January 2021 Forecast and First Quarter North Node Horoscopes

It seems like a good time to repost the January forecast and North Node Horoscopes, with special emphasis on this paragraph:

“On January 5, Mercury the Messenger meets Pluto Lord of the Underworld, in Capricorn. Expect deep revelations — both personal and collective. Pay special attention to dreams, symbols and your intuition on the 4th -7th. These days can bring big insights into unconscious emotions, but try not to assume or convey the worst. Take time to process before blurting things out.”

Since people keep asking me my take on what’s going on, I will share again the extremely “wild card” energies of January 13 and 14. By definition, a “wild card” is unpredictable; however, the energies are over the top enough that if it were fiction, I’d call it “too much foreshadowing,” “too unbelievable.”

Whatever’s going on in the collective, chaos brings opportunities for individuals who pray, observe and intend well. Pay attention, pray for the highest good of all, and allow at least a possibility of something higher, better and extremely surprising working behind the scenes. Do your best to maintain your own vibration, and pay close attention to inner guidance. We’ve entered a chaotic time. When you expect the unexpected, you’re more prepared to optimize your experience.

Blessings and love to all…

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Happy New Year! Out with the old, in with the new.

I’ll continue offering monthly forecasts, but you’ll notice I’ve changed the North Node Horoscopes to quarterly. My own Capricorn North Node demanded I reclaim some of the time and effort it takes to write monthly horoscopes. Since the North Node in your natal chart acts like a personal North Star, quarterly horoscopes will also help you to focus more on integrating the guidance into daily life. I’ll include the quarterly North Node Horoscopes following each monthly forecast. I hope soul insights will deepen as you review the messages in light of prior month(s), while preparing for your next one.

This forecast covers some of the bigger events in January 2021. The intense energies we felt in late 2020 shift into higher gear with tension between staid Taurus and revolutionary Aquarius. Dramatic astro weather continues, but things…

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  1. Posted by Victoria on January 6, 2021 at 11:43 pm

    Perfect timing for this!! Thank you for the reminder of prayer and intending well for all! It’s so easy (for me at this time) to get derailed with this one.

    You are a rockstar Laura!

    So much love and blessing to you.


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  2. […] January 2021 Forecast and First Quarter North Node Horoscopes — Laura Bruno’s Blog […]

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  3. Thank you Laura for this, I feel a bumpy ride, but with a great many surprises along the way. And as you say, we need to keep focused on our highest intentions for the most positive outcomes.
    Happy New Earth Year to you Laura.
    Much love for a prosperous and joyous one.
    ❤️💝💜🙏 And I’m praying 🙏

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    • Thank you, Sue! Happy New Earth Year to you, too. Prayers are always appreciated. I sense a bumpy ride, too, but also with tremendous potential for good. Many people are finding more and more surreal moments of peace, signs and magic. Much love!

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      • Agreed, especially in nature, and when we turn within, as we just allow ourselves to become observers of all the external theatre. As we see this huge play, and it’s player’s play out.
        Much love returned 💛💚💛

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