Alternate Realities Dream

I had the following dream the morning of January 8. I’ve edited it slightly for posting, along with commentary I wrote after recording the dream. I’m sharing here because this morning’s dream also indicated the option of alternate realities. Much is vying for our attention right now. Choose wisely. Some options are fertile, magical and majestic.

Also, this dream write-up references a new portal door. I have the “door” and much of the design but haven’t started painting yet. Soon. 🙂

“Tree in the Garage”

I was on the outside of a sidewalk that led to a porch, with a detached garage to the right (as I looked out from sitting on the porch). This was kind of a run down area, and there was a woman sitting on the sidewalk next to me, plus a couple other women who came and went throughout the dream. There was a small cage to the left, and inside the cage some run down plant pots with dead plants.

We were cleaning the area up and possibly were going to replant the garden, which was just these run down pots on the sidewalk. At some point, I noticed how grubby the sidewalks were, and the woman and one other woman started mopping them with bleach. This relieved me that they would get clean and I didn’t need to do it, but I worried about the bleach so close to a would be garden.

There was a tree that had grown inside the garage and then busted out the side window. It seemed dead, and I kept looking in the window, trying to figure this out. The garage had a dirt floor and a bunch of dead leaves in the middle of it where there used to be cement. The tree’s roots had busted up the cement. I was trying to figure out how a tree had grown inside the garage — for so long, too. Its trunk was about 3 1/2 feet wide at least.

It was hollowed out at the bottom, and at one point I said, “Wait! Is that?! Oh, never mind.”

I thought I saw an animal living in the hollowed out trunk, but it was two apples, upside down, with very thick wooden stems sticking out like legs. The wood was kind of like acorn tops, but if the acorns were the size of apples. I realized this was even stranger.

Then I looked more at the busted out window and tried to tell if the tree was really dead, or if it just didn’t have leaves yet. I never got that answer, and I wondered how and why someone let it grow in the garage for so long. How had it gotten there in the first place, and why did no one notice it until it was like a massive oak tree that somehow grew apples from its base?

There was another part about a very large purple-blue door that floated. I was very excited about something behind this door. It had wooden slats so maybe connected with my new Star Card Portal (Star Portal), but it was just a floating door. This had something to do with my old childhood home on Forrest Ave. I was talking with my mom in that house, going through a closet (I think) and saying I needed to trade in old clothes. I’m a little fuzzy on this part but I remember talking with my mom in the main living room with all its big windows. She was her age from when we lived in that house — which is now younger than me, but she was still my mom even though I was my age now.

I was really excited about whatever was behind the door. It would give me a lot of opportunities. … I told my mom specific, detailed concerns. …

All this time I was talking with my mom about limitations, I was aware of the floating purple-blue door, and that somehow this door, when it opened, would shift everything. That I was looking at the caged, dumpy pots when there was this impossibly large oak tree that had grown in the dark in a garage and busted through the window and kept growing. I realized the oak did have leaves, and it was alive.

END of dream journal.

I recognized a personal message for me in the dream, but it also feels like there’s a bigger collective meaning to this.

The oak tree growing in the dark and busting through the garage seems like the US Pluto Return, which we’re already in but it will get more and more exact over the next couple years. Pluto has the destructive force — the busted cement and window — and yet it’s a huge life force. The oak tree was much stronger and more natural than the manmade garage. Much more impressive than these little pots filled with dead plants, all caged on the dirty sidewalk. The oak tree didn’t look alive, but oak trees get their leaves later than most other trees.

I just realized that the oak tree in my dream was giving birth. That’s what it looked like — two legs coming out of the hollow bottom.

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  1. Very cool, love the visuals you described. I’m excited to see the finished birthing and to keep myself in a frame of well being whatever I may see in our outer world, which I’m giggling at because i will be have partial coronal transplants in each eye in the next month or so much love yo you and David. Miracle and Dawn

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  2. Posted by Mia Feroleto on January 9, 2021 at 1:27 pm

    Thank you for sharing your dream Laura. As horrifying as events from this week are, they show us in stark reality what lies just under the surface of America. There is a wonderful book called “Confederates in the Attic” which I read over twenty years ago. It is written by a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who traveled around the country meeting up with individuals and groups who are keeping the Confederacy alive and well in our country. It is time for true transformation. We have Donald Trump to thank for bringing all of this out into the open so we can heal and clear.

    The mob on Wednesday contains the chaotic psychic energy we all release on a regular or occasional basis. Even those we venerate within our own community like Catherine Austin Fitts, whom I respect and admire is pro-Trump because of her aversion to the Deep State and she repeats it again and again every time she is interviewed, reinforcing it again and again. She is a spiritual person. It is time for her to change her narrative, in my opinion. Catherine has the intellectual gifts to come up with a plan of what we can do to get these funds back. She should be collaborating with Andrew Yang for fresh ideas.

    We all know of the financial corruption in Washington. It is a global issue in every country. If I have learned anything on my spiritual journey it is that it is easier to create and manifest that it is to tear down. And just who is tearing it down, by the way? Trump spews bile and degeneracy everywhere he goes. When we attempt to tear down we are actually engaging in a no-win situation for everyone. We get stuck in the mud or worse New forms will replace the old ones with ease in a peaceful manner. It is happening each and every day if we take the time to look. It is time for us to change the only thing we really can change and that is ourselves. It is time for me to put my own house in order so that it becomes impossible for me on my path to cause harm to anyone in any way and to speak out against it when we see it in others person to person.

    And what is happening, exactly? One thing is the Divine Feminine is taking her rightful place in the world. Women are finally assuming true leadership positions, paving the way for a balanced world. The moment I heard that Joe Biden had chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate, I knew he would win. It was the right energetic combination. We will now have a woman of color in the number two position in America. A woman president is not far behind. The patriarchy that Trump represents is on its way out.

    Do not be fooled. A friend to this day believes that Trump will be staying in office for another four years. He texted on Wednesday that there were between one and two million protestors in Washington that day. He believes that. Neptune’s illusion is doing its job feeding people’s stories they have been telling themselves decades. The reality is there was nowhere near a million protestors at the Capitol on Wednesday but there was enough to cause mayhem and murder.

    Yes, some conspiracies are real. But not all. James Gilliland has emailed out that the man in the Viking costume is Nancy Pelosi’s son-in-law. Not true. How silly.

    Believe me, I would love to see a whole new group of people in political office. The plants in your dream are dying but can still be saved and grow anew. Just like our country. Let’s water the good, the positive, the creative. We are in the quantum field, the fertile ground of instant manifestation. We can do better than we have been doing and it will happen, one person at a time.

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    • Thanks for your comment and interpretation, Mia. The oak felt very powerful and actually positive in my dream, especially since it was giving birth.

      For the most part, I stopped writing political commentary on this blog back in 2014. I don’t watch mainstream news at all, because since I was a young child my dreams have ALWAYS given me much better guidance than anything I’ve seen on TV or in a newspaper. I used to get in trouble for refusing to parrot ANY side of current events, but for me, the dream guidance has served me well.

      There are many things I don’t write about due to polarized thinking and more, but my dreams have given some very interesting and specific downloads. So far, much of it has come true. Time will tell about the rest! ❤



      • Posted by Mia Feroleto on January 9, 2021 at 3:04 pm

        Thank you for posting my comment Laura. I try to stay away from politics myself but New Observations Magazine which I publish will be producing a special issue this month on what happened this past Wednesday with over 150 artists creating works of art on what this event means for them. This is too important to ignore.

        I can’t help but notice that it happened immediately after two major planets moved into Aquarius. By the time the Sun moves into the sign in less than two weeks, many things will have changed. March will be very different from January.

        The battle is an internal one for all of us. With my crown chakra and third eye open 24/7 I take the long view on all of this but I do have the vision to see beneath the layers in any given situation and am always on the mark.

        Once the Aquarian influence is grounded, there will be a more humanitarian view of how we see each other and just how far we are willing to go for the good of each other. I am spoiled dividing my time between Vermont, one of the most idealistic places on the planet, and the Lakota country of South Dakota where spirituality is in the drinking water and the air we breathe.

        Happy New Year everyone!

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        • Yes, March will be very different from January. Late January will likely be quite different than early January.

          I do sense major splits in reality. There have been multiple timelines for awhile, but the crossover is getting less and less. Everyone will end up where they choose, and it will be right for each person.


  3. Posted by Mitch on January 9, 2021 at 2:26 pm

    Great dream Laura! Love that it was an Oak tree, the dearest to the Fae, giving birth to new magical possibilities! Thank you for sharing this lovely dream!

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    • Thank you, Mitch! Yes, it also reminded me of my Oak Ash and Thorn portal. I loved this magical oak giving birth to apple-acorn hybrids. 🙂 Big hugs to you in your magical woods.



  4. Loved your dream Laura… The sidewalks, being cleared, cleaned…. while out of the manmade outer trappings that contain man-made things The Garage building.. .. ( you should see our garage it could never hold a car– In my opinion holds much rubbish which hubby says will come in handy )… The Natural World grows…
    The New Birth from the Old…
    Loved your interpretation too ❤ 🙂 🙏💛

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  5. Posted by Fabiana Laffitte on January 11, 2021 at 10:47 am

    Gracias Laura por compartirnos tu diario de sueños y tu mirada que siempre aporta la belleza del misterio propio de esta vida.

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  6. Posted by seattle72 on January 11, 2021 at 11:58 pm

    Wow. Very cool dream. The purple blue door instantly reminded me of the 6th Chakra. I was shown it is a gateway to many other places, planes, realities once.

    The apples really stood out to me too, unclear why, but yes, like a birth for me too (before I got to that part in the post).

    I was just having a conversation about these very different realities that are existing side by side. Someone said ‘we can’t just dismiss the half of the country that voted for him’. I said first we need both sides to agree to a greater consensual reality, before we can even begin to reintegrate into a unified country. The 4th Estate has been compromised by partisan politics for too long. We don’t share the same realities!

    I saw this divide and a time of choosing sides in 1999. Turns out it’s another vision coming true.

    I kept saying, at the time, that both sides were missing the point, and I would opt for a middle way.

    Always interesting posts, thank you.

    This next week or so is gonna be a doozy.

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