A Matter of Perspective

This post has been rattling around my head for nearly a year. It kept growing and changing focus — pun intended — until I finally sensed that today’s the day to share it. Somehow it feels relevant to today’s New Moon in Aquarius, where the Moon conjuncts the Sun at 23°16′ Aquarius. This New Moon reset occurs with six major planetary bodies in the sign of Aquarius — the revolutionary, the innovator and sometimes, the cosmic weirdo.

Jupiter and Venus also conjunct this morning at 12°34′ Aquarius, right on top of my own natal Jupiter. 1234!

At 2:06 p.m. Eastern US time — the time of the February 11, 2021 New Moon — Venus will exactly trine my natal Gemini Venus. I always pay attention to 0°00′ aspects, especially if they occur with other number synchronicities. From a collective standpoint, Jupiter conjunct Venus on the same day as a New Moon is yummy! Extra yummy with a cherry on top for me. 🙂

In addition to love, Venus also rules beauty, money, and how we value and care for ourselves, including ornamentation and accessories. Part of the reason I delayed writing this post, aside from synchronicities with the New Moon, is because my Dream Guys told me I needed to include photos. Lots of photos. I’m not huge on publicly sharing selfies, but my Dream Guys kept telling me, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Venus conjunct Jupiter on my natal Jupiter, exactly trine my natal Venus on the New Moon in my own Moon’s sign is about as “lots-of-public-selfies-comfortable” as I’m likely to get! So here goes…

On 2/20/2020 I sent this email to a friend who knew about my ongoing, over the top (and at that time very confusing and stressful) precognitive dreams:

Today I had my first eye exam since 2002. … I went in because I’ve had more eyestrain and wiggly letters lately and figured it was just time. It was a funny experience. The doctor read my various complaints, and I told her about the 1998 TBI and how much it had messed up my vision. I said I threw my glasses out in 2006 because I got sick of them and never wore any since except (recently) some low strength readers, and that subtitles wiggle if we watch a movie.

She gave me the initial tests and shrieked, “You have 20/20 vision!”

I was like, “Ummmm, no, I couldn’t read any of those last couple lines. They were gray smears. I just guessed.”

I guessed exactly right, even though I really couldn’t see with my physical eyes. She couldn’t believe the odds of this until I said, “Well, I basically work as a psychic. I use my intuition for everything. This is how I’ve navigated the world with whacked out vision for so long.”

That explanation satisfied her, but then she needed to redo the entire test, telling me NOT to guess, only to say the letters if I was mostly sure I could see them. She caught me guessing a couple times when she experimented with some ridiculously tiny, little letters. She busted me: “OK, you actually did passably well with those, but quit guessing. I know you can’t see those.” We laughed, and I finally got what appears to be a correct prescription.

It was kinda cool to have my psychic skills verified. … Today was the first objective “test” that showed 20/20 or nearly 20/20 vision by me just rattling off what I “knew” was on a screen even when I couldn’t physically see it.

The other cool thing is that she tested me for binocular dysfunction, the primary issue after my TBI. She said my “eyes now work perfectly together,” validating full recovery. (Actually, a more than full recovery. I was overcompensating for borderline dyslexia before the injury.) Now I just have a little astigmatism, dry eyes and farsightedness, normal for my age and easily corrected. I got fun frames, because David has awesome vision insurance. …

Anyway, not sure if this translates to my recent dreams, syncs and visions, but according to an unofficial yet objective test, I have very psychic vision. …



I hadn’t planned it this way, but I noted the perfect timing of getting my first vision exam in eighteen years on 2/20/2020. “Hindsight is 20/20,” and I also see why I waited so long to create this post. In the year 2020, my eyeglasses integrated more than my psychic and physical vision. They also integrated my inner and outer life.

My glasses demonstrated in a tangible, visual way that if you change how you look at things, then you yourself change. This became so dramatic that I got more and more frames just for fun and experimentation. I’ve had “mood hair” for at least 11 years, but in my case, when I put on glasses (i.e. “change perspective”), I literally seem to shapeshift. Even with prompting, my iPhone facial recognition program does not recognize me as the same person in some of these photos, despite them being selfies. I took these between October 2020 and February 2021.

Most of the glasses automatically shift to sunglasses in sunlight or glare situations. Same pair below:

That’s mood hair in effect above. Our first snow of the season meant super happy, excited red hair. That is NOT a filter giving me that color. It’s just natural light.

David took the above photo on a walk in October 2020. Those glasses were a “mistake” in that I wanted to convert them to regular lenses that turned to sunglasses instead of constant sunglasses. I called the type of lens the wrong thing and wound up with gradient lenses — clear on the bottom, gradually shading towards the top. I didn’t want to get them done again, but I couldn’t stop thinking about tortoise shell cats eye frames for indoor vision, too.

This nagging sensation bugged me so much that I finally said, “If this is so important, then make it happen easily, for less than $___, and in an obviously synchronous, perfect way.”

I made an appointment to look at frames, because I could get this additional pair at a discount. I happened to find just the right pair (the tortoise shell ones in the mood hair photo) for just the right price. They came in early, and the day I picked them up, I just happened to be wearing these flower power pants for the first time ever.

I never saw the case when I selected the frames, but note how the case just happened to match the hot pink of the flowers in these first time ever worn pants. Everything kept synchronizing, as if to say, “Yes, Laura. We told you these are important.” I’d felt a little silly getting a fifth pair of frames. This seemed decadent, but the synchronicities seemed to say, “Indulge yourself. Enjoy! Embrace that Venusian energy of beauty, self-expression and self care.”

As Gandhi said, “Become the change that you wish to see in the world.”

I thought the post would end there, but it kept getting pushed back so that 2020 passed into hindsight. It turns out my 2021 also focuses on changing perspective. Instead of getting new glasses, I’ve been changing perspective a different way. I felt led to get a yoga headstand bench for the New Year. I used to do headstands, but due to my 1998 neck injury, I really shouldn’t compress my spine that way. What’s good for my brain is not good for my neck. Same car accident, mutually exclusive support. Until 2021.

The headstand bench allows me to do two long headstands per day — first thing in the morning and before dinner. I LOVE doing headstands! Right away, I recognized the symbolism of the Tarot’s Hanged Man card, a time of suspension while you gain a new spiritual perspective. I put the headstand bench against the wall so it doesn’t move, but I’ve not needed the wall for balance. It feels good to know I can go upside down and right side up at will.

This photo’s from a few weeks ago. I’ve moved onto having my legs together and even doing various leg exercises while upside down. (The shadows in our basement and my off kilter shirt make things look more crooked than they are!)

Spending regular time upside down seems perfect for all the Aquarian energies vying to overturn, revolutionize, and liberate. A dream insight two days ago made me realize something else about the headstand bench. In the dream, I was being briefed/downloading a bunch of cosmic information in preparation for a big life change. Every time I got new information, I did a headstand. Reflecting on the dream I realized:

I was curling into a fetal position, then diving into the headstand bench, like a baby aligning myself to go through the birth canal.

In the headstand prep position, you do curl into a fetal position, bringing one bent leg and then the other up from the ground before straightening into full headstand posture. The context of my recent dream made me recognize the symbolism in play. With each influx of information, I prepared and aligned for birth.

I didn’t plan to include the next two photos at all, but they illustrate even more of the bendy nature of 3D reality. On Saturday, I had a dream that linked into many other dreams, both my own dreams, as well as validating experiences and dreams shared by other psychics. I pulled a card from Lucy Cavendish’s Oracle of the Dragonfae, asking about this dream:

Art: ‘The Dreamcatcher’ by Ravynne Phelan
in Lucy Cavendish’s Oracle of the Dragonfae

The Dreamcatcher oracle message talks about working with dreams to intuit and create a better future. It refers to several key symbols that appeared in the interconnected dreams. It ends with:

“The beings of the Dragonfae and of all the indigenous people of the Earth, are with you now. You are a part of this divine circle and we are returning to speak to you, particularly at night, when you feel most safe receiving our messages. These are not ‘imaginations.’ They are real messages, from real beings, and the Earth changes we speak of and your part in them are true prophecies.”

The full message underscored the significance and accuracy of a Celtic knot of dreams and synchronicities affecting not just me but so many others at this time. On Tuesday, I awoke from the dream of downloading new information and integrating it by aligning myself in a fetal position preparing for birth in the headstand bench. This felt personal, as well as collective. I did yoga that morning, put my hair in a bun and took a shower. When I let my unbrushed hair down, the front had turned gray and white!

This took “mood hair” to new levels. I wondered if it happened because my dream told me I needed to “grow up,” or was it because I recently admired Carol Rosin’s glorious white hair? I suspected a timeline shift, and grew certain of it as Tuesday’s schedule felt like someone shuffled a deck of cards. I was able to do all the sessions, but 3/4 of them wound up having some kind of bizarre scheduling glitch. Meanwhile, many of my clients that day had major breakthroughs. It felt like a different reality coming through, a different timeline.

Before my final session that day, I realized that my hair echoed the Dragonfae on the Dreamcatcher card with her white splotch of hair in the front of bright red hair. Even my normally brown eyes turned the same color green as hers. I did my session in the back room with a closed door, and David arrived home while I finished the session. I came out of the room, said hi and then, “Look, my hair turned white today!”

David stepped back, closed one eye, cocked his head, looked closer, further away, then realllllly close. Finally he said, “Oh, you mean these couple of gray strands right here?”

“Did it change back?!”

I looked in the bathroom mirror, and sure enough, my hair went back to reddish brown with just a few white or gray pieces. I showed him the photo and he said, “Yeah, it doesn’t look anything like that anymore.”

I showed him the Dreamcatcher card and suggested maybe my hair had changed to bring even more attention to Saturday and Tuesday morning’s dreams. He agreed, and we went on with our evening.

What does it all mean? I don’t know. I just share what I feel led to share. Physical reality is much more fluid than most people think. Wednesday continued with clients sharing about breakthroughs on Tuesday, and some of the time bendy schedule shuffling happened, too. This only seems to occur with timeline shifts. I know it’s Mercury Retrograde, but the clusters of schedule shifts happen after I’ve sensed of a new reality.

In the beginning of this post, I mentioned Venus conjuncting Jupiter at 12°34′ Aquarius. Discovering this 1234 synchronicity was one of seven interlinked 1234 whammies that happened yesterday morning into afternoon. Two of these linked back to dreams on 1/23/2020 (1/23/4) — one a dream I had and one shared by a client who “randomly” pulled out a dream journal and landed on that dream. I feel honored to receive not only my own dream downloads and “real” life synchronicities, but to hear so many stories from clients and friends.

We live in a beautiful, magical universe beyond our full comprehension. Uncertainty can feel overwhelming and scary, but it’s a small step away from wonder. When in doubt, lean into the Mystery with a capital M. Every moment holds beauty and gifts beyond imagination.

15 responses to this post.

  1. Fun post 🤗 and so good to “see” you! 🤓

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Posted by seattle72 on February 11, 2021 at 12:56 pm

    😸 Great post. Loving all the pictures! Your hair is cracking me up. Love Mood Hair!

    Guess what? My birthday and my late Mother’s birthday are referenced, we have nearly exactly the same issues with getting the correct eyeglass prescription and we have nearly the exact same glasses (mine are tortoise and same shape).

    I kept telling ny eye doctor that that I was guessing (correctly guessing, mostly) on the small print, and I always feel so wishy washy in exams because my gut knows and fills in the blanks for my eyes. I just thought I had bad luck in finding a decent Optometrist and that I sucked at eye exams. 😸 It’s super hard to not intuit what’s on those cards!

    Timelines are SO fluid right know, and everything in my life is telling me to get back on my surfboard and surf these shifts.

    Thank you for the fun post, and thank you for helping me see (pun intended) why I’ve struggled with my eye exams and glasses! 😹

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  3. Hi Laura, What a very perfect sentence you wrote to close up your beautiful post: “When in doubt, lean into the Mystery with a capital M. Every moment holds beauty and gifts beyond imagination.” Super blessings in abundance to you and all your readers! Julie

    Liked by 1 person


  4. Posted by owningcapt on February 11, 2021 at 2:25 pm

    It is interesting to see “evidence” in the terrestrial dimension of the Divine (your obviously premature gray hair that then de-matured). And your complete recovery from TBI with confirmation of zero binocular dysfunction.

    But most people I know focus almost exclusively five-sense and miss out observing and partaking where the real action’s taking place right now (as you point out)––night (and day) dreaming…intuitive guidance…god/goddess trusting.

    Middle ground to kinda pull up people’s awareness might be demonstrations of muscle testing or different dowsing methods. You would think that would be a perfect bridge showing the tie joining the two realms. But have had mixed results with that. Most put it in the category of clown (me) or circus…sigh.

    One facet of current energies that I feel and can physically detect is––most people…where they’re at’s where there at. Alea iacta est––die has been cast. Am sure door always open for transformation, but right now I think this is play time for the awake and truly alive. Individual reality manifestation coming much more quickly and easily.

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    • Yes, it does feel like the die has been cast — but it hasn’t rolled all the way around yet. It’s like it’s in process of rolling. The numbers might already be “known,” and yet the how, the path things take to get to that number can vary. I’m sensing this with a lot of things — where I know what I’ve seen, but I don’t know how these things will unfold. It’s exciting to witness some big how’s with people who’ve long intended healing and are having breakthroughs.



  5. Posted by Carrie Neiss on February 12, 2021 at 3:37 pm

    Great Blog Laura, I love!!! all the different eyewear and styles. I’ve recently tried to color my wardrobe a bit in shades I never have worn before. It feels good to be the change. I take your perception metaphor seriously, as I had a dream last night about my own haunted house with many many baroque inspired moldings that on the surface look beautiful and very ornate, but the true emotion is fear inside. Hmm, a message from my soul to shift perceptions and open to the big M!

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  6. Posted by Sophia Sutton on March 5, 2021 at 2:00 pm

    I love your new glasses, Laura. They look perfect for you. Enjoy!

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