Releasing Primal Patterns & Revealing Dreamscapes ~ Part 1

I remember Tania sharing the dream she shares here, the following week from her original dream. She was also texting me as they passed the various signs synchronizing and amplifying her dream.

Yesterday, I, too, had a DNA activation dream. It was quite vivid. No dinosaurs, though!

I’m sharing this post, because like some of my own dreams, this one seems to have a collective message.

Big Love to everyone on the actual crossquarter day of Imbolc! The Sun is officially halfway through Aquarius.

Tania Marie

After having a little over a week to integrate one of my recent dreams and adding to it a second precognitive one, I continue to see how the animal world shows up in ways that help to understand messages and energetic landscapes we’re navigating. I’ve mentioned before how I feel animals and nature being messengers to help bridge the changes we are going through – bringing more grounding to the new visionary and spiritual ideas we are trying to manifest.

For me, I have always had very powerful dreams and experiences come through souls in the animal kingdom since I was a little girl. I remember recurring childhood dreams I used to have over and over about a giant blue whale, a horse that aided the little girl me through challenges, and ongoing animal messengers ever since. Many of these dreams have included precognitive and telepathic messages that I shouldn’t…

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  1. Thank you for sharing the synchronous energies sweet L! There’s a ton happening in the unseen realms that we’re all feeling. Dreams continue and life is merging with them.

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