Astro Butterfly ~ New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Reboot

I planned to post about the New Moon and Total Eclipse tomorrow (Monday, December 14th), starting at 8:33 a.m. EST. The actual New Moon happens at 11:17 a.m. at 23° Sagittarius. The maximum eclipse occurs at 11:13 a.m. EST.

As with sooooo many recent astro events, this one hits a key spot of my natal chart. In this case it opposes my natal Saturn, which has also been getting closely or more loosely squared by Neptune in Pisces and quincunxed by the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction on January 12, 2020. Big, big energies on my natal Saturn! The transiting North Node remains within range of 20-23° Gemini, too, which means this Total Solar Eclipse occurs close to the South Node.

I was going to do a full write-up, but Astro Butterfly’s post covers most of what I wanted to share. You can read that here. I also included December 14th in the December Forecast and North Node Horoscopes, which you can find here.

Blessings to all, as the intense astro weather continues awhile longer!

UPDATE: Just to have it all in one place, here’s what I wrote about December 14, 2020:

December 14 brings a New Moon in Sagittarius and a Total Solar Eclipse. The last eclipse of the season demands communication about old patterns and the way things have been. Some of the revelations will feel dark and heavy, but at least they’re up for collective discussion. Communication can heal, especially when discussing formerly secret, dysfunctional and abusive things. Most New Moons offer a kind of monthly reset; this one offers a “never again” kind of reset. Clarity about what truly needs to change in order for humanity to embrace its true destiny and best path forward.

Click here for the rest of the month’s forecast.

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  2. Thank you Laura for that.. and may Humanity embrace its true destiny path, that will project us into a more positive time line for Mankind.. 🙂 ❤

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