Precognitive Toes

I had a weird precognitive thing happen today. About a week ago, I started feeling this little tickle at the base of my toes on the top of my right foot. The second and third toes. I kept looking at my foot, because it felt exactly like one of my head hairs had wrapped itself around my toes and was tickling them. This had never happened before. My hair is everywhere, but I’d never had it do that on my toes. I kept checking, though, because it felt just like that’s what happened.

This morning when I sat down to write in my dream journal with the BioMat behind my back, I suddenly felt the little tickle again, except this time, I was certain there really was a hair wrapped around my toes. I looked down, and sure enough, there was. I removed it. Then, hours later, I got on the yoga mat and was doing various asanas. All of a sudden, I sensed again that a hair had wrapped itself around those same two toes. I looked down, and yep, another hair had somehow done the exact same thing. It wasn’t the same one as before, because I threw that one away. 

I don’t think there’s any great meaning in these occurrences, but they’re kind of odd in a precognitive feeling and validation way. I was wondering if I just had some bizarre neuropathy last week, but it felt exactly like having a hair tickle my toes by wrapping itself around them. I kept pulling at my toes, trying to remove this imaginary hair, but there was nothing like that last week — just the feeling. Then, today, not once, but twice I find hairs wrapped around those two toes. The hairs were not just lying on top of those toes. They were totally wrapped around them, multiple times — loosely, but not like a hair just happened to land there.

I keep getting these validations of the craziest things I notice or think — that there IS some reason for my feeling or thinking those things. The reason just shows up later, either hours, days, weeks, months or even years later. 

Anyone else noticing a major uptick in precognition or recent validation of long ago intuitive senses?

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  1. Posted by owningcapt on December 26, 2020 at 4:52 pm

    Very healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually (if I say so myself lol), but last 18 mos I’ve noticed a “fluttering”, mostly vibrational feeling (not a sound) in my left ear. Sometimes in my right but mostly left. It tickles kinda like you described your toes. It’s not painful but still feels like I need to itch it. But I can’t reach it because it’s more between my ear and into my skull. I still itch as much as I can down my ear canal; helps to interact some with whatever’s going on there.

    Some would say (which I considered) all the EMF flowing around, but it doesn’t present hostile or threatening. Feels friendly. Is it part of the frequency/vibrational upgrade that some think is occurring via “ascension” energies? Possibly. Collectively speaking, don’t think vibrationally humanity could go much lower in frequency. Gotta be a rebound at some point as Life/Nature/Source turns via some of us and heads back towards balance.

    My dream life is more telling. Perhaps for the last year or so I have been dreaming various timelines that I didn’t go down. Recently dreamt that my ex-mother-in-law is alive. I wrote her obituary for the local newspaper when she died in Sept. 2003. In my dream to confirm, I asked my ex-wife about who was the woman I saw sleeping in an adjacent bedroom. “Well it’s my mother,” she said. And I said, “She’s dead!”

    My ex rolled her eyes, and chalked my remark up with the many that lead to our divorce…me being crazy-talking all the time. At that point in the dream, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming (that’s been happening a lot lately too, where I’m conscious in the dream that I might be dreaming). Usually this leads to me waking up.

    But I glanced over at a clock in the dream to see what time it was (I never look at a clock when I’m sleeping). It was just after 5. I was literally looking at my bedroom clock in “physicality” thinking what else could I do to prove I wasn’t dreaming in my dream. But then noticed it was dark, and slowly it occurred that the time was 5am and was ushered out of both dreams into waking world.

    So concur: Something’s going on with uptick in precognition and intuition with close-in markers perhaps being 2020 or CV. Veils definitely thinning more. Excited so see reality respond more readily and timely to what individually we want to create. I mean, hide-and-seek games are fun, but I would just like to see more validation––which appears some of us are now getting. Cheers.

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    • You just reminded me of another weird thing that happened the other week. I was dreaming but thought I was awake in bed. I looked at the bedroom door, closed, with light coming in beneath it, as if David were already up early for work. I could see the light under the door so clearly. I was so convinced I was awake that when I rolled over and ran into David still in bed, surprise jolted me out of the dream only to find that the door was open and all was dark.

      A couple hours later, I awoke in the exact same way as I thought I had in my dream, and everything was actually so — with the door closed, the light coming in under the door and me in the exact same position as I was in in the dream. 🙂

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  2. Posted by seattle72 on December 27, 2020 at 8:10 pm

    Short answer is yes. I just had another major validation from 20 years ago. It’s like slip sliding back and forth along the timeline to where it stops feeling linear.

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